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Best Forex Indicator Ever? We will discuss this topic on our best forex indicator blog.There will be no exaggeration in saying that forex indicators play an important part in daily trading of many forex traders. Both newbie and seasoned traders depend on analysis and tips given by the indicator to plan their next trading move. There are hundreds of trading indicators available for free download on internet. But you need to choose the indicator which suits you the best according to your trading approach and tendency. Keeping all this in mind we have reviewed some of the best forex indicator.

What is forex indicator?

Before we start reviewing some of the most dependable, successful and popular forex indicators for you, let us understand what exactly forex indicators are. Forex indicators can be best explained as mt4 and mt5 based systems which are programmed to analyse the market and trigger trade alerts when conditions set in the market are met. By trade alerts we mean a pop up box which will define the entry price, take profit and stop loss values for the traders. Forex indicators are preferred by most traders as they give direct trading advice to the traders.

Apart from these trade alerts, forex indicators also define the trading patterns in the form of charts, helps you to analyse and understand the market movement and utilize data points such as relative strength index. Such forex indicators are usually used by seasoned traders in order to minimise the human effort of reading and analysing the market movement.

Review of best forex indicators ever!

In the following content we will be reviewing some of the best forex indicator ever based on their price, client feedback, trading performance and trading methodology. Based on their performance in these categories forex trading indicators have been ranked.


There will be no exaggeration in saying that MQL5 is one of the most valuable and extensive resource available for the forex traders. Best part about this forex indicator is the diversity in trading options it offers to the traders. It has plethora of tools and products by which trader can continue to earn profits in forex trading. Each product comes with a client feedback, comments and review.

It will be interesting to note that MQL5 has both paid and unpaid services. Out of 28 products, 8 products are available free for download. Though, quality of unpaid products is inferior to that of the paid services offered by MQL5. Major plus point about MQL5 is that it enables the trader to download the forex indicator without any initial investments or risk.

Though many traders are of the notion that due to availability of plethora of trading options, sometimes it becomes difficult to judge that which option will be best to suit your current trading approach.

PIP Finite Trend Pro!

Another forex indicator in the list of best forex indicator ever is PIP finite trend pro. It will be interesting to note that PIP finite trend pro is sold as one of the products of MQL5 but it still deserves a separate mention in the list mainly due to the fact that it is one of the most popular forex indicators by MQL5. This forex indicator work on strict set of rules and uses support and resistance levels for giving buy and sell signals to the traders. It minimises the human effort of the trader by doing most of the work such as triggering the trade alerts, defining the direction of the trade along with setting stop loss and take profit levels. Best part about this forex indicator is that it also set success rate metric in order to tell the trader about chances of the trade being successful before the order is being actually placed. Unlike MQL5 this forex indicators send trade alerts through sound signals, push notifications and emails.

Forex Gump!

Forex Gump is another forex indicator sold under the umbrella of MQL5. Over the time it has gain lot of popularity because it provides trading strategies to the clients both in the form of indicator and forex robot. It proves quite helpful to the vendor as they are able to offer verified trading results to their clients. Though general trading strategy of Forex Gump is not elaborated in detail by the vendor, the only information we have is that it is based on high frequency trading scalping approach. Forex Gump offers multiple filters to the traders to set the trading indicator as per their convenience and trading approach. Again vendor has not given detailed information about how the traders can modify the filters according to their trading approach and tendencies.

Best part about Forex Gump is that it offers an automated robot to the trader. Over the years experts have found that automated robots can prove to be very helpful for forex trading. It is an important requirement for the traders as they can help the traders to keep up to high frequency trading approach which is otherwise out of human capability making forex gump an all time favorite and one of the best forex indicator ever.

APA Zones!

APA zones secures a place in this list as it is just not a forex indicator, it is also an educational service based on strengthening client’s knowledge and understanding about the forex trading. It is a complete package including training videos, templates, and indicators along with community skype chat to discuss various trading strategies.

Though it is quite difficult to navigate through the website of APA zone and a newbie may get confused about where to start from, but information offered on the website clearly tells that the makers of the forex indicator have fair knowledge about how forex market works. Unlike other forex indicators available in the market, this forex indicator is not limited to buy and sell signals. On the contrary it helps you in consistent analysis of demand and supply in order to create a repeatable trade set up. So what are the Best MT4 Indicators is what you could discover here.

Another good point about the forex indicator is that it offers different trade setups for the traders of different knowledge and trading experience. It has diversified products for newbies, advanced traders and seasoned traders. It is one of the most legitimate forex indicator available on internet making them  one of the best forex indicator ever and a must have forex indicator.

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