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Welcome back to our blog Best Forex Indicator! for this day we have a full-on Vantage FX review! This one is a brokerage that has been popping in the Forex charts lately as traders are starting to use it more and more. So, at this point, you might have heard that name already, right!? But, if that´s not the case, then this article is the right one for you!

If you are a current reader of our website, you know already the way our team works on this kind of review. But if that´s not the case, just take a look around as we have hundreds of different articles about all things Forex. You will for sure find out something you are interested in! So, along this review are going to talk about all the different strategies, pros, cons, tips, and secrets you need. Remember all we want is for you to succeed using this software!

Let´s start this Vantage FX review!

What´s Vantage FX brokerage about?

Vantage FX is an ECN brokerage that uses a compound of different strategies and settings to allow it to trade in faster execution. Also, this one is a premium software, so your revenue will be higher using this software instead of the others. That´s why this service is considered to be one of the best Meta Trader Brokers, and the best Copy Trader one of 2021. 

This company has been going strong since 2009 when it was first founded. But don´t worry, currently, their software has many new settings and interfaces that allow it to stay as the TOP software. And one of the bests opportunities you get from this company is being able to trade and work with many different assets in one account! So this is amazing if you are a more experienced trader looking to expand your trading portfolio. Or, even if you are just trying to see which ones fit your goals best! But, don’t worry, we will cover this topic later on this Vantage FX review.

Another thing to know is this software provides different account types for all the traders in the market. So you can choose from many different packages to get started.

Company Details Overview

Vantage FX is a Trading Forex Company based in Australia since 2009. They are known for allowing traders from all across the globe to trade using international markets. This way, the traders can make the most out of this software with many assets available. And this company is also known for being one of the most transparent ones in this business as well! So you know your money will be safe at all times.

Also, this company sends a clear message of being fully trustworthy and reliable. They even disclose on their website the values they cherish and the way they aim to help out traders in general. So, these are great qualities all businesses should use as well. Besides that, there is no information disclosed about the names of the main creators o developers online. But, in this case, that´s not something to worry about.

Regulations and Laws

A few paragraphs before in this Vantage FX review, we have mentioned many times how transparent this company is. So, now we are disclosing all the different entities and different laws you need to keep in mind before working using this software.

First things first, this broker is regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA). And also by the Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL). The ensure rance provided takes care of the traders who invest using this service, employees, and even the partners who invest in it somehow. And, all funds from clients are held in a private Australian bank. So, your money and the company´s money will never be at the same place. This is a great thing for traders as we all seek protection and security for our investments.

Also, you can read more about the details of this subject on the official website as well. They have a policy agreement and risk disclosure that all new clients should read before getting started with the series. And, you can also contact the business if you have any questions of that matter!

Trading Platforms Supported

As in this Vantage FX, we have said many times how innovative this software is, we are talking now about the trading platforms supported by this service. So, pretty much they work using all the Forex resources available up to date. You are free to use the MT4 platform, the MT5 one, and mobile apps too.

The good side about having so many different platforms supported is you can customize the way you want to trade. And with this software, you can use an indicator or an expert advisor alongside it. So, this will help you enhance and better the way you trade in the market Remember that you can add downloadable settings and features to your brokerage as well.

With Vantage FX your account can skyrocket from 0 to 100 in no time because you will get all the resources you need to succeed. At the same time, it is super easy to learn how to use and operate. So, even if you are just starting in this business you will be able to use it and make money right away. And don´t forget to check out the company´s official blog and YouTube channel to learn more tips and tricks with your account.

Assets and Markets

We have mentioned already this robot supports many assets across the Mt4 and MT5 markets. But, which ones are those exactly? As for now, you can trade indices, cryptocurrency, Forex currencies, commodities, metals, share CFDs. And, you can choose from 350 different assets in total! So you will find out one that fits your interest best.

While trading these assets you have to keep in mind that your profit might depend on many factors combined. For example, you can work using auto trading, up to a 500:1 leverage, raw and fast spreads from 0.0 and more! Also the asset you trade plays a big role in this situation too. 

And lastly, don´t forget that you get access to premium international assets in general. So, depending on what times you are trading, you can use exclusive Hong Kong currencies! And from all around the world in general too. How cool is that!? You can only get those benefits while trading with this company.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The deposit and withdrawal process of a robot tends to be a major discussion point for all traders in the market. And as traders, we know that it can be quite chaotic with some services online. But, thankfully that is not the case at all with Vantage FX as we have experienced it ourselves first hand! 

So, keep your eyes open for this part of the article!

With this software, depositing your money is an easy process that can be set up just right after getting an account. You can use services like Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers, PayPal, Fasa Pay, and even China Union Pay. And they even accept third-party websites, although some transfer fees may apply to it depending on which service you use.

If you want to withdraw your money, make sure you request it during working hours so the transfer can be done the same day. Also, you can put out as much money as you wish. 

For Australian clients, you can withdraw your money whenever you want and it will be into your account in a matter of seconds. But, for clients overseas, this can take a whole day if the withdrawal is not done during working hours. So keep that in mind if you need the money right away.

And for the packages available, you need to know the basic account needs a minimum deposit of only USD 200. But, if you want a professional account with no limitations, you might have to invest up to USD 20,000 right away. 

Mobile Apps

In this Vantage FX review, we need to say a few things about the new app available to trade with. So, first of all, it is brand new and came out just a few months ago. Since then, it has had hundreds of uploads across the globe in a very short time. And it is one of the most intuitive and easy operation interfaces. As you can tell, using this app is just as good as using the web version of this software.

A great thing to mention about the app is that it is fully customizable just like the browser version of the Vantage FX brokerage. You can easily put on as many settings, features, and add-ons as you need. For example, you can choose from 9 different timeframes, many trading styles like scalping or another one of your liking. Also, you can set up alarms for the different international markets, get notifications from Trading Central, and more! You can get some of the best deals if you link your trading account with other third-party services too.

This app supports many languages, works 24/5 and it´s the best option for all those traders who are usually busy and need to trade on the go. Or, even if you want to take a quick look at your finances, set up a new trade, or exit one, you can do it from this app! Also, it´s the best option if you want to withdraw your money or deposit some more! There are no limitations while working with this company!

And lastly, this app is fully free and can be supported by both Apple and Android devices. Even in iPods or tablets. So you have no excuse to not trade and check out your account on the go!

Vantage FX Supported Countries

In this Vantage FX review, we had to add the supported countries into this article as well. And, this time the list of non-supported countries is very small, which is always a good sign! 

At the moment, the United States, and Canada are not available just yet. But, remember this can change shortly because the policies are always changing.

Meanwhile, most countries are supported and available to start trading right away with this software! But, here is a list if you want more detailed information: Thailand, Qatar, Kuwait, France, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong. Australia, the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, and Germany. And lastly, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are available too!

Vantage FX Customer Support Available

One of the last, but not less important things to mention in this Vantage FX review, si the customer support available! And, as this company is amazing in all aspects, the customer service is no different.

So, traders can get in touch with these people using live chat, social media, or by submitting a form on the official website. And you can also call them on the phone! So as you can easily see, the Vantage FX customer support team looks forward to getting in touch with their clients and assist them.

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • This software supports many different trading modes as well as many platforms.
  • Vantage FX is a regulated brokerage.
  • All traders get a welcome bonus to fund more money into their accounts. 
  • Traders can get third-party trading signals to improve their performance.


  • You need a minimum deposit of at least USD 200 before starting with your account. 

Summary Vantage FX Review

Along with this Vantage FX, we disclosed all details, secrets, and tips all traders need to know before getting started with this software. But, we wonder if you are as surprised with it as we are. Hands down, this service seems like of the safest options for traders of all levels in the market. And the best part is we have already seen this company is fully regulated and has security for your money. So you won´t have a problem of that matter.

Let us know what´s your opinion on this Vantage FX review and make sure to share this article with any other trader who might it at the moment.

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