Make Money EA Review

Make Money EA review

In Best Forex Indicator today we are talking in detail and doing an article about a famous robot: a Make Money EA review! There are many things to say about it because it is making a come back to the popular EA charts now. So, we are going to find out what makes this robot so profitable and why are traders investing with it. And, by the end of this Make Money EA review, we will see what it has to offer for all of us.

So, join us to go through all the different details, information, tips, and more on this post!

What’s the Make Money EA?

The Make Money EA is a software developed by the famous company Expert4x. You may be familiar with them since they have been in this business for so long already. But, we also have made many reviews about their products, so make sure to check them out after this Make Money EA review. So, this system launched to the market not so long ago. It was back in 2016 to be exact, and since it got out, so many traders started seeing amazing results in no time. How is that possible? You may wonder already. Well, this software uses a highly innovative algorithm that only a few robots are using today. It allows it to trade with so much precision almost all the trades result in big profits. Also, this EA has had countless different upgrades and updates during the last few years to keep up with the market’s development.

This software can be easily operated by any trader, no matter their previous experience. And it can be highly customizable as well, you can set up your trading strategies, features, and risks. Just make sure to choose the right tools to help you make the most out of this amazing software.

Let’s move on to the rest of the details we have yet to disclose on this Make Money EA review!

People who work behind the Make Money EA

As we always say, the transparency of developers is one of the most important things about a robot. So, for this section of the Make Money EA review, we are talking about the people who operate it. And the first thing we can mention is this software is developed by the company Expert4x. They have been in this business for many years already and all of their products are good and legit. The creator behind this company is called Alex Du Plooy and he has many robots, blogs, signal indicators, and forums. So, you can easily tell he is a professional in the Forex market field. These people provide all of their social media online, address, and email if you need to contact them.


make money ea

Main Features and Settings of the Make Money EA

  • Easy customization and set up.
  • It uses money-management security to protect your account from brokers and your investments as well.
  • The Make Money EA uses features like risk-management, stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing-stop to secure your money.
  • You can choose the size of your account, the number of pips you want, and lot sizes as well.
  • It has over 18 optimized index settings and over 50 of them for the Forex platform.
  • There are many timeframes available, these go from 4 hours to 15 minutes.
  • The main strategy used while trading is called trend-following.
  • It supports all the major currency pairs available on the MT4 platform.

Make Money EA Performance and Strategy

In this part of the Make Money EA review, you can find the information you need to start trading with it right away. This robot uses many features and settings while trading, but none of them are dangerous in the market for your account. Also, the main strategy it uses while performing is called trend-following. And it pretty much searches for the best, most secures, and highly profitable trends in the market at the moment. But, the disadvantage with it is that whenever the market is under uncertainty, you have to choose if you want to continue the trade or not. So, as you can see, this robot will notify you when it is under odd situations that might require your presence.

Another thing to point out is you can choose the number of trades you want daily, how much you are investing, and the risk. And you are also able to choose the hours you want to trade and the specific days. So, the customization possibilities are endless with this software.

The Make Money EA also allows you to set up the best features depending on the results you aim to achieve. So you can balance the take-profit, stop-loss, trailing-stop, and such to manage your profitable deals. And you can trade manually if you want the trades to go in the opposite direction too. Two different trading modes come with different risks while trading, and depending on how much you are investing, you can choose a normal mode or fast mode.

Pricing and Packages Available

There´s no need to stress out about the different offers online because, in this Make Money EA review, we are going to disclose all this information. And currently, the seller is offering just one package, so there are no extra fees to get certain extras. Also, there are free settings, features, and trading modes that you can get from the official Expert4x website.

So far, this package comes with:

  • The full Make Money EA software.
  • Free upgrades for a lifetime.
  • Both versions of the EA for the MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • 2 licenses.
  • Special discounts if you are a member of the Expert4x group already.
  • Demo accounts.
  • Access to member´s only forum.
  • 6 module PDF with training, tips, and secrets to succeed in the market.
  • Price: USD 275

If you are a member already of the Expert4x community, you can get a special 80% off as a promotion. And, the payments supported by the seller right now are PayPal, international credit cards, or Bitcoin.

Pros & Cons


  • There are backtests available, good reviews, and verified results from FXBlue.
  • Easy customization for all main features, settings, and performance.
  • There are video guides, training, and tips on the official website.


  • There´s no money-back guarantee offered.
  • The market´s uncertain conditions might require your presence while trading.

Summary Make Money EA Review

The Make Money EA keeps being a great choice for traders of all levels despite how long it has been around. And it has many new settings and technologies that only a few robots in the market use nowadays. So, if you are looking for a robot from the Expert4x company this one might be the perfect choice for you! Just keep in mind that this software may require your trading skills if you choose to use it with fully customized settings. But, besides, there are little disadvantages to it!

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