Legacy EA Review

Warmly welcome to Our Best Forex Indicator Website. Today we got a very interesting and new topic for you that is Legacy EA Review. Legacy EA has grabbed the attention of many traders around so we are here to introduce this EA to you. We will give you a complete insight into this robot, so stick around and keep reading this post.

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What is Legacy EA?

Legacy EA is an automated trading EA with uses multiple strategies together to ensure profit. The Creator or developer behind this EA is Kilian who named this EA on his name is LegacyofKilian. The official website contains videos of the developer, explaining the strategies, features, and his journey to this EA. He claims that because the strategy has a fix stop loss and a dynamic take profit so the strategy is suited to apply to funded programs such as FTMO.  In comparison to all other ea’s that can get stuck in a long time and high drawdown, they focus on keeping your account safe and profits high. 

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Legacy EA Features

This part of Legacy EA will highlight the most important features of this robot so here are they:

  • Weekly zoom calls
  • Mindset education
  • Help to get passed FTMO
  • All updates included
  • EA strategies that are SAR Indicator, Stop-loss, Scalping Technique, Lot size, and Timeframe Confluence
  • People trading the same strategy together
  • Support and feedback
  • FXBlue Track Record
  • FTMO Track Record

Legacy EA Trading Strategy

This portion of Legacy EA Review will surely consist of the functionality of this EA. So the developer argues that the technique is fairly easy forward because it utilizes explicit principles to implement. There is no misunderstanding possible. You may transform your failing trades into winners by incorporating certain mathematical strategies.

It uses two types of Strategies, one is basic strategies and the second is advanced strategies. Basic Strategies include:

  • Clear stop-loss Strategy with clear entry
  • Trailing stop-loss strategy
  • Dynamic take profit
  • SAR Indicator
  • Lotsize and scalping Technique

And Advanced strategies include Timeframe Confluence.

Team Behind this EA

The Legacy EA Review will be incomplete without discussing the people behind this EA. So the official website of this EA is named as LegacyofKilian, which is on the name of the developer. The developer or creator of this EA is Kilian, who shares his story and journey of trading on his website.

 He stated he learned to trade at the business “IML,” where he also worked as a marketing manager. He concentrated on mastering the craft after discovering that trading isn’t as simple as it appears. Luc Longmire was his tutor, and he taught him how to trade gold. He began traveling and enjoying life after he became regularly prosperous. Then he begins to develop software. He began his asset management firm two years later, trading investors’ money. Drewizebanks and Shaunlee are two big figures in the forex sector he’s met.

This is how he started his journey with EA. He also shared Backtesting results and testimonials on the official website but we will wait for a while to see what the future will predict about this EA.


The Legacy EA Review will be incomplete if we will not highlight the prices or packages for this EA. So this EA comes with two offers right now:

Per Month

  • This EA
  • Signals
  • Weekly zoom calls
  • People trading the same strategy together
  • Support and feedback
  • Need to rebuy every month
  • Prize: €99

Per Year (Coming Soon)

  • This EA
  • Signals
  • Weekly zoom calls
  • People trading the same strategy together
  • Support and feedback
  • Need to rebuy every month
  • no Rebuy per month
  • Prize: €599

Customer Feedback

The Legacy EA Review will be incomplete without discussing the customer feedback on this EA. Customer feedback is an important aspect to consider when determining whether or not a product is worthwhile. You should pay close attention to them. On the LegacyofKilian website, there are several testimonials. They’re all happy, as one might expect. Customers feel the robot is helpful and that the services provided are exceptional.

Sad to say, we can’t rely on such consumer input. To market a product, a company will pay people to write good evaluations. Additionally, even real remarks may be utilized selectively to urge others to use the service. This is a brand-new device that has yet to gain momentum. As a result, we are currently unable to draw any conclusions from consumer feedback.

Pros and Cons

In this part of Legacy EA Review, we got to conclude the advantages and disadvantages of this Ea.


  • Multiple Strategies together
  • Zoom Calls Assistance
  • Video Guides
  • Support and feedback
  • FXBlue and FTMO Track Records
  • Include Backtesting


  • Customers’ needs to know a lot of business information
  • The vendor firm is new and needs to establish themselves
  • There is no money back policy
  • It will be a little costly to pay every month

Conclusion Legacy EA Review

Finally, we got the end of this Legacy EA Review. After concluding the features ad functionality of this robot we can say that there are several good things about this robot such as multiple strategies to trade, zoom calls assistance, support and feedback, video guides, trading results, and testimonials but with few drawbacks such as money-back guarantee, less information about the team, and transparency about firm, which make this EA open to any question.

We assume that we should give this EA time to prove its performance and appearance in the market as this is new and has to establish itself.

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