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Welcome in this FXPremiere Review on our best forex indicator blog! Trading is a wonderful “adventure” that many consider worth investing in. Although not everyone has the skill to trade perfectly, others depend on signal providers. Trading signals are signals provided to traders who don’t have the time or don’t know how to trade properly. These signals comprise of technical and fundamental analysis, which include entry point, take profit, and stop loss.

Today, we have numerous forex signal providers that render forex signal service. The number of forex signal providers in on the rise but a daunting task for new traders or investors is how to know a real signal provider. In this article, we will be review one of the forex signal providers in the forex industry. So here’s the FX Premiere Review:

Brief about FXPremiere

Let’s the FXpremiere review let’s start with a brief about the company. FX Premiere because operation in 2010 with a single member before it was integrated to begun a forex hub. However, in 2013 it became fully funded through its investors’ group known as High Networth Entrepreneurs. Furthermore, in 2015 the company exceeded its projection thereby leading to the delivery of daily trading signals, news, and graphs through Signals telegram. Finally, in 2018 it expanded its team to Asia and the Middle East in providing forex signals. Today, it sources over 50 signal sources and sent to each member depending on the package of their choice.

The platform provides signals on all currency pairs, thereby giving traders a whole lot of opportunities and options. These signals are sent through mobile phones, email, and telegram depending on the subscriber’s preference. Now let’s get into the details review of FXpremiere.

FXPremiere Forex Packages

There are three FX premiere packages available for customers. Previously, it was four different packages but after recent reshuffling, it was broken into three to enable new traders to select the package that fits their income.

Features of FX Premiere Forex Package

  • Basic Package – This package comes with a monthly fee of $57 and offers different features such as 1-15 signals daily with entry, exit, and stop-loss. Additionally, these signals are sent through its telegram platform with each signal having 1-3 profit targets. Furthermore, the package gives traders good money management tips and a 24/7 live support system to sort any issues they may face while using the service.
  • Standard Package – Similar to the basic package, it is priced at $127 per 4 months, which is quite economical when compared with a monthly subscription of $57. If you decide to subscribe to this package, you save over 25% of your money. The features of the standard package are almost the same except for the 6 – 15 daily signals provided for its clients.
  • Premium Package – The final package is the premium plan, which is rated at $497 per year. This amounts to a 35% discount when compared to the basic and 4-month package. Traders can get 8-15 signals daily with entry, exit, and stop loss. Traders have access to a 24/7 support system with good money management tips for new traders.

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How does FX Premier Work

Previously, the forex market was a reserved territory for the big guys with the financial muscles. However, thanks to the internet, everyone now has access to the biggest financial market in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, several hundred dollars, and a computer or mobile device, you can invest.

The simplicity earns a special mention in our review of FXpremiere. FX Premiere works in a simple way that allows everyone irrespective of their financial status to invest in forex. It follows a simple five-step process that allows you to invest and earn daily incomes without stress.

  • Choose the signal package of your choice – basic, standard, or premium. Interestingly, these packages cater to the needs of all levels of traders.
  • Purchase Confirmation – The platform uses a secure payment system for traders to purchase the package of their choice. Once you select the package that suits you, you are automatically directed to its secured payment options. Various payment options are depending on your location. You can use an online transfer or card payment system.
  • Email confirmation – During the registration, your details were collected including your email. The email is very important because you will have to confirm your subscription after the FX Premiere team has received your payment. Traders have to use the Live Chat Telegram to confirm their subscription.
  • Activation – After the email confirmation from you, you will receive an email that you can start receiving your signals through the Telegram platform. This serves as your activation to the forex signal platform.
  • The adventure begins – Yes once all of these are completed, your signals will be sent to your promptly on the Telegram platform while you input the signals on your trading platforms.

FX Premiere Forex Affiliate Program

Affiliates marketing is now a norm in the forex market. Online marketers are on the increase in the largest financial market in the world. FX Premiere runs an affiliate program for both customers and non-customers to earn money while they refer their friends and friend to any of its packages. To be part of the program, you need to open a forex account with them, which provides you with your affiliate link.

Some of the features to its affiliate program include:

  • Monthly commission
  • Free reporting tools
  • Frequent commission payments
  • Access to the back office
  • Personal relationship manager
  • Fast commission payouts
  • Free web banners and advertising materials


  • Signals available in forex and cryptocurrencies
  • Different packages for traders
  • Live support system


  • No insight on trading strategy
  • No verified trading results
  • Complains of not understanding the signal structure

fx premiere forex review

Conclusion FXPremiere Review

So as you could read in the our FXPremiere review getting good forex signals is challenging. FX Premiere is a signal service provider that tends to provide signals for both new and experienced traders who don’t have the time and skill to analyze the market. With three different packages with a variety of options, traders and investors have different options to choose from. Besides its affiliate program, there are a lot of benefits of using FX Premiere as a signal provider.

Furthermore, the process of getting these signals is quite straightforward. After signing up for your package, activate your account, then signals are sent to you including the entry point, take profit, and stop loss. However, with any signal service provider, it is always advisable to confirm the reliability of it with short or trial package before subscribing for a monthly or yearly package.

And if you are looking for a move beyond just signal services, then you should view our Best Metatrader Indicator page for various other ideas that you could move for making profits in this enormous world of trading.

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