Grid Trend Multiplier Review

grid trend multiplier review

Today on the Best Forex Indicator website, we are doing a new Grid Trend Multiplier review, a highly requested robot these days. So we are going to find out what makes this software so special and popular nowadays. This system came out over 5 years ago already but got to be on-demand again this year after a lot of people decided to try Forex trading. So, as always stick to the very end of this Grid Trend Strategy review to see what it has to offer and check if it´s worth the hype. But, if you want to see more options, take a loot around this website. We have hundreds of different reviews about signal indicators, robots, and much more!

What´s the Grid Trend Multiplier?

The Grid Trend Multiplier is the most popular EA ever created by the Expert4x company. It was made for traders of all levels in the industry. So, no matter what, even if you are highly experienced you will still get advantages using it. This software came out over 5 years ago already on the market. But it is still going strong even by the end of 2020. And you might be wondering how is that possible if some EAs don´t even make it past one year. Well, the Grid Trend Multiplier has had lots of different upgrades and new features and settings added over the years. This is how its algorithm is still competitive enough to gain hundreds of differents trades every day.

Also, this robot can be what some people call an all-in-one EA because it can work as an expert advisor or a training system. Because when you purchase this robot you get a free training guide, videos, webinars, and a demo account. So, this way you can easily learn and make big profits from the beginning using this system.
So, we can start this Grid Trend Multiplier review now!

People who work behind the Grid Trend Multiplier

Our team found all the details you need about the people who work behind this software to give you the best Grid Trend Multiplier review. So, you must remember the Expert4x website, right? This robot is one of the many successful EAs they have on the page at the moment. The creator of this company is a famous trader called Alex Du Plooy and he has created hundreds of expert advisors for the last decade. And his company is very transparent with their products and information provided online. On the official website, we can find all of their social media, and email, and the locations of their headquarters.

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of how the Multiplier Effect works:

grid trend multiplier

Grid Trend Multiplier main Features and Settings

  • Fully automated algorithm. But it can work on manual if you want it to.
  • It uses many different strategies per trade. And some of those are hedging and a grid.
  • It can trade on any market condition and volatility level.
  • This software can get up to 20 right and profitable trades every day.
  • It trades on the EURUSD currency pair and the major pairs as well.
  • There are many versions of this robot available. So you can choose if you want it to trade for the MT4 or MT5 platforms.
  • It supports all size accounts.

Grid Trend Multiplier Trading Strategy and Performance

The Grid Trend Multiplier has a very precise algorithm while trading, this allows it to enter highly profitable trades. The main strategies it uses are a hedging approach that allows it to get profit in all market conditions. It can trade fully automated, or you can change it to manual if you want to give it a try yourself using your knowledge. So far, these are just some of the different things you can easily achieve using this tool. Make sure to keep up with this Grid Trend Multiplier review if you want to know the rest about this robot´s performance!

Another amazing thing about this software is how easy you can customize it to your liking. You can choose the hours of the day you want it to trade, and choose pairs and timeframes as well. And, the multiplier effect feature it uses will make sure you always cash in profits. At the moment, you can easily get around 50 to 300 pips per day using this EA with its default settings. Also, it supports al size accounts, all the major currency pairs, and you can add all the features you need. So, it can use things like stop-loss, trailing-stop, and even take-profit while trading.

Pricing and Packages

By this part of the Grid Trend Multiplier review, you must be eager to purchase this robot as soon as you can. So, we are going to disclose all the things, bonuses, and packages that you can choose from on the official website. Also, there are many special discounts and offers for traders who are members of the community already. And, at the moment, there´s only one offer up.
This package comes with:

  • 2 live accounts.
  • Free training guides, webinars, videos, and access to private forums.
  • Six module PDF training with secrets and tips.
  • Demo account available.
  • MT4 and MT5 versions of the Grid Trend Multiplier.
  • Price: USD 280

And, the payment methods available currently are international credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Also, if you pay using Bitcoin, you get 25% off your purchase!

Pros & Cons


  • You get free training guides when you purchase this software.
  • There are demo accounts available.
  • You can use this software on both the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Conclusions Grid Trend Multiplier Review

We already saw all the advantages, performance, the people who work behind this software, and more! So, in our team, we believe this robot can be a very good choice for investment for traders of all levels. It seems to be performing with a good profit margin and will most likely continue to do so. But, make sure to try it yourself to see if it works for you as well. The backtests, verified results, and chart screenshots are incredible, and we hope all traders get the same results as well.
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