Can 100% Trading Accuracy Possible Using The Most Accurate Forex Indicator?

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When you heard about forex trading, what came through your mind? Did you have this mindset of making it big? You had this idea that ten pips per day are all you need. Did it work out as planned? For most new traders, the perception to which they began their trading career is based on falsehood and greediness.

At times, it is not their faults because we have brokers that will “sweet talk” them into believing that you can make predict the market 100 perfect. Well, that is a lie because no forex trading system is 100 percent accurate. Even the most precise forex indicators won’t get a fraction of such. If you think this is a lie, as the trader that has blown his or her account countlessly.

However, the good news is that you can get over 75 percent accuracy when trading. Learning how to minimize your losses is essential to succeed in the forex market. The best practice doesn’t have to include the most accurate forex indicator but one that gets executed with purposeful planning.

Accuracy in Forex Trading Signals

There is no 100 percent accurate forex strategy even though we have seen an influx of advertisement opposing it. Today, the forex market is a vast market with various services offered, including trading signals. Notwithstanding, statistics have shown that the accuracy of forex signals is averagely 70%.

Not everyone trades in the forex market; some because of the time factor seek the services of signal providers. These signal providers have the responsibility to generate the right signals. However, accuracy is a huge issue because not all providers are 80% accurate in their signals.

Accuracy isn’t only the signal but also the technology and timeliness of the signals. Assuming you received your trading signal 30 minutes after the main entry point, this will distort your actual performance.

Becoming an Accurate Forex Trader

Trading requires some level of accuracy, and traders must build their psychology behind this. The psychology of a trader plays a vital role because it relates to their analysis of the market and what trade they take. Irrespective of the use of the most accurate forex indicator, without having the right mindset, you will end up on the losing side. However, a precise trader is that that put dedication to what he does and see trading as long-term.

Being an accurate trader speaks volume of your ability to be precise and thoroughly collect relevant data while analyzing them to generate better trades. Therefore, to be an accurate trader, you must have the best performance. This is possible only if you have a trading plan that is result proven.

The most accurate forex indicator still requires someone to use them the right way. However, the strength of a precise trader lies in their ability to take appropriate action based on the situation they face. For instance, technical, fundamentals or any complexity in the market shouldn’t be a problem if you understand the basis of the market.

In as much as the market isn’t straightforward and behaves unexpectedly, your ability as a professional trader is priceless. The best professional traders know what to do in every stage of the market. If you want to be very accurate in your trading then you must always use a premium indicator like for example the Xmaster Formula MT4 indicator.

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Steps to get better trades

There are simple things any trader can follow or do and get an optimal result when trading. Trading shouldn’t be complicated if you do it rightly. Here are a few things to help improve your trading skills.

Easy does the job

A fly that eats peaches on anything he sees will one day follow a corpse to the grave. The same is true for traders; if you are not patient enough, you stand the chance of losing your capital. Trading is not a rushing game but one that requires patience. Even the most patient people find out that they are not patient enough when it comes to trading.

The forex market is a highly leveraged one that gives traders a huge advantage and disadvantage. A trader can decide to use a leverage of 200:1, 100:1 or 50:1. In other words, with a little capital of $25, you can invest in trades that are beyond that money. The forex market is more than a marathon race, and easy does the job correctly.

Be Prepared

Just like the Boy’s Scout motto, “Be prepared.” You should also develop such a mindset. You have to be prepared before entering the market. At times, lack of preparation is the undoing of most traders. You enter the market without any plan and use various indicators without understanding their different scenario. It doesn’t matter if you are given the most accurate forex indicator; without a plan, you will fail.

Until you become fully prepared before trading, you are not ready. You will end up with average results. The best form of preparation is by practising with a demo account or a practice software, which allows you to keep track of your trade. Maintaining these records is essential so you can go back and find out what happened in each trade. Importantly, don’t allow discouragement to drive you. If you can get positive results in demo trading, then you can trade a live account properly using the same strategy.


An essential component of accurate forex trading is discipline. It is not enough to be prepared; you must have the disciplined to know when to pull out of a trade. Additionally, losses are part of the drill. The successful trader is one that always sticks to his or her plan. Without this, there is no difference between a new clueless trader and you. Please stick to your plans because, without it, you end up the week on the losing side.

Last Word About Most Accurate Forex Indicator

It is not enough to use the most accurate forex indicator to add to your trading style. You must understand that preparation and discipline have both distinctive roles. Trading involves many decision-making processes that must be taken within a split of a second.

However, to help traders, we have the best forex indicators and tools to make trading easy. For instance, the most accurate forex indicator is renowned for performance on different currency pair. You can take advantage of our numerous trading tools from this link to get better trading results.

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