The Wave scalper Review

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Welcome to our best forex indicator blog! Here is a fully detailed Wave Scalper Review. In this article,  you will be reading this scalper’s features and some cons of using it. Before buying this fully automated scalper, it is good to read this review so that you can know about all the benefits you will enjoy after purchasing this product. Today you will find out iff we will add the Wave Scalper EA to our Best EA Forex page or not.

You will read the different packages and subscription packages you have to pay for them. So, focus keenly on all the points of this review if you want any help in knowing about the scalper. 

What is a wave scalper?

Wave scalper is an original trading site that entirely operates on the forex market place. The results here are completely genuine, and it’s been over ten years that it shows incredible dealings and results. It also has verified and tested accounts on another website, a third party website. This software is capable of achieving a 100% profit on your investment. 

But are you scare of the amount of investment that you are supposed to make? Is the money worth is too high that you cannot enter in this trading business? So don’t be scare at all. On this software, you can make as small as 100 USD investment. Yes! It is 100% real, and your profit can go high as 700%than your original investment.

Features and details

Here we are going to mention certain essential features mentioned in this wave scalper review. 

  • Type

This product falls in the list of the forex robots category.

  • Price

The pricing of this robot is around $497. But with different subscription plans and features available, the prices vary.

  • Strategy

The strategy used in this robot is the scalping strategy.

  • Timeframe: 

One important feature to discuss is the timeframe. The timeframe of this robot is M15.

  • Pairs: 

Pairs that you will easily find are the GBPUSD and USDJPY.

  • Automation:

The best thing about this product is that it is fully automated. So the usage process is easy and straightforward.

  • Risk feature:

The risk feature using this EA is extremely minimum. Always in trend trading is the thing that contributes to this feature and also usage of no grid.

  • Currency compatibility:

You can enjoy trading on almost all the major currencies.

  • Market adaptability:

This EA has great market adaptability. So you can enjoy using this.


What is the trading strategy used here?

The wave scalper uses an intense strategy not told by a random vendor, but some of the very particular details are shared. This software uses the primary and focusing principles of the Elliot wave theory. According to them, the current fractal wave pattern can circulate the price action. In some reviews they say that this is using some kind off elliot wave indicator mt4. This methodology is pretty much good than the other expert developers in the market. These are some specific details about the Wave Scalper software.

Who are the people that are working behind The Wave Scalper?

Everyone seeks a transparent and quite clear business site where they can go for the best trading options and earn a profit to grow their business well. What about the Wave Scalper? In this Wave Scalper Review, we will tell some more details and assurance of the transparency of this trading software. This isn’t very bulk information about wave scalpers, but it is available on their official sales page.

They show their backtests of the previous ten years and five different accounts tested and cleared by Myfxbook. The whole team working behind this software comprises fully trained advisors, forex traders, coders, and professional developers. These advisors are available for you 24/7 and share all the upgrades to you.

Moreover, the selling company that sells the Wave Scalper is a very famous leap Fx group. Yes! After the name of this renowned group, the Wave Scalper’s clearance and transparency are entirely assured.

Prices and packages available at wave scalpers.

As we are giving a complete Wave Scalper Review and details of the Wave Scalper software, it is essential to tell you about all the packages, prices, and deals available on this trading software. You can select any of it that suits you and your installment. Here go some details about the packages available.

  • One year license.
  • Installation manuals details.
  • Complete access to the Wave Scalper software.
  • Recommendations of expert advisors and developers.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30days of installment.
  • Full support of technicians and experts 24/7 that help you greatly in the trading.
  • It also includes all the updates and upgrades, and they are free for life.

Price/installment: 297 US dollars.


  • Lifetime license.

Here the offer is relatively the same as above. 

  • Complete access to the software.
  • All the recommendations of the advisors and experts.
  • Full support of the team of technicians and expert traders.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days of installment.

Price/installment: 497US dollars.


When you join this fantastic trading software today, you will be able to get instant access to;

  • The settings, services, package details, and the top recommendation of advisors and technicians.
  • All latest updates and upgrades for the lifetime duration.
  • Details of manual installation of the wave scalper software.
  • All the installation assistance and 24/7 technical support.


Here are certain advantages that you will enjoy with this EA.

  • The ten years of backtesting experience before the launch of the product is extremely beneficial.
  • To obtain profit even on small trades, this product’s scalping technology is a great option.
  • You will get a money-back guarantee offer for thirty days after buying this product.
  • You will found various live accounts verified by third party websites.


This Wave Scalper Review also contains some of the disadvantages that many people complain about after using this EA are listed below.

  • The marketing is sometimes proved to be aggressive.
  • Many people feel that the pricing is high and not much affordable.

Summary of the Wave Scalper Review

This Wave Scalper Review will be helpful for you if you want to get a wave scalper. One important thing is to check the different packages and get the one that suits you the most. Other than this, don’t forget to read various review articles so that you can easily decide whether it is a good match for you or not. The trading strategy used in this scalper will be much help and will enable you to generate high income.

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