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Welcome to Our Best Forex Indicator Website. Today we have got an interesting topic that is FTMO EA. The FTMO initiative is on the lookout for successful traders. They devised a two-step evaluation process to see if a trader had all of the traits they want. The FTMO Challenge and the Verification are the two steps. The training is particularly designed to identify trading talent. Our instructional apps, account analysis, and performance psychologist are here to help our traders navigate the hard route of trading. Traders who complete the program successfully are offered a position with the FTMO Proprietary Trading business, where they can manage up to $300,000 USD remotely and expand the account according to their Scaling Plan. As an FTMO Trader, you are entitled to retain 70% of the earnings you make.

How to Start?

You must pay a fee before beginning the FTMO challenge. The FTMO Challenge price includes everything, including the Verification. There aren’t any recurring charges with them. Furthermore, your cost will be returned to you when you withdraw your first profit from the FTMO Account.

To make sure you know what you’re up against, FTMO also allows you to accept a trial challenge.

They will provide you a Free Trial when you sign up, where you may trade as if you were in the real Challenge, and it is absolutely free. You will be able to try our Trading Applications as well as obtain a reduced analysis version of your performance during the Free Trial. Please keep in mind that your performance in the Free Trial will not qualify you for any financing.

You receive access to the Client Area after registering, and then you may apply for a challenge. You must select one of the following currencies as the account’s base currency: EUR, USD, CZK, or GBP.


The Traders using FTMO can face two options’ Normal’ or ‘Aggressive.’

Normal risk

This option provides for a maximum loss of 10% while also setting a profit objective of 10% and forcing traders to maintain a maximum loss of 5% on any given day.

Aggressive risk

This option provides for a maximum loss of 20% while also setting a profit objective of 20% and forcing traders to maintain a maximum loss of 10% on any given day. Even while aggressive risk choices raise the profit objective, it may still be a preferable alternative for high-frequency traders, basket traders, and traders with too aggressive trading algorithms that need more ‘breathing room’ for their transactions.

Initial Capital

The initial investment might range from $10,000 to $100,000. Bigger capital necessitates a higher participation payment, as well as the ability to choose. The aggressive risk will set a limit of $50,000 for the trader.

Trading Platform

Here you may select your favorite trading platform (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or cTrader).

Two Steps of FTMO

They need to make sure you can trade responsibly and manage risk before they let you handle money; therefore they have a two-step review procedure with objectives/rules for each step/challenge. Their difficulties follow logical guidelines. These guidelines are known as Trading Objectives. You demonstrate that you are a diligent and experienced trader by fulfilling the Trading Objectives. You have complete control over your trading style.

  • Step One: The FTMO Challenge
  • Step Two:  Verification process

Benefits of FTMO

We are highly familiar with the terrain and the commerce business. We spent time and effort customizing and optimizing the finest funding process circumstances for our clients. Their primary goal is to ensure that their traders have the best possible possibility of succeeding. Simply put, they are profitable if their traders are lucrative. It makes sense for them to help their traders by allowing them to trade without limits or constraints and by offering them the finest account conditions and leverage available.

Most popular trading platforms

FTMO platform with a broad range of assets, minimal fees, and super-raw spreads across the board.

There are no restrictions on trading style!

You can trade your own trading strategy with no limitations or limits. EAs, hedging, and discretionary trading are all options.

Several platforms to trade on

They provide the greatest trading solution for all of our clients in the form of MT4, MT5, and cTrader accounts that are driven by data feed straight from our prime liquidity suppliers. They do their best to replicate real-world market circumstances by offering super-raw spreads, minimal commissions, and no markup on all demo trading accounts with virtual funds.

One-time fee only

There are no recurring fees, membership fees, or other hidden costs. Furthermore, when you withdraw your first profit, the cost is instantly reimbursed to you.

Account Examination

A complete analysis of your trading account with constructive criticism from the FTMO business.

Which instruments to trade and what strategies are allowed to use?

You have total control over your trading style. They have no justification for restricting or limiting your trading approach, whether it’s discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading, EAs, or anything else. As long as you’re trading legally. They don’t even set any restrictions on the instruments or position sizes that you can trade. You can trade all of the instruments and assets that your trading platform offers (Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto,). They provide you with total autonomy.

Do need to close positions overnight

You are not required to do so in the FTMO Challenge or Verification. You can leave your positions open overnight and throughout the weekend during these stages.

We do need you to liquidate your positions shortly before the markets close for the weekend or if the rollover (market break) is greater than 2 hours after you become an FTMO Trader and manage the FTMO Account or FTMO Account Aggressive. FTMO Traders with the FTMO Account or the FTMO Account Aggressive must adhere to market timings. Each asset class and its associated instruments may have its own set of trading hours that must be followed.

You may go to our Symbols site or directly to your MetaTrader software to see the tradeable hours of any particular item. When you launch Market Watch (Ctrl+M), right-click on the instrument of interest and choose ‘Specification’ from the drop-down menu. Scroll down in the dialogue box to find the subject instrument’s “Trade” hours. Open Markets in the cTrader platform by right-clicking on the instrument of interest and selecting ‘Market Symbol.’ In the same dialogue box, the trading hours will be presented.

Some cryptocurrencies can be exchanged during particular hours on weekends if you trade them.

FTMO Traders with the account type FTMO Account Swing are also exempt from the aforementioned limitations. The FTMO Account Swing, unlike the FTMO Account or FTMO Account Aggressive, has no limits on news trading or holding trades over the weekend.

Who can join FTMO?

FTMO accepts traders who are at least 18 years old from all around the world. They only care if you know how to trade profitably and with adequate risk management. There are no further requirements.

Why Should Join FTMO?

It is tough to trade. As a trader, you’ll encounter a variety of issues, including:

  • Undercapitalization of your account
  • Fear of losing your own money
  • Psychological pressures
  • Lack of discipline
  • Growth restrictions
  • Insufficient assistance from others It’s tough to make a livelihood as a trader.

You can manage the FTMO Account with an initial balance of up to $400,000 with the FTMO Prop Trading company.

If you make money on the FTMO Account, our proprietary trading business will keep 30% of your earnings as a profit split, and you will receive 70% of your profits. However, it should be noted that this is the best-case scenario, and traders may have periods in which they do not make any money. Trading is a dangerous industry in general.

Another advantage of trading for FTMO is that you will not be liable for any losses. In the event that something goes wrong, our Proprietary Trading company will reimburse all losses on the FTMO Account. You don’t have to be afraid of losing if you have nothing to lose.

FTMO EA Trading

Prop Firm EA: FTMO EA

The Prop Firm EA is a new forex robot that has a low drawdown of only 4.20 percent and monthly returns of 10% to 20%. Financial institutions such as FTMO and others have partnered with Prop Firm EA. As a result, this robot is suitable for FTMO EA.

Financing company tests are used to see if you can regularly trade with a profit margin while keeping your drawdown low. Following the challenge, you’ll usually be given an account with a $200,000 funding gap, and your earnings will be shared 50/50 between the company and the individual.

Our Prop Firm EA was able to fulfill the financial businesses’ criteria while passing the obstacle, according to the company, following a few months of testing.

Features of FTMO EA:

Here are the features of Prop Firm EA which is also an FTMO EA:

  • Get a $200,000 financed trading account • Works for both personal and funding business accounts
  • News Filter – To avoid trading on major market event days
  • Smart internal indicators to analyse the market before placing a trade
  • Fully Automatic – 5 minute setup and the rest is done
  • Works on 25 trading pairs
  • Low drawdown below 5%
  • 100% Non-Martingale

Trading Strategies Used by this FTMO EA

A grid, internal smart indicator signals, a news filter, and a reverse trading strategy are all included in this FTMO EA trading system. This EA changes to the aggressive mode when faced with a challenge and comes with four preset files; personal accounts have a low drawdown; personal accounts in aggressive mode have a low drawdown.

Traders can trade in increments of two thousand dollars, five thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, and so forth. USD accounts Your fund’s lot size must be specified explicitly: each 2000 USD fund has a 0.01 lot size. 1. The 10k lot size is 0.05 2, whereas the 50k lot size is 0.25 3. The lot size of a $100,000 home, for example, is 0.5, and so on.

To avoid open trade over the weekend, the EA for finance businesses will stop trades on Friday. FTMO EA gives a step-by-step user guide and video to help its traders.

The team behind this FTMO EA

This completely autonomous FTMO EA was launched by My Ea Academy of SINRY ADVICE WORLDWIDE, a well-known trading educational technology business that strives to offer customers all over the world the most up-to-date trading experience. Customer assistance is accessible Monday through Friday. Customers can get solutions to their questions by contacting the company.

Since its beginning in the year 2020, Sinry Advice has collected a significant number of currency units. Their real names, as well as the identities of the company’s stockholders, are unknown.

Prices and Packages available for this FTMO EA

There are currently two packages available, each with its own set of costs:

1-Year License Key

  • 14 days Money Back Policy Available
  • Prize: 588 USD

6-Months License Key

  • 14 days’ money Back Policy Available
  • Prize: 388 USD

Customer Feedback on This FTMO EA

Customer reviews or feedback is very important while making a decision that product is worth it or not, so My ea Academy has a lot of testimonials on the official website. They’re all happy, as one might expect. Customers think the robot is pleasant, and the amenities at My ea Academy are outstanding.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on such consumer feedback. To promote a product, a company will pay people to post good evaluations. Moreover, even honest evaluations may be utilized selectively to entice visitors to visit the website. As a result, we can no longer rely on customer input.

We can conclude after going over every aspect that this EA includes a boatload of unique and original features, such as numerous money transactions, sophisticated news filters, a diversity of methods, verifiable outcomes, and a passed FTMO challenge. This EA is questioned because of its high initial cost and the fact that it was given by a brand new firm.

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