RoFx EA Review

rofx ea review

Hi, welcome again to our best ea forex website! This time we will be doing a RoFx EA review on our website. Furthermore, as consistently, we are featuring the main parts, highlights, and settings of this creative EA. Thus, if you are searching for the best review of the RoFx EA, you are in the best spot! Also, remember to look at our whole blog; our group is continually refreshing it with new reviews of the most recent best forex robots! Along these lines, we should plunge into the RoFx EA review as of now! Will we add this one to our best ea forex page?

What is RoFx EA?

Today our RoFx EA review will be unique. Since this time, we experience a robot that works with artificial intelligence while at the same time trading. Furthermore, it is likewise 100% automated programming. If you have been in this industry for quite a while, you more likely than not found out about it previously. What’s more, some expert dealers state the RoFx EA is the best master counsel dispatched to date. Thus, you would already be able to envision how crazy it is! As we referenced, this EA trades utilizing artificial intelligence, just as quite certain numerical calculations. Thus, these two joined work as a lucrative machine that will make your account and benefits soar. However, that is not the finish of it. The RoFx EA has another mind-boggling highlight: the complete return of the misfortunes while trading. Truly! Precisely what you heard! The developers of this EA are so certain with the robot they made that they give and back the funds. Yet, remember that it probably won’t occur, as the likelihood of drawdown while utilizing this robot is overly low. So you would already be able to envision how great of a robot it is!

RoFx EA Features

Now, it is the turn of discussing the features of this EA in this review.

  • Signs for new trades accessible.
  • Losses inclusion ensure.
  • In light of the neural organization.
  • It works with creative numerical calculations.
  • Benefit consistency while exchanging.
  • Completely automated programming.
  • Stable, easy revenue.
  • Cash wellbeing.
  • No influence.
  • Least danger while trading.


Who is behind RoFx EA?

In this piece of the RoFx EA review, we are giving you data about the group that works behind this astounding robot. Along these lines, we will search for their names, area, and trading experience.This time, the seller gives data about them on the official site. What’s more, it says this robot was made in 2009. Thus, a gathering of effective Forex merchants and developers made this automated trading framework. Furthermore, at some point later, they chose to sell the robot on the web. Be that as it may, initially, they did a great deal of backtesting with their cash.

So they could guarantee it turned out great with all the inventive highlights they actualized. Thus far, since dispatch, this robot has just great positive reviews and staggering execution. The central command of the RoFx EA is situated in the United Kingdom, Miami, and Hong Kong. So you would already be able to envision the achievement they have had since the very first moment! In any case, the main thing they don’t give is the names of the makers and developers of this robot.

RoFx EA Trading Strategy

For this piece of the RoFx EA review, we should uncover all you require to think about the exhibition and, generally speaking, the trading system. Along these lines, as the developers state on the official sales page, you needn’t bother with any insight to be fruitful with this robot. What’s more, it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you are a specialist or fledgling; you will get great benefits with the RoFx EA. Since the dispatch of this robot in 2009, it has consistent benefits day by day. Furthermore, the month to month gains goes from 8% to 10%, contingent upon the money pair you choose to trade. As far as the exhibition of the robot, you can check the outcomes from the Myfxbook account they offer.

All backtesting was made with genuine cash from the makers. Additionally, these developers are so sure with their strategy that they give assurance of return if you lose cash. Along these lines, you can be certain you will just make benefits while working with it. The danger while trading is just 0.38%, regardless of the bundle or pair you are utilizing. What’s more, it is completely automated. So don’t need to go through hours sitting before a PC to pick up cash. The greatest issue we can look with this robot is the value; the most reasonable permit is USD 1.000. You get half of the pay straightforwardly to your record.

Also, it trades just with the EURUSD and GBPUSD pair. So these two may be the main disadvantages while utilizing this robot. Since, as it is costly, you get the security of your assets by the organization. Furthermore, they likewise completely spread the losses of the robot. So things being what they are, it is a success win circumstance! As there is no danger while putting resources into this robot.

EA Packages/Prices

For this segment of the RoFx EA review, we will reveal the bundles and costs accessible to buy this EA. Furthermore, the base speculation you have to work with each bundle. Thus, there are five unique bundles accessible to buy. And every one of them has different costs.

Progressed Compound Trial

  • Introductory store: USD 1.000-5.000
  • Trading days: 270
  • Execution expense: half
  • Your offer in the day by day benefit: half

Progressed Compound Easy Start

  • Introductory store: USD 5.000-10.000
  • Trading days: 270
  • Execution expense: 40%
  • Your offer in the day by day benefit: 60%

Progressed Compound Moneymaker for BitCoin

  • Introductory store: USD 10.000-50.000
  • Trading days: 270
  • Execution expense: 25%
  • Your offer in the day by day benefit: 75%

Progressed Compound Gold

  • Introductory store: USD 50.000-100.000
  • Trading days: 270
  • Execution expense: 15%
  • Your offer in the day by day benefit: 85%

Progressed Compound VIP

  • Beginning store: 100.000-Unlimited
  • Trading days: 270
  • Execution charge: 5%
  • Your offer in the everyday benefit: 95%


  • Live confirmed outcomes from Myfxbook.
  • The designers ensure all inclusion of losses.
  • You can support your record utilizing Bitcoin, USD, or EUR.
  • Merchants can pick the installment strategy that suits them best, going from USD dollars or even Bitcoin.


  • All the bundles offered are unimaginably costly.
  • It trades just on four significant money sets. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD.

Conclusion of RoFx EA Review

We must finish our RoFx EA review article! What do you suspect as much far? For us, this EA is an incredible decision. It is truly costly. Furthermore, we realize most new merchants don’t have this measure of cash to contribute immediately. Yet, if you do, you should look at it! It won’t baffle you. Since it has been going solid for more t 9 years on the lookout

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