FX Trader Kit EA Review

Oct 15, 2020 | 0 comments

Today we are presenting to you guys a classic FX Trader Kit EA Review. This kit comprises of 2 different forex trading robots that trade very amazingly. These are Trader’s Sun and Trader’s Moon. We will be discussing all the features, properties, trading strategies, pros, and cons in this FX Trader Kit EA Review. We will showcase all the insight in a detailed manner and give our honest reviews about these two trading robots. So if you are deciding to earn your capitals in the forex trading market and want to purchase any of this trading bot or this complete kit, it will clear all your doubts and queries, so keep reading this article till the end clarity. Let’s get straight into this review from Best Forex Indicator and discover the aspects of these trading robots.

What is Forex Trader Kit EA?

Forex Trader EA is an official kit designed to enjoy online trading correctly and successfully. In this kit, the traders can trade in with two trading kits, the sun’s trading EA and the Moon’s Trading EA. We will now discuss all the things about these trading robots in this FX Trader kit EA Review simultaneously because both of their aspects are quite similar and complement each other. Both the trading bots have a very identical trading methodology and the trading currency pairs they are using.

So if you are deciding to buy this kit and want to experience something awe-inspiring in the online market, we can say that you will make a wise decision. Moreover, this article will make all the things clear to you as well about this trading bot. This trading robot is fully automated, and its settings are self-maintained, so the FX Trader Kit EA has the potential to stand by and compete with another trading EA’s in the online trading market. So it can prove a successful initiation of your online trading career.

FX Trader Kit EA Features

  • It uses a martingale trading strategy.
  • It is a self-mechanized trading bot.
  • The top 10 profitable currency pairs are available for trading.
  • It also gives 30 days of cash back guarantee to the traders.


Who is working behind the Forex Trader Kit EA?

Our Forex Trader Kit EA Review is incomplete without this critical section. We all are familiar find this thing crucial to give information about the people working behind this trading bot. Sadly, this time, we do not have anything to reveal about the developers of this trading and much information. We have analyzed and examined their official website but could not find any name or place of their main headquarters or site.

For transparency and to achieve a trustful relation with the clients, the FX Trader Kit EA creators should provide some information about the. Although it is also selling some of the very successful trading robots in the market like FX Eur Grid, FX Helix, Forex bot 28, and many others, it is very clear that this company is undoubtedly not a scam and can give high-profit rates.

What is the trading strategy of the FX Trader Kit EA?

In this section of our exclusive FX Trader Kit EA Review, we will discuss the trading strategy of both of the trading robots that comes in this kit. We will also determine that both the trading robots of the FX Trader Kit EA have the stamina and credentials to satisfy the customers. The FX Trader KIT EA is using also a premium price action indicator.

Traders’ Moon

Let’s talk about the trading strategy of the Trader’s moon EA. It implements the martingale strategy as the primary trading strategy. This trading bot has a floating feature and comes in the stimulation of slippage. So what about the currency pairs that Trader’s moon uses? So this trading bot completely supports the following currency pairs; AUDCAD, GBPAUD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD, EURCHF, EURGPBP, EURSGD, and GBPUSD. So if you choose any of them, you can maintain high-profit rates overall and can earn a significant amount of money from here. It also works on tick data strategy and allows the traders to enter the trades in the night time to achieve maximum gains in the Asian forex market place.

Traders’ sun

This trading robot of the FX Trader Kit EA works entirely on the Meta Trader 4 platform. And it is supporting EURUSD and USDJPY. It recognizes the market trends very well, but it does not work on the martingale, hedging, or grid strategy. It also has the facility to mane the money trails, and it also identifies the overall stress levels of the online trading market.

We have guided you all about the strategy of these bots. However, both the trading methodologies of these are pretty different. But if both these bots trade simultaneously, they can make the traders happy and standout of the crowd of the online Forex Market place.

Prices of the packages and offers of the FX Trader Kit EA

This section of the FX Trader Kit EA Review is about the prices and the offers that this kit offers. It has two trading bot, traders choose to buy single software and trade with it, but both work great collectively. Following is the list of both the packages. We will see what they are offering to the traders.

Traders’ sun EA

  • Price of the trading robot; 269 USD.
  • All updates and upgrades free.
  • Full customer support.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.

Traders’ moon EA

  • Price of the trading robot; 269 USD.
  • All updates and upgrades free.
  • Full customer support.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.
  • Moreover, the payment modes are very, and the traders can use a master card, PayPal, Visa, and international cards.

Conclusion of the FX Trader Kit EA Review

FX Trader Kit EA Review comes to an end here. We must say that it comprises of quality trading robots, and you can earn substantial money as profit from the FX Trader EA Kit. You can also share your experiences with us. Thanks for reading this article.

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