Forex Robotron Review

forex robotron review

We are doing a discussion on the Forex Robotron Review on our best forex indicator website, and we will investigate some of the most significant themes about the bot in this post. The team of developers behind the price and packages available to buy online and much more than that. Like the essential specifications and pros and cons. So let’s dive into the Robotron EA review to have a glimpse and analyze if it can be on your list or not. Will we add the Forex Robotron to our best EA forex list? You can discover everything below!

What is a Robotron EA?

A much more efficient and effective automated forex trading system running on the Forex market is Robotron EA. Firstly, we would like to tell you that there is not much information about the originator on the bot’s official website. Many of the specifics provided are not very transparent. Also, the implanted strategy is not very much clear about the forex trade device. What we have found is that this EA exchanges with six major currencies. This tool has an incredible duration of 5 minutes, which is entirely automated. But of course, it depends on you, how you adjust it according to your preferences. But it will be suitable to use because it’s matching the forex strategy.

The bot is unique and differs from the other forex robot because of the powerful stop-loss technique. This strategy prevents you from losing more revenue than the expected one. So while trading, it will limit your risk. This bot has been made to function no matter the origin of most online dealers. It will be taking about 500 exchanges per 12 months, and it will depend on the currencies you’re dealing with in the forex market. This number is variable. Not only that, the product has been backtested using the original data for almost 15 years.its very much helpful to beginners because it comes along with the guidelines and a user guide. If you see any problems with your account, you can contact the customer support services you have for a lifetime.

But the one and the only issue we can see with this EA right now is that all the charting outcomes visible on the website are likely to be and live by the third parties. There will be no action as soon as you click on them. That’s a screenshot only. That’s why our creator’s team wanted to search all of their accounts that turned out to have been terminated by Myfxbook. For most of the traders who know clearance in this organization. That seemed very suspicious and can be taken as a wrong signal.

Robotron EA Features

Let’s discuss the Robotron EA features deeply.

  • An automated method of forex trading.
  • The time frame for over 5 minutes
  • The robot comes with guides and direction from one live account
  • For all of your MT4 accounts to unlimited license
  • Lifetime free updates no accessible client helps
  • No hedging, grids, martingale, or arbitrage
  • Approximately 500 transactions a year.
  • Trading time from 9 to 11 p.m. GMT it can trade with non-US brokers from the US and11 accept friendly Islamic brokers

forex robotron

The team behind the trading strategy

For this part of the Robotron EA review, we will discuss the right strategy to make you understand with a detailed awareness of this tool applied.

Trading strategy

For this part, we will be studying the Forex Robotron review strategy to familiarize you with a comprehensive understanding of the trading strategy applied.

The Robotron EA fits best with the low stretches, mostly low commissions but the quick implementations and no limitation of stop according to a website. The stop loss technology working newly is protecting all of your equities from any danger when trading. All of these characters work even best. As soon as the robot’s software detects that it’s going down, this setting will be shut for trade. So your money is all safe.

Not only that, you can customize this EA to fit your strategy plan like always. You can choose the settings up to your choice as a standard, conservative, and aggressive trading mode. The substantial problem that we can see so far is the deleted results from my book’s official website. But it all looks good. You can use several brokers with this. But we are testing this mostly with Libertex. You can check out our detailled Libertex review on our website.

Prices and packages of Robotron

In this portion of the Forex Robotron review, there will be a very brief discussion available. To be very specific, there are four packages, and one of them has different characteristics and prices. So make sure to invest in the one that better fits the conclusions you’re trying to have in your forex trading.


  • Unlimited demo license
  • Assistance for lifetime
  • Operation happens on the MT4.
  • Price $299


  • Three genuine license
  • Assistance for lifetime
  • A lifetime of free software updates
  • Operational on the MT4 platform
  • Prices 499 USD


  • Limitless licenses for demo
  • Three genuine licenses.
  • Lifetime assistance software update for lifetime operational on the MT4 platform.
  • Prices 499 USD.


  • Licenses for the demo is limitless
  • Licenses for real are also limitless
  • Lifetime assistance a lifetime
  • Free software updates operational platform is MT4 price is
  • 999 USD

You are free to pay for any of the four separate packages available with the credit card or PayPal account. Whenever you have the coupon code, you will have the promised discount. So just put the code on the payout page to get the percentage off. The seller of Robotron EA doesn’t allow us for any refund or any 30 days money-back guarantee. This is downside off the subject, so if something’s wrong happens, you have to contact customer support only.


  • 15 years of backtesting
  • Available minimum risk is of just 10%
  • Checked with actual data from text
  • In 2020 the last update was released


  • No agreement on refunds
  • No guarantee of future performance
  • It does not trade with all pairs of currencies
  • There are no 30 days y money-back guarantee deleted results of third parties.

Conclusion of Forex Robotron Review

Finally, we have made the Forex Robotron review. Some features will guarantee that with the Forex market, you’ll make more money. But of course, with no guarantee like anything. So like always keep following our best forex indicator website for the best forex reviews.

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