HankoTrade Review

hankotrade review

Our team at Best Forex Indicator is starting this week with a HankoTrade review! You possibly heard about this broker already because it came out not too long ago. But, ever since, many traders have tested it while getting positive results. 

So, in this article, we will be learning about all the details, even the smallest ones. We will talk about things like the trading strategies used, the funding process, the benefits you get, and such. And as soon as we finish this HankoTrade review, you will know if this one is a good choice for you or not. 

Before we start, remember we have tons of different articles on this website. So, if you are a Forex trader, or you like reading about it, you must take a look around! We know you are more than likely to like many of the robots and services we have reviewed. So make sure to choose the ones that will help you improve your trading experience! 

Let´s get into this HankoTrade review as soon as we can!

What´s the HankoTrade brokerage about? 

HankoTrade is a true ECN broker that supports many assets, instruments, and currencies to trade. It came out in 2019 and has a compendium of various account types that all traders can benefit from. And, as this brokerage is a creation of traders, you will get some features that no other service has. But don´t worry, these people started working towards this broker after they had many years of trading experience.  

This broker is easy to use, so anyone can get an account no matter their experience. Different account types will fit all traders, even beginners, and the most professional ones. And the best part is, you don´t have to invest tons of your money to open an account. The prices are accessible, and you can try using a demo account if you want to get the hang of it first.  

The last thing you need to consider is that this service is an all-in-one broker. So, even if you are just interested in cryptocurrency, stocks, or mainly Forex, you can use it! Hands down, one of the best advantages you get is versatility, as not many brokers online support so many assets. So, this is quite rare, but an amazing deal if you like trading many instruments at once! 

Company Details Overview 

This business has a promising interface, customer service, and its way of trading seems fresh. Their official location and headquarters are in the Republic of Seychelles, Africa. This is the first time we come across a broker that´s based there! So it´s a cool experience because it means all of those countries are supported on the platform.  

The people behind this project started it back in 2019. Back then, it only worked with the basic Forex currencies and a few other assets. But now, it is a fully equipped all-in-one service that is leading the charts. 

Other things to point out as the name of the creators or developers, it´s not available on the website at least. We all know most of them choose to remain in the shadows and allow their services to make all the noise. 

Besides that, we can find all the needed details and information on their website. All of their services are disclosed there, even their career opportunities with the industry. 

Regulations and Laws 

Now for this section of the HankoTrade review, we are going ahead to disclose the information about tits regulations and companies involved. And we will find out whether or not this broker is regulated. 

So far, there is no information disclosed on the website about the regulations involved with this broker. And this subject doesn´t appear on the website either. But, the company itself provides a two-step verification process and general security for your money. 

Online there is not much information either about this topic. But, no one seems to have had any kind of issue. And even their clients state this company is highly trustworthy because all they do is transparent and people can reach out to them. 

We believe these people are working behind the scene to get their brokerage regulated as soon as possible. Let´s remember that most traders rather use a regulated service, so they must be working towards that. It´s only a matter of time, and we will be the firsts ones to let you know when this happens!

hankotrade mt4

HankoTrade Trading Platforms Supported 

As for now in this HankoTrade review, we are going ahead to learn what platform this brokerage uses! And this includes the third-party websites supported, the direct trading platforms, and the apps available if any. 

So, as we can see as soon as we create our account on this broker is that you get the MetaTrader 4 platform as the default. But, as we all know already, you can change and customize everything to your needs. So this is the last thing we have to worry about. Also, you get this platform available in all its presentations. You can use it on your phone as an app, on the web using the online version, and as a desktop app. So you don´t have valid excuses to not use it all the time! 

Apart from that, this company offers different trading platforms that can be personalized depending on one’s goal. And you can use it by yourself or along with a trading team! Just keep in mind all of their services allow features, add-ons, and all the things you need to customize them. So, you could use scalping, hedging, money-management, stop-loss, and so much more with your account. It´s up to you and what you want! 

The other platforms that you can find and use through partnerships are called White Label, and a fund manager called PAMM/MAM.  

Besides that, there are other account types you can find on the website, each of them has different goals and price ranges. 

STP Account 

  • Minimum deposit: USD 10. 
  • Zero commissions. 
  • Base currencies available: EUR, USD, CAD. 
  • Supports hedging and scalping. 

ECN Account 

  • Minimum deposit: USD 100. 
  • Commission: USD 4 per USD 100k. 
  • Base currencies available: USD, EUR, CAD. 
  • Supports expert advisors and all trading strategies. 

ECN Plus Account 

  • Minimum deposit: USD 1000.
  • Base currencies: EUR, USD, CAD.
  • Commission: USD 1 per USD 100k traded already.
  • Allows all market features.

Assets and Markets Supported 

After seeing all the platforms available and the accounts you can get, the only last thing left to do is talk about the assets and markets. And we might have some good news for you regarding this topic!  

After reading on the website and many online forums, we found this company can trade with international markets! So, if you are one of those traders who like the Asian or European markets, then this is a great offer for you! Just keep in mind that in most cases you can only access these elite markets based on the trading account you get.  

Now, talking about the assets, this all-in-one brokerage can trade with exclusive stocks, commodities, metals, oil, gas. And it supports the Forex currencies that we all know by now and cryptocurrencies.  

Pretty much, you get around 100 assets to trade with including the exclusive currencies.  

So, there are many things you can achieve with your account! 

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Now, diving into this part of the HankoTrade review, you must know some things. To fund your account you can only use some cryptocurrencies. After doing so, the money changes into the currency you choose to get your investments with. 

And for the withdrawing process, it´s almost the same situation. You have to fill in a request to get your money processing. But, you can only get it in crypto as well. So it´s up to you to sell it when you feel like the time is right. 

We know some traders aren´t big fans of the idea of using cryptocurrency and the only way to get their funds. But, let´s remember that this currency is the future and now more than ever it´s gaining popularity. And think about it, the best part of using cryptocurrency is that you are in full control of how much money you want to take out from your earnings. 

Mobile Apps Supported 

When we spoke about all the supported trading platforms, we briefly talked about the app you can use. So, pretty much you can get the MetaTrader 4 app for your Android or Apple phone for free. You just need to download it and synchronize it with your trading account on HankoTrade. And it´s super easy to get started with it. Pretty much is the same thing as using the web or desktop version of the MT4 platform. So you just have to customize it and start using it right away! You can always add things like expert advisors, indicators, use auto trading if possible, change the leverage, and more! You get no limitations with the app, just like the online platform. So you can easily trade-in real-time whenever you are! 

HankoTrade Accepted Countries 

As we are moving on towards this topic in this HankoTrade review, we have to mention a few things. As this broker doesn´t have regulations currently, you might face some limitations while using it. But, there is no information about this topic on the website. The developers say their brokerage is available to use everywhere in the world despite this issue. But, in the United Kingdom, you won´t be able to trade using cryptocurrency as their laws don´t make it possible. Besides that, it seems like this one might be one of the few brokers that anyone can use! 

Also, these people allow Islamic countries to use their brokerage. If you take a look at the account types you can get, there is one available for those traders who live in such countries. But, of course, those accounts have more limitations than a normal one. Either way, you can trade most of the currencies and assets available with this broker. 

Customer Support Available 

These people at HankoTrade offer great customer support that anyone can rely on. Just like in most websites, you have to fill out a form to get a response from them. But, you could also send them an email with your questions! They will reply to you in a matter of a few hours. Also, in some cases, you can get a call back from them if needed. 

After doing some research online reading testimonials, we found out the customer support team is very kind to all clients. And most traders said this is quite rare since on some occasions it´s the opposite situation. 

Benefits and Drawbacks 


  • There are demo accounts you can get as soon as you create your account. 
  • The HankoTrade broker provides many account types that you can get depending on what you are looking for. 
  • This broker has no limitations with what you can do or trade. 
  • International markets are available. 


  • At the moment, the HankoTrade broker is not regulated by any Forex entity for similar. 

Conclusions HankoTrade Review 

This HankoTrade review has everything you need to know to start working already with this broker! We believe this one is a great opportunity for traders from across the world since it has almost no restrictions internationally. Also, if your country has some sort of restriction somehow, you can always get an Islamic account! Or just don´t trade using cryptocurrency, which tends to be the reason why it doesn’t operate in some places. 

For our team, and after talking to many traders, we think this broker could be a good fit for traders of all kinds. And it´s even better if you are starting in this industry because you can try almost everything as it is an all-in-one service. Make sure you read all the information you need before starting and that´s it!  

What do you think about this HankoTrade review yet? Do you think it can be a good fit for you now? Or maybe in the future? 

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