Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review

Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review

In this Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review, you will be reading a lot about this robot. Around ten years ago, the first version of wall street forex robots was launched in 2011. The version which is currently on working, 2.0 evolution, was first launched in 2016. A very honored forex software development company FX automater offered Wall Street evolution. These creators are also involved in creating a suite of other high performing Expert advisors.

The detailed forex Wall Street 2.0 review is here to help you in making a critical decision. This will help you trading high profits and compliments and the essential robot information on the particular site. Will we add the Forex Wall street robot to our best EA Forex page or not?

What is the Wall street forex robot?

The first thing we will discuss in this Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review is that what it is. The wall street Forex Robot is a scalper. A team of off effects auto meter developers developed this forex robot in 2010. And it is optimized and updated for a very several times after nine years of successful real trading experience. This EA is in the most profitable period, which shows a very stable and good performance. The core trading algorithm of Wall Street 2.0 evolution is adapted from Wall Street Forex robots. This robot’s algorithm are developed by very famous and successful Forex traders. All these people having experience in the forex market for more than 25 years.

There is a package offered to the expert advisor of 4 robots. If you have a mind to buy this package, you will get Wall Street 2.0 evolution. And also a bonus of three robots- Wall Street Asia, Wall Street recovery Pro and Wall Street gold trader. A very golden chance where you can pay for 1 Forex robot and have 4.

Why Wallstreet 2.0 evolution is good in Forex Market

In this part of the forex wall street 2.0 review, we will be discussing why the version is the best for ten years. Probably the very best EA you can use with your real money. It is a robust forex robot and very easy to utilize and install. If you have any difficulties or can’t understand anything, you can contact us with a single click.

wall street forex robot


Over 20 years of back-testing history across each currency pair exchange is available on the official sale site of back-tested performance data. The preference from our sites that the creator’s news data that gave them 99.9% modeling quality. We are a little discouraged that it was not considered given the impressive list of specifications and algorithms that make up the unique and dynamic expert advisor.

To make you understand, this MetaTrader technique tester is the best testing tool for the programmers have used, and it only takes account of spread. As the basis of the calculation is that it use actual offer prices when recorded, meaning variable spreads. It is more appropriate to make a significant difference in whether a robot strategy is either more profitable or less profitable.

Trading strategy

This robot supports the following pairs of currencies. GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY. Our recommendation uses a reasonable risk from 1 to 5%, which automatically means 0.1-0.5 lots per 10,000 accounts or 0.01 – 0.05 lots per 1000 accounts. Also, if you use AutoMM, then you’ll be having 2 to 5%. If you feel fortunate, then AutoMM between 10% and 15% is risky, but if you play it right, there can be much profit.

Also, Wall Street Evo has a very much useful and robust system implemented such as Broker spy module, real-time update system, profit protection system latest protection system, High Street protection system, advance money management, email/mobile push notification, etc. All of these combinations make this robot very different and protected trading software. So, if you look into them one by one, you will notice that these are the factors you need to succeed in the market and earn money.


In this Forex Wall Street, 2.0 review, enter the following specification to build a very complex algorithm.

  • This is compatible with any broker using MT4 and mt5 trading platform
  • Easy and compatible risk management control action
  • Always insurance that automated trades have protection from slippage and high spread
  • You can choose your trading hours
  • Stealth mode
  • Very easy to use and set up all levels of Forex trader
  • Adjustable parameters for experienced Forex traders increasing leverage for a specific risk appetite from low to high risk.

Pricing/ packaging of forex wall street

What will you get when you buy Forex Wall Street robot 2.0?

This Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review also presents you with information about what you will get with this product. A downloadable exe files for one real account license and unlimited demo accounts with their separate license.

Three free supplementary wall street robots.

  • Wall Street recovery Pro EA
  • Wall Street Asia EA
  • The wall Street gold trader EA
  • A very detailed user guide with instruction of installation and usage can either default reading system for modifying it to suit your trading style 24/7 dealers support.
  • Full money-back guarantee of a month

How much does the robot cost?

Wall street 2.0 is currently available to buy now for only $237 with a very detailed package.

Summary of Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review

Now, moving towards the ending of our Forex Wall Street 2.0 Review. FX Automater is a very respectable Forex software developing company. And all the products you get from them are always right in quality. According to this review, the features of this we have read earlier are attractive. This product will indeed prove to be a good option in terms of forex trading also. You can read more information on the official website of the Forex Wall Street anytime. The backtesting section of the review is also essential to read. This gives you an idea about the detailed working of this product.

So finally, we conclude our forex Wall street that it is a very right choice at just $237 for an automated software system. This includes unique features and algorithms all in one packet of expert advisors. You can also receive three other robots at the price of 1, which are a part of the FX automated stable of EA, which we had never looked at. So do not forget to keep following us on our best forex indicator website for other forex reviews.

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