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Welcome to our Pipsalert Review Article on our best forex indicator website! The essence of trading signals cannot be overemphasized, given the enormous potential it has on the forex market. If you are new to forex trading, using forex signals can make your dream of earning continuous profits a reality.

Forex signals are created to give you a heads-on to make the most out of the forex market. Let’s face it; you cannot sit in front of your laptop or PC 24/7 monitoring situations on the market. Whether you are fast asleep or you are on the go, forex signals will notify you when to enter a position and make the most profit. So our team has reviewed Pipsalert, another favourite forex signal provider which we has a proven track record.

If you take a look at the forex market, there are so many forex signal vendors delivering quality services. One such vendor is Pips Alert. This vendor provides quality signals for both expert and newbie traders to leverage in their attempt to make money from the forex market. The vendor claims that every month, they give more than 4,500 pips to traders across the world.

Pips Alert sells 5 signal products that can be used on the MT4 trading platform. These products include Investor X Signals, Cheetah Signals, Lion Signals, Jaguar Signals, as well as Venture X Signals.

Is Pips Alert legit? Are their services worth your energy, time, and money? Read the Pipsalert Review below to find out!

About Pips Alert

Before we get into detailed pipsalert review, here is a little about them. Pips Alert is one of the leading forex signals providers in the industry. The company was founded by two professional traders from the United Kingdom and the United States. The company aims to empower millions of traders across the world so that they can get the best of the market. Pips Alert has more than 3,100 traders across the globe and $15 million in assets. If you’re interested in any of the company’s forex signal products, they offer a 7-day free trial for you to try out.

Pips Alert sends trading signals in MT4 format, meaning, you don’t need to learn new techniques or complicated ways of using their signals to enter or exit a position. The signals are sent to traders via Telegram. On top of that, Pipsalert provides 3-5 daily signals. This means if you miss out on the signals that were shared in the morning time, you’re still going to get signals to trade with before night time.

How Pips Alert Works

Pips Alert rolls out its services in three necessary steps.

#1. Register to purchase any of the product packages

The first step to getting started with Pips Alert is to register via their website and choose your preferred package.

#2. Setup on a PC or Smartphone

After registering and choosing a suitable package, the next step is to set up the forex signals on your PC or Smartphone.

#3. Get Signals and Start Trading

Once you have fulfilled the above two steps, Pips Alert will send the trading signals for you to start trading. You will receive Forex Signals Telegram directly on your phone.

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Pips Alert Pricing

The amount payable by traders on Pips Alert is quite competitive and affordable compared to the profit you will make using their signals. We mentioned earlier that the company has 5 packages from which traders can select. If you opt for the Investor X Signals package (3,500 – 10,000 pips), it comes with a monthly fee of $59.95. The next package – Venture X Signals (3,000 – 7,000 pips) comes at a monthly price of $59.95.

Still, on the pricing, Jaguar Signals (2,500 – 5,000 pips) and Lion Signals (2,500 – 5,000 pips) come at a monthly fee of $49.95 for each package. Also, the fifth and last package, known as Cheetah Signals (2,500 – 5,000 pips), comes at a monthly price of $49.95.

Customer Support

Pips Alerts customer support needs a special mention in our Pipsalert review section as they have one of the best dependable customer service department that works around the clock, resolving customers’ complaints. Their customer service representatives are trained, certified, and knowledgeable on how to handle traders’ complaints. You can reach the customer support desk via email, phone call, or through their social media handles.


  • Elite traders generate the forex signals provided by Pips Alert. These traders have more than 20 years’ experience and are rigorously evaluated before certifying them as signal creators.
  • Free Training course: Pips Alert leaves no stone unturned in a bid to educate its clients on how to maximize the use of the signals. They offer free training online in case you have any challenge using the forex signals
  • Pips Alert sends out more than 4,500 pips every month to registered members during the NYC and London session.
  • Affordable: The amount charged by Pips Alert is highly competitive and affordable.
  • Professional customer support: Pips Alert parades a reliable and dependable customer service team to resolve customers’ complaints within the shortest possible time.
  • They have a cheap trial period.


  • Hard to verify the Testimonials available on the website.
  • Proven results page too weak to judge the past performance accurately.

pipsalert review

Conclusion Pipsalert Review

There you have your Pipsalert review! Pip Alert is one of the leading forex signals vendors to look out for at present in the industry. Regardless of what your cravings are, the forex signals generated by Pips Alert would help you to make continuous profits without hassles.

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