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Forex Signal Indicator? A number of people who engage in foreign exchange trading make use of forex signal indicators on an everyday basis to conduct technical analysis of the market. Forex Signal indicator assist traders in taking accurate forex trading decisions that further helps them to earn higher profits.

Irrespective of your trading style i.e. whether you are a scalper, day trader, trend trader or swing trader, you require the help of forex signal indicator to make money. The Forex Signal indicator helps traders to understand whether the currency prices will rise or fall. Put simply, with assistance from forex signal indicators, traders can determine the existing price trends as well as also predict the direction in which the price would go in the near future. In this article learn more about forex signal indicators and how to use them for profitable trading. Also to learn more about forex indicators, .browse our list of the Best Forex Indicators of 2020.

Forex Signals and Technical Indicators

As far as technical indicators are concerned, they are essentially math based calculations that utilize historic forex price action as well as volume for forecasting future currency price movements. In other words, they provide traders with entry as well as exit signals, which they use for entering or exiting from a trade for higher profits. Remember, for successful trading, traders must understand when to close or open a trade. In fact, professional traders who have extensive experience in trading use Forex Signal indicator along with fundamental and technical analysis to close or open their trade positions.

Who is a Forex Signal Provider?

Forex signal providers are essentially firms that suggest possible trade positions for different currency pairs, in exchange for some fee. For traders who have little to no experience in trading, the forex signal providers provide a service wherein they recommend the currency pairs that can be traded, the pricing at which traders can enter a trade and the point wherein the trade can be executed. Thus, forex signal providers use the technical expertise of experience traders or advanced software for automatically assessing the chart patterns. Apart from this, some forex trader use the services of and EA (Expert Advisor) or trading robots to acquire accurate forex signals. You can read more about the best Forex robots on:

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Forex signals Types

As far as forex signals are concerned, they fall into two different categories including:

  1. Technical analysis: This is a highly popular source used by traders for acquiring forex signals. It basically involved spotting of technical indicators that appear on the candlestick chart. Thus, technical analysis revolves around assessing of the historical price as well as historical support & resistance levels.
  2. Fundamental analysis: This type of analysis involves assessing of the underlying economic condition of the countries, through announcements like manufacturing output, inflation data, as well as unemployment figures.

Types of Signal Indicators

There are a number of forex signal technical indicators that traders can use to identify the most appropriate trade entry or exit points. They can be further divided into the following categories:

  • Momentum indicators (such as RSI, CCI, Stochastic, Williams %R)
  • Trend indicators (MACD, Moving Averages, Parabolic SAR)
  • Volatility indicators (ATR, Envelopes, Bollinger Bands)
  • Sentiment indicators or Volume indicators (Chaikin Money Flow, OBV)

Using Forex Signal Indicators

When it comes to using forex signals for trading, traders basically look for areas within the currency price chart wherein the buyers as well as the sellers converge. These are essentially referred to as the support levels, when the price is below the existing market price as well as the resistance levels in case the price is above the existing price. There are many great forex indicators but what are the best MT4 indicators that you can use so you can start earning some money?

However, apart from this, traders also make use of other forex signal indicators such as:

MAs or Moving Averages: They generate trading signals after the short-term MA crosses below or above a long term MA. Thus, when a short-term Moving Average goes above the long-term Moving Average, then a crossover generates the buy signal and vice versa.

DMI: Another forex signal technical indicator used by forex traders is the DMI or Directional Movement Indicator. This is used for assessing whether the price is trending or moving in a specific direction or not. It also helps to analyse the trend’s strength.

Historical Volatility: Historical volatility helps traders to analyse the risks that they may have to face in case they place a trade on the basis of past currency price action. It also provides traders with an idea around the position size that they should be taking based on the risks. Thus, when the historical volatility is high, it signals a higher or greater risk.

Oscillators: Oscillators, on the other hand, are forex signal technical indicators that are used for conducting technical analysis and determining oversold and overbought market conditions. For example, Relative Strength Index or RSI is a highly popular oscillator that helps traders to determine the oversold and overbought conditions. A momentum indicator with ranging from 0-100, it signals the possibility of a trend reversal once it has moved to extreme territory.

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How to Acquire Forex Signals Indicators?

Traders who are looking to acquire forex signal indicators can seek the assistance of forex signal providers who make use of highly advanced software that basically scans the market to identify opportunities for trading. Alternatively, they can consult a firm that specializes in providing forex signals to their clients. Apart from this, there are several online brokerages that provide forex trading signals to their users/members.

Thus, no matter what style of trading you follow, it is important that you choose a Forex Signal indicator provider who provides you with highly profitable trades over a given period of time. Remember, many companies claim that they provide accurate forex signals to traders, but they fail to provide live trading results that have been independently verified with the help of their own trading signals. Also, make sure that you use the services of a forex signal provider who does not provide you with too many signals, but only the most accurate ones. This is because excessive forex signal indicators can leave you confused regarding your trade positions, resulting in losses.

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