iProfit HFT Review

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Here is the iProfit HFT Review presented in full detail on our website. You can know about all the features and also the disadvantages you will get using this product. For over a decade, people have been using this EA. For the very first time, every user loves the performance of the product. Many people enjoy the security and safety of your accounts, as it doesn’t use any grid strategy. You can read the given review to fully know about the trading strategy and how it will help you generate maximum income.

What is the iProfit HFT?

According to iProfit HFT Review, the iProfit HFT is a trading platform that operates automated trade on the Meta Trader 4 platform. It is one of the best trading sites where you can trade with expert advisors. This system software is best for forex traders because you can trade on relatively higher frequencies on this software. Moreover, the robust strategy and amazing methodology of trading enable you to earn a profit daily. Following currency pairs like EURAUD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURJPY, Myfxbook, and Oil ultimately recommends iProfit HFT as your trading site.

How much profit can you make on iProfit?

Although there are many trading sites and software where you can earn good profits by installing your money on these sites, their packages are pretty good. How can iProfit HFT be best for you, and how can you earn a good ration of profit from this software. Following are the principles that are followed by iProfit;

  • It is best for scalper trading.
  • This trading system works on an ultra-short-term basis.
  • The capital volume of your installment is safe.
  • It uses the basic methodology of HFT.
  • The trading methodology is on the H1 frame chart.

The expectations of a regular Forex Trader are very high profit on average, but there is also a problem regarding this, the chances of loss are also there. The number of trades is 85 per month, and on these 85 trades, the average profit is 150 pips every moth on the Forex traders. But iProfit HFT gives you an average profit ratio of 65%, and this gaining size of profit stands iProfit HFT up from other trading sites out in the market place. You can trade and earn up to 21 pips on this software, and the average size of the loss is only 31 pips. Here, the trading order volumes depend entirely on the net profit and the money you are installing. Here you can make as many small gain orders with the least chances of losing you need a good broker and make low spreads.

This system software allows you to trade on the subscription license that can be purchased accordingly. In this iProfit HFT Review, there is information regarding the monthly, quarterly, and annual types of licenses. 4 live accounts are given on each package where you can trade. The prices of all these licenses are as follows.

Monthly: 60US DOLLARS

Quarterly: 153 US DOLLARS.

Annual: 504 US DOLLARS.

iprofif hft

Trading strategy:

The iProfit NN model is of great importance here. The rules and set of instructions are not very difficult. The working strategy revolves around Phi Base technologies’ basic terminology and the fast learning network of trading. All the price movements move around the previous 4-52 hours of adaptations. In this trading system, the NN model estimates the upper and lower price ranges for the next H1 bars. This estimation or prediction of the price is 70% accurate and also depends on self-learning algo.

This feature is a success achieving factor for the traders. The trading modules are set accordingly as 4to 20 meetings, relying entirely on the price movements. To sell, buy, and even ignore each bar, the whole criteria revolve around the price action and then ultimately on your success. The following chart will clear all your queries about the trading principles of iProfit.

iProfit license prices.

  • All the recommended pairs.
  • Both the two accounts of real and demo.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days by iProfit HFT.
  • All updates and upgrades.
  • Lifetime license 899 US DOLLARS.
  • Recommended pairs.
  • All updates and upgrades.
  • Lifetime demo and live accounts.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days.

iProfit HFT features:

In this iProfit HFT Review, here are some features of this product.

Trading logic: neural networking and self-contained system that works on automated price actions.

Risk rewards: these are quite positive. The average ratio of loss is 27 pips, and the average gain ratio is 25 pips.

Traded pairs: the software collaborates with EURUSD, XAUUSD, AUDUSD, and some more too.

Gain potential: the profit ratio is approximately 3-5% at medium levels of risks. And the average gains are round about 170 pips every month.

Drawdowns: it is 20% at medium.

Account safety: GTP ensures your account safety.

Seven years live track: provide the verified track of 7 years.

Twelve years of Backtest: share the comparison of 12 years of test, previous and live.


  • It provides the facility of demo accounts as well as live accounts to trade under the HFT iProfit.
  • This mathematical algorithm of iProfit allows you to trade correctly and earn maximum profits overall.
  • This iProfit HFT Review also tells you that a money-back guarantee is offered with complete satisfaction of the trader.
  • This system software has 12 years of backtesting results, with 100% verified results of the previous seven years.


  • The prices of packages offered by them are relatively high.

Summary of iProfit HFT Review

As you have now read the iProfit HFT Review, your concepts about this product must be much clearer now. Here we are concluding our content as we have discussed all the essential points. Still, in case you have any queries, you can leave a comment to get the answer. The activity and performance of this robot are always remarkable. And one great thing is that you won’t have to face various disadvantages other than the high pricing. But if you have adequate money to invest in something, don’t forget to buy this robot.

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