Jet Trader Pro EA Review

jet trader pro ea review

Welcoming you to another discussion on best forex indicator of the remarkable Jet Trader Pro EA Review. This is another product after launching several other forex robots in the market by a very renowned company called Leap FX. So like other FX traders reviews, we thought to review this one also, so make sure to stick till the end of this article because we are going to deeply analyze Jet Trader Pro EA and see what is beneficial for us.

What is Jet Trader Pro EA?

In this Jet Trader Pro EA Review, we will discuss what this product is? It is fully automated and comes with the customizable settings called in this Jet Trader EA pro. You can trade with EURUSD currency pairs with it. In our previous forex trader review, we have seen that there are almost six pairs of currencies available, but here we saw a completely different thing. There is an incredible price protection technique implementation to make your trading journey safe. You can see a variety of several winning fx that’s evidence of profitable trading. Jet Trader Pro EA is an automated robot, so it does not require any expertise to do the operations. You don’t have to worry about the monitoring of the trading as well as the risks of exchanges.

There is a default profitable setting to help to maintain good profits, which do not require your attention at all. The setup and installation are very easy, and you do not need any guidelines for it. The trades are also consistently profitable because the updates are for free and lifetime. The instant customer support service is also available without any issue. If you find any problem, issue, or query, you can find your solutions for customer support. Not only that, but a refund policy is also available for almost a month. Then you can also decide if this is the best forex robot or not. You can check and try.

Who is behind Jet Trader Pro EA?

Our Jet Trader, Pro EA review will be incomplete without the discussion of the developers. There is good news for all those people who are interested to know about the creators of this robot because we have found a lot of information. The man behind this trading bot is Jack McKinnon. His company, Leap FX, is very authentic in this term of Forex trading and the market. There are different reviews available in our bag type about the robot that has been launched by Leap FX.

Features of Jet Trader Pro EA

In this portion of the Jet Trader EA review, we will be discussing all the specifications of the Jet Trader Pro EA. Let’s dive in.

  • An automatic trading bot trading available with EURUSD currency pair.
  • Every month profit is over 20%
  • Three different modes of reading
  • Lifetime updates and customizable settings
  • The robot is very beginner-friendly
  • Drawdown rate results are verified by myFXbook compatible with the MT4 platform.
  • Working on the H1 time frame.

jet trader pro review

Trading strategy of Jet trader pro EA

So in this part of the Jet Trader Pro EA review, we will be having a complete description and understanding of the trading strategy of this robot, which is very important to many dealers. Although there is no kind of Definite trading strategy available on their website and sale pages, after reviewing and analyzing the pages, we got to know that the grid trading strategy is implemented, and it is the tricky one. This strategy they have mentioned, it is very active in price protection strategy that gives you work in a very safer environment—leading towards stability and profit. TIP: Use a trusted forex broker with this Forex Robot. We are using mostly Libertex. For more info about this good broker, you can read our Libertex Review.

In addition, this robot comes with three different modes depending upon the trading plan and the deposit. There are three modes called safe, normal, and aggressive. As mentioned before in this Jet Trader Pro EA Review, it depends upon the deposits to start trading. All these modes differentiate in the amount of money required to run with micro and cent accounts.

Client’s feedback

We will be discussing some of the reviews of customers that use this robot. Some customers found this very balance because of the easy operational services and high-profit .whereas we found some other customers that are slightly disappointed with the high deposits that are needed to start trading .for the new business, and it is not very affordable and suitable.

Results of Jet trader EA

Here in this Jet Trader Pro EA Review, we will be discussing the results of that trader Pro EA by the verification of third party websites. All of these results are completely profitable and beneficial for us. There is almost a 20% profit with a low drawdown rate. These results are of the EURUSD currency pair as it can only work with this currency pair. You also can see that it offered a very stable passive income and an amazing achievement.

First Package

  • Jet trader pro year license
  • $347
  • Full Jet reader Pro software
  • Settings are customizable
  • Customer support system available
  • Lifetime updates
  • Money-back guarantee of one month

Second Package

  • Jet trader Pro lifetime license
  • $697
  • Full JetRadar pro software
  • Customizable settings
  • Customer support system available
  • Updates are for a lifetime
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days.


  • An automatic Robot that comes with a customizable setting.
  • There is a consistent profit for 14 months.


  • The trade is possible with only one currency pair.
  • The price is very much high compared to other robots.

Conclusion of Jet Trader Pro EA Review

Now summing up the Jet trader pro EA review with this point that the features and packages are very much advanced. We have seen all the descriptions needed for this jet trader pro EA and found out that the profit rate every month is 20% in real. Not only that, the results are verified by my book and show up good performances. And the surprise is that there is a lot of investment required in terms of deposit and interest. So it’s up to you if you want to give a shot or not.

If you want to collect your copy, visit their sale pages and website.

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