TraderPulse Review


Welcome again to the best forex indicator website! Forex trading is one endeavor that many tend to invest in. However, after some time, it becomes daunting because of their result. While for many newbies, trading seems like an escape route, but after using various indicators and tools, their hope fades. Today, indicators serve as a reliable tool for some traders, and this has been a way to analyze the market. And that’s why we are here to do TraderPulse Review.

However, before we go there, it is important to understand that not all traders have the time to analyze the forex market because it is time-consuming. Therefore, to give such traders another opportunity to trade requires a solution. You need not have to take the stress of analyzing the market. TraderPulse provides both signal and analysis services for those who don’t have the time to trade.

In today’s TraderPulse Review, you will learn about everything about the TraderPulse products and platform in general. Furthermore, you will know what benefits traders can get using the platform in their trading career. So let’s see if this one makes our Best Metatrader Indicators page.

TraderPulse Review

TraderPulse is a forex development platform that offers various services such as analysis, signals, and the range band indicator, which one of its renowned products. We will talk about that during its product session. TraderPulse has its headquarter located at Sunset Lake RD Suite B-2, New Castle, DE 19702.

According to information gathered, TraderPulse claims to be a group of traders in the forex industry with several years of trading experience in the industry. However, none of its team of traders is introduced on its website for customers to verify their repetition. In our research, we discovered people are questioning the identity of these traders to ease their mind that the platform is authentic.

TraderPulse Products

The TraderPulse platform offers three distinct services to its customers. These are the trading analysis, trading signals, and the range band indicator. Therefore, to get an idea of what these services entail, we will provide detailed information on each service. Let’s pay some attention to each of the services offered.

traderpulse review

Trading Signals

The trading signal service comes with an application that is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Additionally, if you use Google as your web browser, you can also use the Google Chrome Web App to get access to these signals.

However, the signals come with a premium fee of $57 per month, whereas the free version only provides evidence that the signals do work. What it means is that you only see trading results to show that the service works if you make up your mind to try the free version.

While the features of the premium version of the trading signals include signal notifications, market orders, and live signals on over 15 pairs, stop-loss, and take profit levels. Undoubtedly, trading is a complicated adventure, and the team believes their service will help traders take advantage of the market by using their expert traders to generate better trading signals.

Here is a rundown of its price features.

Free Signal

1. Fee $0
2. Instant executable trades every market day
3. Instant alert on 10 currency pairs

Premium Signal

1. A fee of $57 per month
2. 85% success rate on trading signals
3. Earn 40 to 60 pips in each trade

Pro Signal

1. A 3-months fee of $147
2. High success rate with a better result

Analysis Application

The second product TraderPulse offer is the analysis aspect of trading. The TraderPulse team provides both technical and fundamental trading analysis for traders who don’t have the time or are inexperience in analyzing the market.

The team ensures that each analysis has its own detailed and visual explanation to enable traders to understand the market and become better traders in the future. Similar to the trading signals service, the analysis services comes with different plans and pricing.

The Free plan comes with no charges and a lifetime subscription that has the following features.

1. Daily 2 to 3 trade analysis
2. Only intraday trades
3. Trades on all major and minor pairs
4. 60% average success rate
5. Analysis based on technical only

The premium plan comes with a monthly fee of $39 with upgraded features from the free plan. Here are a few of the features users can enjoy.

1. Daily 3 to 4 trade analysis
2. Trades on intraday, short-term, and long-term
3. Trades on major and minor forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities
4. An average success rate of over 85%
5. 24/7 live chat
6. Trades analysis based on technical and fundamentals

Finally, the Pro plan comes with a monthly fee of $99. The features include:

1. Daily 3 to 4 trade analysis
2. Trades on intraday, short-term, and long-term
3. Trades on major and minor forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities
4. The average success rate of over 85%
5. 24/7 live chat
6. Trades analysis based on technical and fundamentals
7. Unique simple strategies for trading

Range Band Indicator

While the premier service of TraderPulse platform, which is its unique range band indicator. The team claims it is the most popular in the forex industry with the ability to generate accurate trading entry points without repainting. An indicator that doesn’t repaint is one whose value remains constant.

The developers claim that the range band indicator considers over 15 different factors such as volatility range, minimum base range, hourly range, daily range, weekly and monthly range. Besides this, it also shows multiple timeframes, overall trends, and the order status to make it easier for traders to make a decision when trading. While the main features of the range band indicator include:

1. It doesn’t repaint
2. It provides only clean signals and doesn’t blink.
3. It provides entries only at the beginning of a new candle.
4. It uses a histogram to ensure the trend is visible.
5. Compatible with all forex trading pairs and timeframes

The Range band indicator has a one-time fee for traders to purchase at the cost of $289. The team believes that the indicator will help traders to avoid over-trading, knowing when to enter, exit, and develop an ideal trading plan that generates results.

What we like

1. Forex strategy book for traders
2. Multiple services for both new and professional traders
3. Cheap membership subscription
4. Availability of different app on various platforms

What we don’t like

1. No trading results
2. Unregulated in the industry
3. Customer service is only available in English
4. Slow response from its customer service

Conclusion Of Traderpulse Review

TraderPulse is a forex signal and market analysis provider that offers professional services to both traders and investors in the forex industry. While it has promising features, the major drawback is its inability to provide trading results and information about its team members.

Finally, we hope after reading the TraderPulse Review it will help you decide to choose it or not. However, we do believe it is worth giving a shot.

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