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This week´s article topic on Best Forex Indicator is a Hugosway review. As usual, our team of Forex traders got to use this broker for quite some time before providing this review. That way, we can give you more accurate information about the software itself. Either way, we also like to share the experience of other fellow traders to get different points of view. But, no matter what, remember that we always our real thoughts and opinions.

This Hugos Way review is one of the most exciting articles we have been waiting to do. The reason behind it is because we have been seeing how lately this software has been getting popular. So, this recognition and good results are why we are going ahead with this review.

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What is Hugo´s Way software about?

Hugo´s Way is a true ECN brokerage that has been out in the market since late 2017. It quickly became one of the best choices for new traders and experts in the market. And many people consider it to be a very transparent and safe broker.

This broker has a wide range of different services for their clients. And the assets they offer while trading is good considering there are a few exclusive ones. So, if you decide to trade with this broker you can choose from shares, stocks, metals, currencies, oil, gas, and a few extras. This way, this software allows its clients to quickly and easily expand their trading portfolios without having any issues. And you also don´t need any experience to use this broker. It´s so easy to use you will be seeing positive results within a few weeks after you get started.

Also, we want to point out this software has been having tons of different upgrades and updates throughout the years. This means that it uses some of the latest technology in the market at the moment. And this is great because it means it will always be up to date and you won´t miss out on any features or settings. Another thing to mention is, like many other brokers in the market, this software can be fully customized. So, if you have a bit more experience in this business, you can set up some of the best and most accurate features. Remember that you can better the way you trade while using this broker.
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Hugo´s Way Company Details Overview

Just as we mentioned above in this Hugosway review, this company started back in February 2017. It is based in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And you can find this information in detail by the end of their website. But so far, we couldn´t find the name of the creator behind it. Despite that, all the results and feedback from clients online seem to be very positive. So, keep this in mind during the whole review.

A great thing is, this company is very versatile with its services. As most Forex companies these days, they offer mobile apps, an online version, the MT4 version, and downloadable software for your pc. So, there are no excuses if you are not operating from your account every day. And we believe this versatility is great because it gives the traders the chance of hustling harder from whenever they are.

Lastly, Hugo´s Way allows all its clients to get many different demo accounts. So, you can practice many new strategies, add features, and customize your software to see what works best for you.

Regulations and Laws

As we go on with this Hugosway review, the legal and regulations topic seems to be crucial. At the moment, this software is unregulated. So, it doesn´t have any type of regulation from government or federal entities. But, this software still has a lot of protection from the company itself, and the banks that work with it. And we know you might be wondering already, how is that possible? So, we are going to disclose it to you! Make sure to stay tuned.

All the funds deposited by the traders into their accounts are held in individual bank accounts. Hugo´s Way company has no opportunity to touch your money or use it in any way. And the company also has its account for its funds. This way, all money is held and taken care of separately, which declines any kind of risk. And, despite this broker being non-regulated, professional traders with years in the business recommend it. So, this is how you can tell it is not a scam or unsafe software in any way.

Either way, if you want some further information about this topic, you can checkout the risk disclosure on the website. And there you will also find the details about the clients´ funds and such.
But, at the moment this company is applying for a license to be regulated. So, sooner than later you will see this broker being fully legal in government and federal laws.

Hugo´s Way Trading Platforms Supported

Like many other brokerages in the market, Hugo´s Way operates using the MT4 platform in all its different platforms. This means that you get to trade using the platform you are used to. So there are no complications with that topic or anything about that matter. And don´t forget these people have apps available on the App Store and Google Store for all kinds of phones. There´s also the online version of the system, and software you can download for your laptop. This way, you can access your account without having to log online.

When it comes to the platforms supported, it narrows down to only the MT4 platform at the moment. This has its perks because as traders everyone is familiar with it. So unless you are still getting started, there won´t be any problem whatsoever. But, in the future, we hope this company can expand to the MT5 platform as well!

It´s important to mention already that there are a few different ways you can change and customize the way you use this software. Thankfully, Hugo´s Way allows its clients to set up some features and settings from the MT4 platform. And this helps to better and enhance its performance in the market too! Right now you can choose from stop-loss, money-management, risk-management, trailing-stop, and even take profit. So, have some fun and try as many combinations as you can to see which one works best for you!

Assets and Markets

Into this next part of the Hugosway review, we are moving on to the products, services, and assets in general. This company has a wide range of assets supported, meaning that all traders can expand their portfolios with this broker. So far, this software supports indices, stocks trading, Forex currency trading, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals. A few other ones are oil, gas, commodities, hot stocks, and such. So it depends on what you are interested in trading.

Also, keep in mind that there are over 100 different assets supported to trade with, and many markets as well. Some of these are the same ones as a few other brokers in the market right now. They go from technology, health, education, telecommunications, luxe, and many others of your choice.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

While getting into the most important section of this Hugosway review, we are now going through the fund process. So, while we know this topic can be quite a mess with some companies, this is not the case for this company at all. The process to deposit funds into your account is super easy. The only thing you need to do is create an account, enter all the information required and then verify it. And at the moment, a standard account can be open with just a small deposit of USD 10. But, of course, you can invest as much money as you want or as you need.

Meanwhile, if you want to withdraw your money from your account, you have more options. The fees depend on how much money you want to withdraw and the account to where it´s being transferred to. So far, you can use accounts from PayPal, Payoneer, credit cards, international credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, or even Neteller. Just make sure to choose the one that fits you best and has a smaller fee while withdrawing your money.

Either way, the good side is this company doesn´t charge for inactivity fees, deposit fees, or anything like that. But it does charge a commission fee when you withdraw your money.

Hugo´s Way Mobile Apps

Above on this Hugosway review, we mentioned that this software has mobile and web apps available. And they are all powered by the MT4 platform at the moment. Also, you can use these apps from your phone, iPod, iPad, tablet, or whatever device you own. They are available for both Android and Apple devices and Windows. So just make sure to choose the ones you like the most. This way, you can always keep up with the market while on the go.

And lastly, we want you to know you can do all the things from the online version in the app. So, you could exit traders, update the settings, change the features, change the lot sizes, and such. You can also deposit your money and withdraw it from the app.

Hugo´s Way Accepted Countries

After going through all the smallest details about thus Hugosway review, we are now disclosing the countries supported at the moment. And, despite it being available in many countries all around the world, there are a few ones not supported. These are the United Kingdom, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Panama, and Zimbabwe. Also Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Bahamas, Botswana, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Burma, and Tunisia. Other countries like Cambodia, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, are not supported. And lastly North Korea, Libya, Malta,
Pakistan, Kenya, Lebanon, are part of this list.

But keep in mind that just because they not available right now, doesn´t mean they won´t ever be. This company keeps working hard to get its software available all around the world. So, sooner than later, you will see many more countries supported! Just make sure to keep up with that information.

Hugo´s Way Customer Service

This topic tends to be a deal-breaker for most traders when choosing new software to work with. And, luckily for us this time, we had a good experience while talking to the customer support of this company. So far, these people are great, polite, and respond to all your concerns. Just keep in mind they seem to work during quite odd hours depending on where you are based. And they respond during working hours as well. But besides that, you can trust if you have any issue their team will do anything in their power to help you out.

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • If you want to open an account, you only need to make a small deposit of USD 10.
  • Traders can customize their accounts to their liking and needs.
  • You can expand your trading portfolio by choosing from over 100 different assets.


  • This software is unregulated at the moment.
  • It supports the MT4 platform only.

Summary of Hugo´s Way Review

After going through all the main topics you need, we conclude this long Hugosway review! But, you know we love hearing back from you, so don´t forget to let us know what you think about this software so far. For us, it is a great choice for traders who are still quite new in the market. And it allows you to trade under your terms without having to spend tons of money on it. It also comes with many exclusive assets and a wide range of them to choose from. This way anyone can easily expand and grow their trading portfolios.
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