Onyx Scalper Review

onyx scalper review

Welcome to Our Forex Indicator Website. Today we are doing Onyx Scalper Review. In this, we will provide you every single detail about this indicator like what is it, basic features, trading plans, the team behind this, prices/packages, customer feedback, and finally our final verdict on this. So if you want to purchase this robot then keep reading this article.

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What is Onyx Scalper?

The Onyx Scalper is an indicator that looks for any of the best patterns and trades it can find in the Forex market. And all this testing is undertaken to give you amazing signs so that you can start trading immediately. Again, note that, like all expert consultants, this predictor is not completely automatic tech. The Onyx Scalper just tells you about the right time to sell, lucrative patterns, and so on. But, by the end of the day, based on the business approach, you need to bring all the data to use.

This measure supports all of the Forex market’s big currency pairs, so anytime you want to change the pair, you don’t have to turn indicators. And like both trades, it runs on three separate timeframes, so you can pick the one that suits you best. To manage your earnings and more, it comes with three separate trading risk levels.

Let’s dive into details of the Onyx Scalper Review!


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Onyx Scalper Features

In this section of the Onyx Scalper Review, we will highlight all the important features. So they are:

  • For three separate timeframes, this indicator works M5, M10, and M15.
  • It supports all the big currency pairs on the market that are available.
  • This robot has a sophisticated algorithm for trading that gives very high earnings.
  • You can configure several different trading modes, features, and configurations when using it.
  • The Onyx Scalper provides all of your devices with live signals to let you know the best trading patterns.
  • This robot’s buy/sell signals are very reliable and will allow you to maximize your profits in no time.
  • It comes with an optimized entry-system feature to allow it to enter exchange at the most lucrative moment.

People behind the Onyx Scalper

In this part of the Onyx Scalper Review, we will discuss the team and people who bring this indicator to market. And the maker, who is also the developer behind this robot, presents himself and shares his journey this time around. His name is Karl Dittmann and he claims that he found the solution using Forex after many years of struggling. And he says that to excel, he learned everything and read all the books on the market too. So he built a method after a while that allowed him to live peacefully and wanted to share it with others.

Onyx Scalper Trading Strategy

In this part of the Onyx Scalper Review, we will discuss the trading plans on which this robot works. So long as we mentioned before, this indicator supports all of the big currency pairs and gives you live signals of the most lucrative patterns. And it also has a take-profit feature that helps you to leave the exchange at the most lucrative moment. So, even though the pattern moves in the opposite direction, they still result in a complete return.

The Onyx Scalper operates on three separate timeframes for the output portion, varying from 5 minutes to 10 minutes and 15 minutes. So, as you can see, their purchases are quick and it’s better for the earnings this way. And this metric comes with three distinct degrees of risk from which you can pick and configure the way you want. There is a cautious mode, with the lowest risk, medium mode, and the highest risk aggressive mode while trading.


Prices/Packages Available

In this section of the Onyx Scalper Review, We are now moving ahead to show what you need to know about the available rates. So, there is only one bid to buy this robot on the official website at the moment. And since the robot is very cheap, the makers do not give discounts or coupon codes.

When buying the Onyx Scalper, you get:

  • Software for Onyx Scalper.
  • 1 actual license on one account only.
  • Open a demo account.
  • It comes with a complete tutorial for new traders and, in general, guidance about the method.
  • For a lifetime, automatic fixes, enhancements, and complete apps.
  • 24/7 customer service is available.
  • 30-day guarantee on money-back.
  • Price: 147 USD

And at the moment, there are several payment options open. So, you should pick the one for you that fits best. Via PayPal and any international credit card such as Visa, Discover, Master Card, or American Xpress, the developers deliver payments. So, if you feel like it may be dangerous to post your banking details, then just stick to PayPal. But, note that no matter what, all payments are safe.

Customer’s feedback

We’ve scanned the Internet, and hardly any negative feedback on this EA has been found.

Pros & Cons


  • This indicator supports all available currency pairs on the MT4 platform.
  • Based on the currency pair that you are using, there are several timeframes available.
  • On a demo account, before trading with your Forex account, you can start using the Onyx Scalper.
  • This metric is considered the Best app by most consumers and traders at all ranks.


  • The Onyx Scalper has not checked third-party website data.

Conclusions Onyx Scalper Review

So here is the end of the Onyx Scalper Review. After going through all the major settings and features of this robot we can say that this can be an option for a beginner to start a forex journey but it has a downside like unverified results from the third party which can be doubtful. So if you are planning to buy this robot in the future then don’t forget to give it a TRY in DEMO to see how things go for you!

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