Stryke Trend Review

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The Stryke trend review presents you with a robot that stands excellent in terms of performance. This robot is meant to trade with the EURUSD pairs. The developers spent around a year to build this great robot. We will be discussing some main features of this robot. You will also know about the trading strategy that we use in this robot and how it helps in better trading using it. To learn about certain disadvantages of using the stryke trend, read the cons section of the review and discover if we will add the Stryke Trend ea to our Best EA forex list or not.

What is the Stryke trend?

The system of online trading is reaching high on the peaks of the sky. And it is gaining much more popularity and fame than any other online business. The Forex Company is introducing another automated trading software. Some third parties and websites are giving information regarding this new software, so it is our kind responsibility and duty to explain all kinds of knowledge about this software to invest your precious time, effort, and money in it and bet fruitful results. Everyone is running short of time these days and wants to get the right information not to face any problem. There have been many trading software in the market; some go well with the traders and their demands, and some are not good enough to stand by. So here is a complete stryke trend review. Although this application software is just launched and it’s new software, no one wants to take the risk with it, but we check this software, and it has the right potential that can satisfy the traders well.

This is a newly launched trading site and is quite a small trading platform, but it has the stamina to grow well in a short period, and it tends to compete with other trading software in the market. The primary strategy used here is ‘’take profit- and stop loss’’. This strategy is very efficient. And help the traders to earn much more than their real installments. It uses mid-scalping in their trading methodology that gives an advantage to traders. This stryke trend review also tells us that in the stryke trend, only one currency pair is used, and that is EURUSD that gives the profit ratio of extended periods.

Stryke trend features:

Here are certain features that the stryke trend review presents to you about this product.

  • The working time frame in this software is almost 1 hour.
  • It can trade only in one currency pair.
  • The primary methodology of trading is mid scalping, which is very appropriate for effective trading.
  • The traders’ installments remain safe when the trend goes opposite because it is an automated forex trading site.
  • The account of yours allows you to go for full-term profits.
  • ‘’Take profit-stop loss’’ is the central principle used by this forex software.
  • According to the market trend and applied terms and conditions, the trades’ variability keeps on changing. Mostly it is 1-5 trades in a week.

Stryke trend trading strategy.

The most important fact about any trading site is that it should have all the characteristics that suit the traders and help them earn more profit. This section of our review will discuss the clearance and transparency of this automated forex software. Let’s reveal the secret behind the success of achieving the trading site.

As we know that this system works on a single currency pair, EURUSD. It enables us to achieve the trading trend in no time and increase the profit ratio. In the code we also discovered that they are using a special supertrend indicator mt4. Another fantastic fact about this software is its one hour trading time frame. It gives the advantage that if the market trend reverses, the trader can leave that trade and move to another trading without losing his money. Moreover, the ‘’take profit and stop loss’’ strategy and ‘’1-5 trades per week’’ gives much flexibility to the trade traders. In this way, their accounts and installments remain safe and secure.

Prices and packages.

We will then review and disclose all the official packages and their prices, offers, and bonuses offered by this robot trading system. The price ranges set by the developers are relatively better, so if you decide to purchase it, then you will get:

The stryke trend forex software.

Normal price: 199 US DOLLARS.

Discounted price: 99 US DOLLARS.

The discounts are for a specific time, as informed on the official website of the trading software. Grab that discounted offer and start trading with the stryke trend. You can read different styrke trend reviews for more guidance and knowledge. The transactions of the installments are very easy, and the methodology decided is for the traders’ convenience. You can use any international transaction method or PayPal for the safe transaction and initiation of a successful journey with stryke trend forex software.


  • The price ranges are very good, and this platform can be a good start for the beginners. The discounts are also offered here.
  • You can get a free robot on the purchase. Behind this professional trading system, there are expert technicians, advisors, and coders.


According to this stryke trend review, there is only one disadvantage faced by the traders on this trading site. There is a lack of information on the official trading site of the stryke trend. It does not have verified results to verify the trading trends and price actions on any other website or software. This is its only drawback.

Summary of Stryke trend review

We will love to appreciate the developers who spent their quality time manufacturing this product. One issue is that it is a new product and we don’t have much information available regarding it. You saw that they are using a trend mt4 indicator which is not always correct. But if you are ready to take the risk by trying out something new and different, you should buy this product. One point to discuss here is that it is not expensive, so anyone can easily afford to buy. People have always linked this product with minimum trading losses and risks. To get a highly developed and recent trading software, do buy this product after reading the stryke trend review. Also keep reading our best forex indicator website for more forex reviews.

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