MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

Welcome again to the best forex indicator website! The MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator is one of the most important trading tools you need for smooth and financially rewarding trading. It is majorly used to measure and understand market volatility. With the aid of the indicator, you can get some pieces of information that will enable you to trade successfully, such as the current price standard deviation value in relation to the established Moving Average.

Without this knowledge, you are prone to making some wrong trading decisions that may negatively impact your trading activities because you can hardly personally detect the patterns and peculiarities in price dynamics without the assistance of a special tool specifically designed for that purpose. Today you can see if this indicator will be listed on our Best Metatrader Indicators page or not.

Thus, it is noteworthy that the volatility of a market is directly proportional to the Standard Deviation. This implies that the lower the Deviation, the more stable the market is, and vice versa.

In a volatile market, the prices of the bars are dispersed in relation to the moving average while the bar prices move towards the moving average if the market is immovable or non-volatile.

MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

How Does It Work?

The Standard Deviation Indicator is pretty easy to use. These are the two most important pieces of information you can derive from the indicator:

1. An extremely high indicator is a sign that the market activity will soon slow down.
2. If the indicator shows a too low value, that is a sign of a calm market and an indication that market activity may soon spike.

With these pieces of trading tips at your disposal, you can have an insight into price movement and tweak your trading strategy to leverage the information for more productive trading.


AMOUNT (j = i – N, i) = SUM ((ApPRICE (j) – MA (ApPRICE (i), N, i)) ^ 2).
StdDev (i) = SQRT (AMOUNT (j = I –N, i) / N).
Amount (j = I –N, i) = sum of squares of numbers from j = i-N to i.
Sqrt = Square root.
StdDev (i) = The current bar’s Standard Deviation.
ApPRICE (j) is the j-th bar’s applied price.
ApPRICE (i) is the current bar’s applied price.
N is the smoothing period.
MA (ApPRICE (i), N, i) the current bar’s moving average for N periods.

How to Install MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

Before you can use this tool, you must have it on your chart. Thus, you must first download and install the tool. The guidance below will allow you to understand the process:

1. Download Standard Deviation indicator for MetaTrader4.
2. Copy the downloaded Standard Deviation indicator to your Metatrader Directory. Search for the “experts” and the “indicators” directory to paste the copied content.
3. You can either restart or start your Metatrader 4 Client.
4. Then, specify the testing environment for the indicators by selecting Chart and Timeframe.
5. From your navigator, search “Custom Indicators.”
6. Right-click on StdDev indicator for MetaTrader4 and attach it to a chart.
7. When you are done, press Ok or modify the settings.

Once you are done with this, the Standard Deviation Indicator is already available for use on your trading Chart.

In MT4, standard indicators are divided into four categories which are Volumes, Trend, Bill Williams, and Oscillators. The MT4 Standard Indicator is a trend indicator in MetaTrader 4. Hence, check the “Navigator folder” and then the “Trend” folder to find the indicator. The image below explains this better:

MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

Don’t be fooled by the indicator’s classification as a Trend tool. It is undoubtedly one of the best volatility indicator tools for all classes of traders, from amateurs to veterans.

How to Uninstall the MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

Sometimes, you may have to uninstall the Standard Deviation Indicator for a reason best known to you. This is how to go about it:

1. Select the specific location of the indicator.
2. Right-click the chart.
3. Select “Indicators list.”
4. Select the MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator.
5. Click “Delete.”

How Does the MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator Benefit Traders?

If you are contemplating using this trading tool, you may be wondering why it is a worthwhile tool for trading in the financial market. Here are some of the huge benefits you will derive from using it:

1. It helps traders to identify when the price of a currency pair or a trading asset has been stuck within a specific trading range. Thus, you can easily know whether the price of the asset or currency pair is moving or not. If you pay keen attention to the indicator as it prints its graphs in response to price movement, you will get this information with ease. To get the most out off it you can test this indicator together with a price action indicator.

2. Using the MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator will also enable you to identify the movement or stability of a market in a trend. For instance, the indicator moves up shortly before the market starts trending. Thus, you can adjust your trading strategy to take full advantage of the trending market.

3. If there are tiny breakouts in the market, the trading tool can also help you to identify such breakouts with ease. Thus, you may decide to leverage the breakout for trading or wait for a little change in the breakout before trading.

4. If you are passionate about following core trends, the MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator will come in handy as well. With the aid of the tool, you can identify the trending periods of an asset’s price. The indicator will always notify you when a new trend is about to start so that you can decide whether to participate in the trade or not.

Final Words On MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator

In case you want easy to use and understand volatility indicator to boost your trading skills on MT4, then MT4 Standard Deviation Indicator is one of the best around. The tool will help you to see low or high volatility to enable you to trade accordingly.

While this is a fantastic trading tool you should explore, you can combine it with some best forex indicators to boosts its performance. This trading platform provides some other trading tools you can check out to take your trading knowledge and skills to the next level.

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