Z trader FX EA Review

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Are you looking for a quality robot? Here is the detailed Z trader FX EA Review on our website that will provide you a lot of information regarding this product. It is easy to use not only for the experts but also for the beginners. This post contains remarkable features of this robot. Everyone loves the trading strategy that we use in this robot as it is secure, safe and provides you maximum output. Readout this review to know the details of this product. If we will add the Z Trader FX EA to our best ea forex list or not you can find out below.

What is the Z trader FX EA?

Are you interested in knowing about what is the Z trader FX EA? In this Z Trader FX EA Review, we will be reading about what this thing is. So, it is a forex robot that resulted with the help of years of effort. The purpose was to introduce a convenient and efficient working robot to the users. Although there is not much information about the developer provided. And even the proper working if the trading strategy has not been explained. But the developers were in favor of emphasizing certain other features of the product. One thing they focused on was the easy operation of the system. The money management settings allow you to adjust the settings of this EA easily and in less time.

The other thing they focused on was the alerts and notifications system. This EA allows you to receive instant alerts about all the activities performed. Also, in case of any updates available, you will be notified. And the best thing is that these alerts require no extra money. One last thing to keep in mind while using this robot is to maintain a certain amount in your account necessarily. Whether you are using the live account or the demo trading account, a balance of a minimum of $100 is required. SO, these are three features that they have mentioned about this EA.

Trading strategy

The trading strategy used in this robot enables you to trade with full security and safety. There is not any detailed or exact mechanism for how this trading strategy works. There must be proper and complete information available regarding every product to know each and everything about it. But one thing that is important to know is that it doesn’t use any scalper or martingale feature. Another critical point to mention here is that this trading strategy is suitable for long-term collaboration. So, if you wish to short term action, don’t go for this robot. The primary currency that you can use for trading with this robot is the EURUSD currency.

Many developers don’t provide complete information regarding the product. Because of this thing, many buyers suffer much after buying the product. So, they need to work on improving this lacking feature. One thing that I want to discuss is that the pricing is relatively cheap. And expecting plenty of benefits at such less price is not suitable. So, if you are spending much less money on something, you must know the results you will get.

z trader fx ea

Pricing and packaging

Different packages are available at different rates. You will get various features in each one, so buy the most suitable one in terms of money and features.

Package 1

Price: $117

  • Two real accounts
  • Two demo accounts
  • Life term license
  • Free updates and alerts

Package 2

Price: $137

  • Three real accounts
  • Lifetime license available
  • Notifications and alerts available
  • Three demo accounts

So, you can decide how many live and demo accounts do you prefer. And which option has the most affordable pricing according to your budget.


In this Z trader FX EA Review, we will mention some of the features of this EA, which are very important to know before you buy it.

  • The timeframe is an essential feature to notice in any EA. The timeframe of this EA is H1.
  • You can enjoy trading using different currency pairs. The different pairs available for trading are the GBPUSD, USDCHF, and EURUSD currency pairs.
  • The updates are free every time. So, you won’t have to spend even little extra money for receiving the notifications and alerts.
  • No scalping techniques are used here, so this EA is safe and secure from various risks.
  • The settings are easily adjustable. And you can fine-tune your robot in the way you want because of the easy to use settings.
  • You will get alerts and notifications about recent activities to stay updated about everything.
  • To reduce complications and save your time, this is a 100 percent automated robot.
  • The lot sizes are variable, so you can choose whichever suits you the most.


Using this EA is fantastic, and people love the following pros that they avail. From this Z Trader FX EA Review, some pros are.

  • The installation process takes a little time and is not complicated at all.
  • It is compatible with plenty of FX brokers.
  • You can use it both for real live and the demo accounts.
  • The success rate of this robot is guaranteed to be more than 94 percent.
  • The price is exceptionally reasonable for everyone.


Despite various advantages, you will have to suffer the following disadvantage if using this EA.

  • Not suitable for instant high octane trading results lovers.
  • The trading methodologies are not well defined.
  • You need to maintain a minimum of $100/0.01 a lot of balance.
  • You won’t get any money-back guarantee offer.

Summary of Z trader FX EA Review

So, hopefully, you will have received a lot of important information from this Z Trader FX EA Review. The main thing is to plan your budget and buy products accordingly. You also have to spend a good time researching the different subscription plans and the features you will avail of each plant. Overall, this robot is excellent and stands well in terms of performance and features. The installation and user guide are simple, and anyone can operate this EA. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, you don’t need to worry about the complex or complicated usage.

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