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For this new week, we have a new article coming for our blog Best Forex Indicator, and this time is a Binary Destroyer review! If you are a current reader of our website, you already know the way we disclose our articles. But, if that´s not the case, then you just need to know we always mention all the details and secrets no one talks about. So, from start to finish in this review, we are going to highlight all the things you need to know about this software.

Also, if you are curious, make sure to check out the rest of our website. We have done hundreds of different reviews about indicators, expert advisors, and brokerages. So, let´s move on already to this Binary Destroyer review!

What´s The Binary Destroyer?

The Binary destroyer is an indicator that came out to the Forex market in 2015. Since it was officially released, it has had over 7 different versions, just to ensure it´s up to date to compete with the others. Also, each version has a unique feature added, that´s why it has been able to stay relevant even after many years. And the most incredible part is all traders who have used it have mentioned how incredible it is. Even some professional traders state this one might be the best indicator in the market ever. How amazing is that!?

With this software, you don´t have to worry about having to stick to one trading mode or an asset. One of the best things about this indicator is how free you are to choose the way you want to trade with your robot. And you can add all the different features or turn-off some of them. By the end of the day, don´t forget you can easily achieve all you want with this software!

Services Offered

Along with this Binary Destroyer review, you will see this company is not like the rest of the others. They not only stand out for having amazing services but also offer services that not many companies have. So that´s great! At the moment, apart from selling premium indicators and Forex products, this company also works as a learning facility. So, if you want to get started using this website, you will be gaining money and learning at the same time! It´s a win-win situation for everyone.

The Binary Destroyer Features

  • Market adaptability.
  • All signals and updates are done in real-time.
  • The Binary Strategy works on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, as well as Ctrader.
  • It doesn´t repaint while trading.
  • This indicator calculates candlestick patterns to try and calculate the price point.
  • With this indicator, you can choose to trade with stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex currencies, and other assets.
  • Price-action strategy.

Who works behind The Binary Destroyer?

This article about The Binary Destroyer review would be incomplete if we don´t give you an insight into the team that works behind it. On this occasion thankfully the owners are super transparent with who they are and such. So far, you can find all this information disclosed on the website. The creators behind this indicator are the business FX Learning. And the people who worked behind this robot in particular have over 10 years of experience in forex as well.

Despite not being able to find the official names of the developers, they have been working on this indicator since 2015 non-stop. And after seven versions, everyone knows they don´t disappoint!

Another thing to highlight is, this company is based in the United Kingdom, they are regulated, and it´s available in over 30 countries. Also, they provide all their social media and a direct contact email as well. So you can check out their YouTube channel for tutorials, tips, and secrets too! And you can join their group chats on Facebook, read their blog, and follow them on Instagram!

The Binary Destroyer Trading Strategy and Performance

For this part of The Binary Destroyer review, you will find the information strategy and performance-wise. So, in the features, we have already mentioned some of the different things you can add to your account. But at the end of the day, it all depends on what you want to achieve in the long or short term.

This indicator works using different strategies altogether, and they operate in all market conditions with accuracy. These said strategies are called Mogwai, Pullback, and Divergence. And each of them has other strategies integrated as well.

So, now let´s talk in detail about each of them!

  • Mogwai Strategy: this strategy enhances the performance of the indicator, allows it to trade following the market trend, and more! Also, this strategy is the best one in the market for trading binary options and Forex.
  • Pullback Strategy: This one is ideal for the new traders in the market. It allows you to use features like scalping when the price point is getting reversed. So, you make a good profit taking advantage of the market changes.
  • Divergence Strategy: This strategy is all about making the most out of the market´s trend following. So, even before a price goes down, you will be notified!

Packages and Offers Available

Before getting to the end of this Binary Destroyer review, we want to let you know all the different options available for you at the moment. So far, there are many different courses and services you can choose from this company. And in total, there are five different offers that you can take advantage of!

These are:

  • Free Training Course: Beginner level.
  • Beginners to expert level: This offer includes the famous Binary Destroyer.
  • Price: £155
  • Standard Trading Course: This one is the best choice for traders with more knowledge of the market. And it includes The Binary Destroyer as well. This one is ideal if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, and binary options.
  • Price: £105
  • The Institutional Course: This course focuses on providing you an accurate market analysis. And the main focus used is called price action. This offer includes The Binary Destroyer too!
  • Price: £300
  • One on one Webinar: This one is directed towards the most experienced traders in the market. With this service, you will get private mentorship with some of the best and most professional traders.
  • Price: £25 for an hour.

Pros and Cons


  • They are a very transparent company with tons of good feedback from professional traders.
  • There are demo accounts available as soon as you create your account.
  • All features, settings, and assets are fully customizable.
  • The Binary Strategy is a regulated indicator by government entities.

Conclusions The Binary Destroyer Review

This Binary Destroyer review is one of the most requested articles we have had in quite some time. For us, it is one of the best services and software available in the market at the moment. It all just depends on what you are looking for and want to achieve. So, even if you are just getting started, you are going to find both knowledge and a new hustle, all in one!

Don´t forget you get to try all the different strategies, customization, and assets. So this one is an offer you won´t want to miss.

Share your opinion with us and let us know what do you think about this Binary Strategy review!

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