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This week´s main article on the Best Forex Indicator website is a whole detailed article about a Libertex review. We decided to give you this blog post because as we already review the best robots in the market, you have to find a good broker as well. So, each week we are going to bring up a new broker that we recommend and trust after trying it for a long time. But we know that the majority of you reading this right now might have tried this broker or have heard about it already. Either way, this Libertex review will be highly beneficial for all traders because you might find a new broker or ñearn some tips.

So, some of the details we are going to be disclosing for this Libertex review are the key points you need to keep in mind before choosing this broker. We are going to talk about the regulations, the advantages you get from using it, countries allowed and supported languages, funds and such. So, if you don´t want to miss anything and you want to get reliable and real information from this software, make sure to stay tuned!

What is the Libertex broker?

As we just mentioned, and you may or may not know already, the Libertex software is a full Forex broker to trade using your account. It was released just over 20 years ago to the public, so it has been out for quite some time already. Since then, it has been updated countless times to match the market´s new features, settings, and performance. This is why despite being many brokers available to date, all traders try it first to test it out. And most of them don´t change their minds after getting it because there are far too many customizable features you get with it.

Also, the Libertex broker provides all clients with around 250 different tools, assets, commodities, instruments, and more! The best part of this is you can fully customize the whole software yourself to match your expectations and performance. So, you can choose to trade with almost any cryptocurrency, asset, metal, or currency that you want. But, the only thing is, this broker can only operate using the MT4 platform since it doesn´t support the MT5 just yet. Although, we are more than sure that in the future this will change because there have been hundreds of improvements to this software. And the people who work behind it know how important is to fulfill all traders’ expectations.

In the next paragraphs of this Libertex review, we will go through the company´s supported countries, languages, tips, trading, and performance. So make sure to stick around to get all the details you need before you start managing your account with this system.

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Libertex Company Details Overview

Libertex is a company that was founded back in 1997 when the Forex market and business, in general, was just getting started. They have been one of the few brokers around that have lasted long enough to this date. And year by year they get thousands of different clients all around the world who are drawn by the incredible services they provide. This one is a fully reliable company, they provide security for you and your account at all times. So, while you are operating using their software you know you are in good hands.

They offer many services and tools that all traders from different experiences and levels can easily benefit from. But, at the end of the day, you are the one in charge to choose what you want to accomplish with your account. That´s why we consider the easy customization one of the biggest advantages Libertex offers to their clients. So, you can choose from a wide range of services going from trading stocks, hot stocks, currencies, and more!

Let´s get into a bit more details in this Libertex review about the company and such. The first thing to say is the main headquarters are based in Limassol, Cyprus. This one is a little island in the Mediterranean. You can find this information on the official website as well, and they provide contact numbers, a form, email, and such. Also, the developers acknowledge on the website that they reply to all their inquiries in one business day.
Another important thing to remark is this broker is part of the Libertex  Group  and is one of the most important Forex business. And, if you feel unsure about this broker, just know they have over 2 million clients worldwide.

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The Libertex brand is operated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Financial Services Commission regulated entities. And it ensures a healthy and secure environment for all traders and protects their accounts. Also, it is regulated by the Financial Services Commission as well. So, as you can see, this one is a company that you can easily trust upfront. And you know that there will not be any troubles whatsoever with you or your account in the long run. So, for traders, this is a must when searching for new brokers to try out. But, if you want to find more information about this topic, you can easily find it on the official website. They provide these details and much more!
What do you think about this Libertex review so far?

Trading Platforms Supported

This Libertex review wouldn´t be completed if we don´t mention its trading platforms supported and some performance details. On the good side, this broker supports automated trading, has zero spreads, and be fully customized. But, it trades only on the MT4 platform at the moment, so the MT5 is not available just yet. This doesn´t mean that it won´t ever be supported by this broker because the developers behind it are always working to upgrade it. So make sure you keep an eye open to ensure you don´t miss out if they ever release a version for the MT5 platform as well.

Also, getting started with it is easy, all you have to do is sign-in on the website and open your account after filling in the information you need. And to start operating with it you need to make a minimum deposit of just 100 EUR. But don´t hesitate with these numbers because it supports all size accounts. So at the end of the day, it´s up to you to choose how much you want to invest at first.

The interface and display you find on the Libertex platform are easy to use and user-friendly. But if you have any troubles at some point, you can always look for tutorials online or take a look on the website. Also, there are two different ways you can choose to display the platform, you can either use the one created by Libertex or the default one from the MT4 platform. And there are two types of accounts available, one is for standard traders and the other one is for professionals.

Assets & Markets

Above on this Libertex review, we mentioned that there are many assets and commodities available that you can trade using it. But, we never got into full detail to disclose all the different types of them. So, they support the basics that any beginner needs to get started. These are the stocks, hot assets, cryptocurrencies, Forex currencies, and such. But, it also supports things like precious metals like gold, and silver, indices, agriculture, oil & gas, and lastly ETFs. So, as you can see this company stands up to its slogan: Trade for more!

You can also customize these as you please depending on the expert advisor you use as well. It supports 250 tradable assets in total and you have hundreds of different settings available. So you can easily operate with this software and make the most out of it in a short time.

Some of the stocks supported vary, but you will find all of the most popular ones at the moment in Latin America, Europe, and the USA. Some of these categories are medical cannabis, luxury, automobile industry, technologies, telecommunications, and healthcare. And you decide which one resonates with you the most to pick one. The developers also show the volatility levels of each stock so you can see how it has been performing the past few days.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

We mentioned above this Libertex review that all traders need a minimum deposit of 100 EUR. So the size account you want to use is up to you. Also, the withdrawal process is very simple, you just have to request your money and you will get it in a few hours. But, it might change depending on the hour of the day you request it. So, if it´s outside of working hours, you will have to wait until the next day.

This software doesn´t work doing any kind of transactions using third-party websites, so all the funds are going straight to the platform you submitted. In some cases, depending on the resources you use the money might take longer to get to you. And you might have to pay a small fee for transferring your money. The good news is you can choose if you want your payments to be in dollars or euros. So it is up to you to choose the currency that suits you best.

Libertex Mobile Apps

Libertex cares for their client´s needs and requests, that´s why they have two apps available for Android users and Apple users. The app is highly advanced, with easy customization and display. Also, you can do all the things you do online with it, there´s no difference at all. That´s why to operate your account while working with this company is not necessary to own a laptop or anything. You can easily do anything on the go with your mobile device. And you can deposit your money from the apps, withdraw your money, enter and exit trades, change the lot sizes, and more! So the possibilities are endless. You can download these apps from the official website or the Play Store or AppStore.

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Libertex accepted Countries and Languages

As we have gone through all the most relevant details in this Libertex review, we still haven´t disclosed the supported countries and languages. And these details are super important because we know this company has over 2 million clients worldwide. So, Libertex operates in the European Economic area (EEA) countries.

But, the countries not supported are the United States, South Africa, New Zealand,and Brazil. Also Australia, Japan, the Russian Federation, and Canada. And the reason behind it is because the regulations and laws of these countries can be quite strict with the Forex business. But, don´t feel upset if your country is not available just yet. Remember that these laws are changing and usually updating. And let´s not forget the Forex business is growing day by day.

And the supported languages at the moment by the platform are English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Greek. To customize the way it fits you the most.

Libertex Customer Service

Being able to get in touch with the company you are trading with is beneficial and highly important. So let´s point out some good benefits you get from the Libertex customer support team. You can find their blog listed on the website where they share the latest news about the software. You can also find a frequently asked questions window on the site, their email, a form you can fill, their address, and social media. So, reaching out to them is fairly simple, even if you are not currently using their platform. But, the only thing you have to keep in mind is they may take a whole business day to reply because they get many requests.

If you want a more upfront contact with them, you can message them through Facebook, live chat, WhatsApp, Skype, or even a phone call!

Benefits and Drawbacks

For this Libertex review, we decided to attach a section about the benefits and the few drawbacks you might get while working with this company.


  • There is a wide range of assets you can trade using this platform.
  • They offer full customization and control of your account at all times.
  • The deposit and withdrawal process is easy to manage and you get your funds with no problems.
  • Libertex is a very popular and highly reliable business in the Forex with many regulations and laws.
  • There are demo accounts available to use before you jump in with your real account.


  • Libertex only operates on the MT4 platform at the moment, so if you want to use the MT5 you will have to use another broker.
  • This software is not supported in all countries around the world yet.

Conclusions Libertex Review

We can conclude this Libertex review by saying that, without a doubt, this one is a software that is beneficial for all traders. No matter their level of experience. So, even if you want to trade with small capital you can get positive results with your account. And there are no real disadvantages while using this software.
For us, Libertex might be one of the best brokers available at the moment with some of the most powerful and secure software. So make sure to check it out if you can or if you haven´t already.
Keep an eye open for this website! Because if they update their platform, we will be the first ones to let you know!

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