Omega Trend EA Review

omega trend ea review

We will be doing an Omega Trend EA Review today on our best forex indicator blog. We want you to stick again on the page because there is once again a full review in detail. With our creative heads, study about everything from the strategy implementation, features, specifications, pros and cons, reviews by customers, and the reasons behind buying it.

Stay connected to find out every important detail you need to know before purchasing the robot. You will be finding out if this one stands out or not and if we will add it ot our best ea forex list or not.

What is Omega Trend EA?

There are different modes of the strategy used for forex trading. You have to decide according to the plan that suits you from the short, medium, and long term. This forex robot Omega Trend EA works both automatically and manually according to the strategy you have selected. Not only this, this trading robot comes with three different trading rules that will allow you to make the most profitable revenues in a very short period. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have experience or you are just a newbie and the business of the forex market. This EA will be beneficial for you, no matter what.

This EA works best on Metatrader 4 with a time frame of 1H. There are many open trades on the website where you can see the full trading history and performance of this robot. Also, the results are verified by Myfxbook with more than 12 years of backtesting experience. The only drawback we found about this website is that it only pairs with three different pairs of currency. These are EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY. We have been impressed with this heat so far. We would love to know your thoughts.

Features and specifications of this EA

  • Protection is high slippage.
  • Protection is high spread.
  • Time management system available.
  • Advance money management available.
  • There is protection for brokers.
  • News filter available.
  • The system is fully automated.
  • 100% compatibility.
  • Lifetime support.
  • NFA and FIFO compatibility.
  • Multiple currency pairs exchange.
  • Easy-to-use and self-updating.
  • The recovery system is available.
  • Profit protection is available.

omega trend ea

Hands behind Omega Trend EA?

Like most of you know, our Omega Trend EA Review will not be complete if we don’t look for insight on who is behind this amazing creation. We have found some information about the developers they leave on their website. The company behind the Omega trend EA is called FXautomater.This company started over 10,000 happy clients around the world. Over 30 + Forex robots with free and paid launched online, and the whole team of professionals has more than 15 plus in the forex business. For almost ten years, they have experience in developing and creating very beneficial automated trading systems to help people with their financial trading and independence.

What we found after examining the team is that they are truly into the passion of serving the people and honest by their jobs. They like to help their customers to find profitable trades with their software until the final result And finding perfect online customers to buy the product.

Omega Trend EA Trading strategy

In this portion of the Omega Trend EA Review, we will see the trading strategy. Like many other working robots, this Omega trend EA also adjusts itself to the changing atmosphere of the forex market. And finding out the best movement to open and close the exchanges is also the selling point.

There are some specific market conditions and Trends that can be detectable to omega trend EA. Also, as we all said, this bot comes with three trading techniques and principal, which is called trend spotting, strategy diversity, and dynamic entries and exits.

So let’s talk about the first one, which is trend spotting. This allows the bot to choose the right trend and extract out tips from the most beneficial parts. The technique called strategy diversity means that “no default” strategy. This will be working out for everyone using how the bot comes with two different types of techniques you can use.

In the last, we have an option of dynamic entries and exits, which means that sometimes the EA doesn’t take the profit opportunities because of the static entries. That’s why Omega trend EA avoids these embarrassing difficulties with stop loss and trailing stop.

We also want to mention that this EA works with three different pairs of currencies.EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY. If you have been through the Forex Megadroid review, you will find out that it’s possible to trade other and more currencies. Also we advice to use this EA with a trusted Forex Broker. We have done a Libertex review on our blog. There you can see why we love to work with this broker.

Don’t forget to check out the accuracy level of the strategy on their sale pages and website. You will see unlimited open trades verified by Myfxbook with almost 12 years of backtesting.

Omega Trend EA Packages and prices

For the Omega Trend EA Review, we have written all the elements of this EA, in case you want to buy it. There is bad news that there is only one selling offer you have to choose from, but this price is an unbelievably amazing opportunity for all those who are newbies in Forex trading. You will have an amazing experience in Forex trading with not spending a lot of money at the beginning.


  • USD 97
  • One real account
  • Demo account 3
  • Support available 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee of a month.

If you have more demands to add more features in this way, you have an option to adjust the setting to meet all of your standards. Not only that, there are many free bots available on their website where you can download and try whatever you want. There are some other Forex robots with higher and lower prices. You have to read the Forex Megadroid review if you want to see all the prices with similar features.

Now let’s just move on to the pros and cons of the Omega Trend EA review.


  • The prices are affordable.
  • Customer care support is available.
  • A 24/7money-back guarantee is available for a month.
  • Two strategies to choose from.
  • The Backtesting result is available for 12 years.
  • Time frame is H1.


  • Only three currencies supported that are EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD.

Conclusion of Omega Trend EA Review

Now by wrapping up our Omega Trend EA Review, all we have to say is the results and the profits we are satisfied with. There are many other Forex EA Reviews online who confirm all this. Now, all we want is your reaction and thoughts in our comment section down below.

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