Forex Trend Detector Review

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This post is about Forex Trend Detector Review. It is a reasonably new Forex robot built by FXAutomater, one of the EA industry pioneers. For creating several top-performing EAs, including Forex GOLD Investor, Volatility Factor 2.0, Forex COMBO System, and more, the folks at FXAutomater are well known. Forex Trend Detector Review from the Best Forex Indicator tells us that it is an automated trading robot that automates the transactions. Although it trades strongly, it does not use any unconventional or unorthodox trading methods, instead of concentrating on plays close to what traders do with “smart money. So today you can find out if we will add the Forex Trend Detector to our Best EA Forex list or not.

How does the Forex Trend Detector Work?

The Forex Trend Detector Review says that it is a fully automated device that takes care of your job as a trader. This EA will automatically begin to make trades for you once it’s set up on your machine, and you’ve configured it to your liking. This EA focuses on the technique of volatility breakout and adds to that a sophisticated drawdown compensation algorithm so that you can exit your trades while minimizing losses.

Forex Trend Detector Offers a Money-Back Guarantee

According to Forex Trade Detector Review, the people at FXAutomater are supremely confident in their program, and they deliver a 60-day money-back guarantee. The company invites you to buy the program, start trading, and analyze the outcomes. You can return the program within 60 days for a full warranty if you notice that the product is not up to your expectations, or you are not making the sort of gains you wished for.

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What Separates the Forex Trend Detector from its Peers?

When assessing various EAs, one of the most critical questions you need to ask yourself is, “what separates this one from the competition?” “It’s more challenging than ever to decide the right choices for so many EAs on the market now, and there are so many copycats on the market.

The Forex Trend Detector Review is similar to other Forex robots, but the technique used to make trades distinguishes it from many competitors. Trend Detector uses logic and plays in major financial firms close to that of highly popular brokers. From there, their advanced algorithm of drawdown reduction helps you to optimize your gains at the exact right time by exiting trades.

Top Features

  • It follows “Smart Money.”
  • Very accurate entries on the sector
  • Quite a high-risk ratio reward to
  • Tight avoid levels of failure.
  • Not a slippage and based spread
  • Works with every Broker MT4 / MT5
  • Extremely useful control of the capital
  • Drawdown for the last generation compensating algorithm
  • System of Visual Risk Indication
  • Systems of high spread and high slippage security
  • State-of-the-art scheme of benefit security
  • The logic for dynamic trading
  • There’s no need to optimize
  • Method of Sophisticated Time Management
  • Per trade in pips, the high average benefit
  • 100 percent Long-term gains assured

Using the software

You deposit funds with your favorite Forex broker when you have purchased and downloaded the app. You then select the level of risk that you are prepared to allow the program to trade at:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The device has several different parameters that you have power over. And to find your most adequate trading tools, you can run it in demo mode. The Forex Trend Detector Review says that it runs on a platform called MetaTrader 4.

Forex Trend Detector EA Trading Strategy

In this segment of the EA analysis of the Forex Trend Detector Review, we will implement the trading strategy in detail. So, in general, with this EA, there are a lot of customizable features and settings. And you also get three separate trading modes. These are low, medium, and high risk, and each has distinct profit margins as well. Still, with the drawdown, there is nothing to think about. This is because this robot has one of the lowest drawdown percentages.  It’s nothing compared to the gains you get when trading. It also has countless features to protect your earnings from your account, such as money management. And to make sure you’re not going to lose more money than listed, stop-loss as well. In some other reviews they mention that this system is using a supertrend indicator mt4 also.

There is also take-profit, so all your trades end in pure earnings. Are you watching it? In this highly competitive market, this robot has everything you need to succeed. So, as you can see, everything seems to be great about this EA. And the best aspect is the adaptability of the industry and the way that it suits the trend. But, the only drawback we see is that only two major currency pairs are exchanged. EURUSD and GBPUSD are these. As we know, traders with more experience prefer to pick the best forex robots that support many currencies.

But, for us, this illustrates that the approach for these two pairs is perfect. So a lot of money can be made out of just three teams. If you think about it, buying a robot that trades beautifully for only two pairs is much more comfortable, rather than picking one that trades poorly with over twenty pairs.

Product Price

You may think that this EA is priced among the high-end of the competition after taking a closer look at this EA’s performance tests and learning more about the algorithms responsible for its success. That, luckily, isn’t the case. Currently, one of the most affordable EAs on the market is the Forex Trend Tracker. For this robot, the list price is $297, but FXAutomater has fairly frequent promotions that allow you to save a good chunk of change. During promotional times, we’ve seen the app selling for as low as $207.

This is several hundred dollars cheaper than many top-of-the-line EAs and, combined with the given 60-day money-back guarantee, and it’s a software that you can feel secure about spending money on.


  • Dedicated employees for customer support
  • Tutorials, manuals, and tips for members only
  • Low ownership costs
  • Several good feedbacks from real users


  • The high percentage of drawdowns is a little troubling.

Conclusion of Forex Trend Detector Review

This Forex Trend Detector Review concludes that this EA is a proven winner that has increased traders’ success and profitability across the country. Offcourse they are using a trend indicator mt4 inside the EA. It blends a tried-and-true strategy with sophisticated algorithms designed to “follow the money,” making it much easier for to succeed in the dog eat dog conditions of the Forex market for seasoned traders and rookies.

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