FX Choice Review

fx choice review

On this occasion for Best Forex Indicator, we have a different article. This time, we are doing an FX Choice review! And we are excited to get into this review as there are many things to say! So get ready for a different type of article this time! As we disclose all the things you can get from this website, you will see if it´s a good fit for you or not. But, if you are a trader already then you must know a few things about FX Charger. Either way, you can always learn a few things after reading this article! So even if you have used this platform before, this will be helpful for you.

But, if you are a new trader looking for information about the most popular Forex websites, then you came to the right place! Also, don´t forget to take a look around our website because we are always uploading new useful articles! So, you are more than likely to find something that you might be interested in buying. It could be an automated expert advisor, an indicator, or even a brokerage. So make sure you are not missing out!

Let´s start this FX Choice review and don´t forget to stay here until the end to see if you like this service! 

What´s the FX Choice brokerage about?

As soon as you log in on the FX Choice official website, you can find all about the products they have online. So far, this company is known for being one of the few with the most clients in the market at the moment. And the best part is this service meets the standards of most traders in the market! This one is a really good choice for traders who have more experience and understanding of this business. But, that doesn´t mean it´s targeted towards them. You can trade and learn many new things while using this brokerage, even if you are a beginner. So, remember, it´s never too late to start!

FX Choice is a brokerage that offers an amazing interface, platform, great trading environment while using global markets, and many advantages. So, if you choose to trade with this company, you are getting a top-tier experience. And you also get rapid market execution, all the features you need to succeed. 

The large asset inventory you get with this broker goes from CDF, commodities, metals, all Forex currencies, exclusive stocks, and gas. Also, oil, exclusive Forex currencies, the best cryptocurrencies, and international markets are available.

Company Details Overview

This FX Choice review needs a whole summary of the people involved in this project. So, let´s see in detail what this company is about. This business’s main offices are based in Belize, Europe, And they provide their addresses and contact numbers just in case you might need them. Or, you can go to their offices to ask for personal advice. So there are plenty of ways you can reach these people!

Also, this company has been awarded by many Forex businesses for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy brokers with great customer support. You can see all of their achievements on the website if you need to, there are plenty already. And, there´s a section where you can read all their client´s comments and experience with the broker. So if you are interested in using this service, we recommend you read that beforehand just so you know what to expect.

Regulations and Laws

Now, it´s time to talk about the regulations, if any, and the laws that you must keep in mind before using this broker. Along with this FX Choice review, we have highlighted how good this service is because it´s very versatile for almost everyone. But now, it´s time to talk about the topics that all traders care the most about, and it´s the regulations! And as this article is full of good news, this brokerage is fully regulated by the International Financial Services Commission. And, since it is located in Belize, this international entity has a regulation by the Ministry of Belize Securities and International Financial Services Commission. So, you get a total of two different companies securing your money, both nationally where the company is, and internationally. It can´t get any better than this! 

After this investigation, we also found no one of their clients has had any kind of issue with this broker. And there are no limitations in all countries where these types of businesses are supported. So you should be all good and set if you want to get started as soon as you can with FX Choice!

FX Choice is known for being a multi-asset global trading company that provides its clients with the best service they can get. Since the company was founded in 2008, these people have managed to get over 10,000 traders across the world. And, their brokerage service is used in multiple platforms, even for expert advisors and basic trading. So, this one is a company that is not playing around! They offer the best in the market and it shows!

Assets and Markets Supported

This broker supports more than your average trading brokerage that anyone can get. So, if you choose to trade with this one, you have to keep in mind that everything is exclusive and innovative. But, this doesn´t mean you must invest a ton of money to get started or anything like that, it´s more like the opposite. Anyway, we will talk about this soon enough. Meanwhile, we want to focus on the assets and markets supported at the moment by this broker. And a good side note is there are global markets available, and this includes exclusive cryptocurrency, stocks, Forex, and more. So it´s up to you to decide what do you want to accomplish with your account in the short to long-term.

So, diving into the assets that you can trade with your account, you get an inventory of over 120 main currencies. But, this list doesn´t include the exclusive currencies you get while using global markets or anything like that. So in total, you get around 200 assets with the best cryptos included. How amazing is that? Not many brokerages at the moment offer this kind of offer!

FX Choice Trading Platforms Supported

Now, to get into more depth into this FX Choice review, we have to tell you all the endless possibilities you get while trading. This incredible interface supports all the trading platforms that exist right now! What!? Yes, you heard it. This broker supports both the MT4 and MT5 platforms to the maximum level, and of course, you can use your phone through mobile apps to trade with it.

Also, while trading you can customize your account and server as much as you need to. You can use some features you already know about like scalping, trend-following and similar. But, this time this platform doesn´t support hedging as a trading strategy. Besides that, you can get all of your desired add-ons, features, settings, and everything you need set up on your account pretty quickly. And remember t the FX Choice company also offers services with expert advisors and more Forex software. So miss out on the chance to improve your account to the next level while you can! 

Also, the process to get started with your account is very easy, you can use many websites to fund your account. The minimum deposit to get a basic account is only USD 10, so it´s very affordable for anyone who is starting in this business.

And you can add an expert advisor of your choice to your broker, indicator, or similar.

 Mobile Apps Available

Above on this FX Choice review, we spoke about the platforms where you can get this broker. And, as we said, you can get the MetaTrader app on your phone to trade on the go if you want to. So, this app is available for people who own an Android or iOS phone, it doesn´t matter. Just make sure the device where you want to use it is upgraded to make sure the app will run correctly. So far, the trading app is beneficial because it allows you to check up on your account whenever you are. It doesn´t need you to be sitting on your computer all day every single day. So it´s a must for any successful trader to get the app!

And don´t forget you can change the trading app as much as you need as well! So you can easily make it look like the online version of the broker and get the same features.

FX Choice Supported Countries

As we have said many useful things to know before using this broker, now we have to talk about the countries supported! And to be fair, we found that pretty much all continents can use this brokerage to the maximum. But, there are a few countries where this type of business is still quite an issue and you might face some restrictions while using it. Either way, these types of situations often change, because of laws and the economic update. So, if your country is not currently supported, just give it quite a few months or years. You never know when you will get the good news!

The list of non-available countries is very short, thankfully. These places are the USA, Canada, Iraq, Belize, Spain, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Italy, and North Korea. But, remember what we said above! It might be just a matter of time until these places are supported.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Now that we have to give you an insight into the most important part of this FX Choice review, we will disclose the deposit and withdrawal process. And just like the rest of the processes with this company, it´s easy to transfer funds to your account. You get 9 different websites and options to put money into your account. So, these are bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, international credit cards like Visa or MasterCard, Bitcoin, FasaPay, AstroPay, and Perfect Money. But, as with many other services in this business, you may have to pay a small fee while funding your account or withdrawing your money. Although is very small compared to all the money you will be making while using this broker.

To withdraw your funds you can choose where you want them to be transferred, and in what currency or cryptocurrency. Or, you could leave your money in your account just in case you want to invest it all at once! It´s your choice what to do with your money.

Also, one big advantage you get while using FX Choice is, before starting to use your account, you can get a demo account with real money. This will allow you to see what works best with this brokerage and you will know already what strategy to use.

Customer Support Available

On the FX Choice website, you can easily find that these people have been awarded in the past for having an amazing team working behind the scenes. And of course, this includes the customer support team! Many of the testimonials you can find on their page are about people being thankful for receiving guidance and help with their issues. Just make sure to be as clear as possible if you decide to send them an email or fill a form. And remember you can also call them or go directly into their offices if you live near them or similar.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • FX Choice has verified results from MyFXBook and MyFXBlue.
  • There are millions of people around the world who use this website and its services to trade with.


  • This broker doesn´t support hedging as a trading strategy.

Summary FX Choice Review

After everything we have spoken about in this FX Choice review, we came to the very end of the article! From start to finish we got tons of useful information about the broker and the company itself. So, you must be ready to judge by yourself if you think this broker can be a good fit for you or not! Make sure to choose wisely and do your research as well!

Don´t forget to share this review with someone who might need it, and leave us your feedback too!

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