Local Trade Copier Review

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Today we are going to present to you the Local Trade Copier review. This Review will be very clear and classic and giving you all the essential information that you must need to know. This review will be covering the features, basic trading strategy, prices of the packages offered, what this software is? So, all the things would be according to your interest. This is undoubtedly an informative piece of content present on Best Forex Indicator for you all. We are very active on our blog and keep updating more and more reviews. You can also check them out. So let’s start our review without any further due. Stay with us and keep reading till the end of this article!

What is the Forex trade Copier?

Forex Trade Copier is incredible trading software, making the trades pretty much convenient for the traders. It allows the traders to trade in almost all the trading platforms and choosing the brokers of their own choice. The traders can trade on the Meta Trader 4 platform. And the trades get copies on their own, and the trader doesn’t have to copy every single trade separately.

The benefits and the advantages of using the Forex Trade Copier do not stop here. The traders here can also select six different risk categories to trade. There are many settings and the trading strategies that a trader can change according to the preferences. So the Forex Trade Copier is entirely a customizable trading robot. If you are going to purchase this trading bot, then it will make your trades much easier and ultimately make your business grow well in a short time. We will be exploring more in this Local Trade Copier Review. So let’s get straight into the features section of this review.

The primary features of the Forex Trade Copier

This section of the Local Trade Copier Review is all about the prominent features of this trading bot. Let’s dig it out either they are that efficient to satisfy the traders or not. And they have that potential to make your accounts full of profits. Following is the list of the features of the Forex Trade Copier.

  • Here the traders can trade on the Meta Trader 4 and implement invasive brokers as per their liking.
  • It scans the trades and them from your original trading account on its own.
  • The PAMN accounts also integrate it. So the trader’s all worries are gone.
  • It trades well with all the sizes of the accounts. So the traders can make the profits even they are using a micro-accounts or cent account.
  • The settings of the Forex Trade Copier are adjustable. Hundreds of the settings of this trading bot are just one click away from the traders.
  • It has the compatibility of trading in several different currency pairs.
  • All the accounts of the traders are safe and secured here. Moreover, the information of the trader is also kept confidential.
  • The risk levels are also very optimum and can be settled while trades.
  • In the Forex Trade Copier, the drawdowns are also minimal and bearable.

That was all for this section. If anyone wants to get more about it, then visit their official website. This will help a lot to the traders.



local trade copier

Who is working behind the Forex Trader Copier?

For this part of the Local Trade Copier Review, we will be doing the complete reveal of the Forex Trade Copier’s working team. We will elaborate on the people working behind this trading bot. And fortunately, we are very grateful for giving this information about the developer of this robot. We visited the official website of this trading bot and find that the creator of this trading bot is Rimantas Petrauskas. And he is from Lithuania. One can also verify this information from the official website. All the information is there, and even an ultimate guide is available for the traders to make profitable trades overall.

What is the Trading Strategy Of The Local Trade Copier?

In this section of the Local Trade Copier Review, we will elaborate on this trading bot’s trading strategy in a very detailed manner. So don’t skip this section. If you are deciding to trade on this software in the future, this section might help you a lot. So let’s proceed into it.

The most awesome thing about this trading robot is its simple and easy strategy of trading. It is good for the experienced traders and, at the same time, a fantastic bot for the beginners. It can make your accounts full of profits and don’t need much hard effort. The unique currency pairs and the appropriate time frame let the traders trade up to the next levels. It gives 5 minutes of the time frame to the traders, and this time is right to enter and then exit only the profitable trades. It also scans the best trades out.

Prices of the packages and the offers of the forex Trade Copier

Now let’s move on to the pricing section of the Local Trade Copier Review. In this part, we will see whether it is a high priced product or affordable for all the traders in the online trading market.

LTC Personal

  • 1* computer use.
  • All updates and notification.
  • One license of the offer.
  • Complete access to the software until it gets expired.
  • Full customer support.
  • Price 15 EUR monthly.

5* computer use

  • All updates and notification.
  • One license of the offer.
  • Martingale strategy support.
  • Complete access to the software until it gets expired.
  • Full customer support.
  • Price 145 EUR monthly. 

15* computer use

  • All updates and notification.
  • One license of the offer.
  • Complete access to the software until it gets expired.
  • Full customer support.
  • Price 90 EUR annually.

Conclusion of the Local Trade Copier Review

On concluding the Local Trade Copier Review, we have analyzed this trading bot in-depth and found it quite a great bot. Its performance is brilliant and is recommended. Thanks for reading this review.

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