Red Fox EA Review

red fox ea

We’ll do a Red Fox EA Review today to get a better understanding of the product. Red Fox EA is a new Expert Advisor who aims to compete with some of the most well-known names in the field. And if a new EA has some good signs, it still has a long way to go before hitting the top. Check out what experts had to say about Red Fox EA in this Red Fox EA Review.

Let’s dive into Review to see if Red Fox EA can be on Our Best Forex Indicator page or not!

What is Red Fox EA?

The Red Fox EA is a newly launched fully autonomous trading robot that reads both technical and fundamental news using a Smart News Filter. It immediately opens and shuts trades, and you won’t have to do anything.

The Red Fox Robot is built for traders who want a low drawdown and consistent profit growth. Users can choose between a low drawdown and an offensive setting. The EA is also listend on our best ea forex table. The Red Fox EA works for several currency pairs on Metatrader4. It has a consolidated internal ecosystem that keeps track of the economy and fundamental news, as well as gathers all industry data for trade positioning. The robot has all required default settings as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s get into further details of Red Fox EA Review!

Red Fox EA Features

In this portion of the Red Fox EA Review, we will discuss the highlighted features of this robot. So here they are:

  • Below 9% drawdown per pair with low drawdown setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 18%
  • Below 15% Drawdown per pair for aggressive setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 38%
  • 10% to 28% Monthly profit on low drawdown setting 
  • 17% to 48% Monthly profit on aggressive setting 
  • Auto lot management based on account fund
  • Smart News Filter
  • Completely Automatic – Install in 5 minutes and the rest is done for you
  • 100 percent Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – to stop selling in a competitive market
  • 1 demo 1 live license key per request
  • PDF with the Complete Setup Guide

Red Fox EA Trading Strategies 

In this section of Red Fox EA Review, we will get into the trading strategies on which this robot works on. The Red Fox EA policy is focused on the reverse price of the market. To evaluate the industry, it employs internal custom metrics.

We can honestly guarantee that no one would ever blow up an account using Red Fox because it is built to transact with a very low drawdown and a low-risk environment.

It’s a fully hands-free robot that does everything on its own; no regular checks or manual settings are needed.

What are the requirements to use this EA?

Simply watch the download video and install it in under 1 minute; the best settings are provided as default preset files, so there is no need to change them. Simply import it into MT4 and run it.

  • Compatible with all MT4 account forms
  • A minimum investment of 1000 USD is needed to get started.
  • After you’ve completed your order, send your 1 Demo or 1 Live mt4 account number to and suggest that they be activated.
  • Low Drawdown pairs are: EURCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPCAD, USDCAD

Team, who work behind this robot

This section of Red Fox EA Review will cover the people and team who bring this robot to market. My Ea Academy of SINRY ADVICE WORLDWIDE has launched this fully autonomous robot. My Ea Academy is a well-known trading educational technology company that strives to provide clients all over the world with the most up-to-date trading experience. Customers should reach out to their customer service representatives Monday through Friday, and they will make every effort to answer within 24 hours.

Sinry Advice is a development group that has released many forex devices since its founding in 2020. They’ve kept their identities and the names of the corporation’s backers hidden. It’s difficult, though, to keep reminding them.

Prices/packages Available

In this part of the Red Fox EA Review, we will disclose the prices/packages available for this robot. So at this time, you can save 134 USD if you buy because this robot is on-off right now.

  • 14-day demo account with low drawdown configuration
  • After 14 days, it will reveal how well it performs
  • If not, contact us and order a full refund.
  • Works for every MT4 broker account
  • Standard Prize: 400 USD
  • Discounted Prize: 266 USD

Traders can pay via Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, and e-wallets, etc.

Customer Feedback

This section of the Red Fox EA Review will cover the client feedback about this robot. When deciding whether or not a product is worthwhile, customer experience is a significant factor to remember.  There are many testimonials on the My ea Academy website. As one would imagine, they’re all upbeat. Customers say the robot is helpful and that My ea Academy’s facilities are excellent.

We can’t depend on such consumer input, unfortunately. An organization will pay people to write positive reviews to sell a product. Furthermore, even genuine reviews can be selectively used to persuade them to use the website. So we cannot rely on such customer feedback.

Pros and Cons

In this part of the Red Fox EA Review, we will highlight the good and bad points about this robot.


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • A demo account is available
  • The robot is completely automated
  • Default settings are provided Live trading returns from MyFXBook that have been checked
  • Many currency pairs to deal with


  • For certain traders, it can be costly
  • The vendor company is new and has yet to develop itself
  • Customers owe them a lot of market details

Conclusion Red Fox EA Review

So finally we reach the end of this Red Fox EA Review. Following an analysis of the robot’s settings and capabilities, we can conclude that it has some fantastic features, such as simple configuration, demo account, refund policy, and checked trading outcomes, but it also has some drawbacks, such as a high cost for newcomers and vendor transparency, all of which are unknown.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing this robot, first check it out in a Demo Account and see how it works in your situation!

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