KOT4x Review

kot4x review

This KOT4X review for Best Forex Indicator has been highly requested by many traders in our community. So, you ask and we provide! And needless to say, these people live up to their name, they truly are the kings of transparency when it comes to their services in the market. We can say already this company has some of the most impressive websites we have seen in quite some time.

And we are not talking about the design, but the details and information provided.We tested it and our results were good, just what we expected after reading so many good things online about it.

So, if you are interested in this service too you have to stick to the end of this KOT4X review to find out more about it. Either way, on our website you will find more articles that will be useful for traders with all experience levels. But, most beginners can get a good advantage if they read an honest review about a service they are interested in.

Read until the very end because this KOT4X review is just starting right now!

What´s the KOT4X Software About

The KOT4x Company has always been one of the most preferred ones since it came out. It is a CFD broker that can trade cryptocurrencies too. So this one can be quite an all-in-one solution for traders who have a bigger portfolio. Or even the ones that want to grow it along the way as this business keeps getting bigger and bigger each day.

At the moment, this software has over 250 assets available including cryptocurrency. And the most popular cryptos are here too! So you have many options with your account. But don´t worry if you don´t know what you want to trade yet. As soon as you create your account here, you get a demo account with some money. And you will know already what you need to adjust, change or add before you start trading with your account.

This software has a big inventory that goes beyond what you usually find in the market. There are Fore currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and so many different assets you can use. That´s why using this service can be a huge advantage if you want to trade different things. And, it can be beneficial because that way you can choose the currencies or assets that provide a bigger revenue.

Company Details Overview

This KOT4x review needs all the details we can get! And for instance, we already know it is very transparent, which means we can trust the team behind it. A good sign we can see as soon as logging into the website is how they disclose everything. 

This company is from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is a common location for companies in this business. They came out just a few years ago and have partnered with some other companies in the Forex market. 

The names of the creators do not appear on the website or in any online forums. But, we know this is normal in this industry as most developers choose to remain anonymous online. Either way, we all appreciate it when we can see who are the masterminds behind the services we use. Hopefully, they can update the website with that information very soon!

Regulations and Laws

Despite the KOT4x company offers amazing deals, chances, assets, and opportunities to their clients, their software is still unregulated. There is not much information on the website about this topic. The developers focus on explaining the security you get provided by them. And as for now, all the funds are protected since this company only works with cryptocurrencies as funding.

Also, you read about this topic in detail in the risk disclosure, agreement, and risks. But, no one has ever had a bad experience with this broker. So, you can get started using this broker whenever you want! We can guarantee you will have only wins and satisfaction using it.

Trading Platforms Supported

For this part of the KOT4x review, we are now going to talk about the trading platforms supported, types of accounts available, and the features.

And just like most of the Forex brokers out there, KOT4x uses the Metatrader 4 platform to operate and trade. But, the MT5 is not available at the moment. Maybe in a while, you will be able to get all the trading platforms supported, these people are always updating this software! 

Guess what´s the good side about using the MT4 platform!? You guessed it! It´s being able to use all the trading features it comes with. And these are also highly customizable, so you can make all the changes you need to succeed. Some of the most common ones traders tend to use are fix the lot sizes, change the timeframes, and use a stop-loss. You can also use the trailing-stop, set up the times when you want your broker to trade automatically. Other features like risk-management, money-management, scalping, and hedging are available too!

So just choose the features and settings that make you feel the most comfortable.

Assets and Markets Available

Now, for this section of the KOT4x review, we are disclosing a few things about the assets and markets available with this software. And currently, we said that this company has a very large inventory. We are sure it can fit most traders’ needs and expectations. And it doesn´t even matter if they are beginners in the business or not.

There are more than 250 assets available to trade with. These are divided into 8 major currency pairs, 20 FX crosses, and 13 cryptocurrencies. There are 26 exotic Forex currency pairs available, 8 indices, 3 basic energy assets, and 4 metals. And lastly, there are more than 20 different stocks from the most famous companies available.

So, you can´t say you didn´t find anything you like! Hands down, this all-in-one trading software has a wide range that anyone can benefit from.

Apart from that, we already spoke about the advantages you get from trading with the MT4 platform.

So, what are you waiting for to start trading with this software?

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

There are quite a few things we have to talk about for this part of the KOT4x review. And as usual, this company makes things clear in the section where they disclose all the things around this topic.

At the moment, the KOT4x business only uses Bitcoin as its only source for funding and withdrawing money from your account. And we know this might be super convenient for some traders. But, for others, this might be quite a turn-off since this currency is pricey. At the end of the day, it depends on what type of trader you are and what you want to accomplish with this broker. 

The good side of using Bitcoin as the main source of funding is you are in full control of your investments. And now you may wonder, how exactly? Well, it´s quite simple and the creators of the software explain the situation as well.

While using crypto you are the one who keeps your money in your e-wallet or your broker account. There are not third-party websites involved or anything like that. And you don´t have to share private information like a bank account, or your credit card information. 

So, if you think about it, it´s a good thing!

Also, there are three different account types that traders from any level can choose from. Choosing between each of those allows you to trade without any limitations. And there are exclusive assets that you can use depending on your level and account type. But, no matter which one you choose, the minimum deposit is only USD 15 in Bitcoin to get started.

KOT4x Mobile Apps Available

As we are getting to the end of this KOT4x review, now we will be disclosing whether this business has an app or not. And sadly, there is not an official app developed by this company just yet. But, you can use the basic MetaTrader 4 app available for mobile. In there, you can link your trading account and do just the same things you use while trading online. So, either way, that is a good choice if you want to trade without having to be sitting the whole day in front of your laptop or pc. 

Currently, the developers don´t say anything about a new app for their software. But we never know! Maybe they are in the works behind the scenes creating one. So we just have to be patient until we can see what´s happening behind the scenes.

KOT4x Accepted Countries

As the KOT4x software is an unregulated service at the moment we are doing this review, many countries can´t use it at the moment. But, don´t forget what we always say, this situation is only temporary. So, before you know it, this broker will be regulated without any limitations across the world.

Some of the non-supported countries are The Bahamas, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, and Panama. Also, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and some other countries from the African continent.

But, as for now, it seems like The USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Norway, Italy, and France are fully available to use this software! 

So that´s great news for all of our international traders who are reading this article right now!

You will see that as soon as this broker gets regulated, everyone from all over the world will be able to trade with it! It´s just a matter of time, so you just have to be patient ans trust the process!

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The creators behind this company are very transparent and you can find everything disclosed on the website.
  • There are no fees for funding your account or withdrawing your money.
  • There are demo accounts that you can get before starting with your account.
  • The minimum required deposit to start is only USD 15 using Bitcoin.
  • As this software uses the MT4 platform to trade, all the settings, features, and tools are highly customizable.


  • The KOT4x software is an unregulated broker at the moment. 
  • The only way for funding or withdrawing your money is by using Bitcoin. 

Customer Support Available

We won´t finish this KOT4x review without talking about the customer support team they provide for their clients. And the basic forms to get in touch with a company are available. There is a live bot on the website to assist you anytime you might need some help. There are also phone numbers, social media accounts, and an e-mail to reach out to yourself. Also, you can get a phone call from them if you need to, just fill out a form you will find on the site. And lastly, you can submit an inquiry with all your information and all the questions that you might have. The developers say they will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

So, after all, we said and tested, we approve the work this company does to get in touch with their clients! And we know there are way too many businesses that don´t have these things. So customer support is very important for a Forex company if they want to succeed.

Conclusions KOT4x Review

This KOT4x review got to the end! We went through all the details about the funding, trading techniques, advantages, laws, and assets supported. So, we pretty much covered all the most important things you need to know to get started with this software. But, as usual, we want to know what are your thoughts about this service in general!

There are no significant drawbacks with the KOT4x broker. And in the future, we know everything will be even better than it is now. So, it is worth it! And if you start using it before everyone does, you will be a step ahead of them in terms of knowledge.

Don´t forget to comment on what do you think about this KOT4x review! And make sure all your friends who are also traders take a look at it!

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