Built by Leonard "FX Sniper" Williams Jr

(Professional Foreign Exchange Trader)

Starting with knowledge or experience in Forex Trading ever, I’ve come a long way since starting out my Investing and Trading in the Foreign Exchange career with continuous learning & improving everyday.

I'm grateful to have managed to become a respected Forex Pro-Trader with proven foreign exchange knowledge and trading skills that has allowed me to trade for consistent profits at will with just about 5yrs of experience.

​Now a Full-Time Professional FX Trader, I apply proven trading method & strategies in technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis with basic price action, technological advance tools, applications, and resources that I have gained over the years from 2 great mentors to create my best & simple trading techniques and algorithm system for my clients, coaching students, and members. From start to finish, I always strive to succeed by working together honestly and respectfully to help my students and clients gain more confidence, more wins, more PIPs, and more profits, "One PIP at a Time."

Live Trade Videos:

Live Trade 220 pips + in profit

Live Trade 100 pips in profit

Live Trade 50 pips on M5 in profit

Live Trade Proof 400+ pips in profit

Live Trade Proof 60 pips in profit

Real Account Proof: client doubled his account:

Chid(client) used the EZ Triple Dots-FX Trading System on a real $60 Account and more then doubled his account just scalping on the M5 and M15 Time frame ...

Happy Clients:

EZ Triple Dots FX System in Action Screenshots:

EZ Triple DotsFX Master Course Details:

Along with this Winning Triple Dots Trading System, you"ll get access to a training video series that will walk you through the download, installations, set-up and more importantly, master strategies and tips to catch pips. As a bonus, you"ll be invited to come of our live Trading Room once a week for FREE with our core Coaching Students to trade live to earn while you learn.

This is What You Get:

EZ Triple Dots System

$299 USD (One-Time)

Top features

  • Triple Dots Indicator System (Core System features)
  • 12 MT4 Bonus Custom Indicator Package (pip counter, vertical zero line, volatility meter, etc)
  • Over 8+hrs of Video Training Series (Installation, Set up, and Master Strategies and Techniques to get you results)
  • 16pg PDF Instructional Manual.
  • 25% Affiliate Program offer for FREE (earn 25% referral commission for every sale)
  • Live Trading Room Invite once a week with the Trainer (email invite sent to your email)
  • Exclusive invite and access to our FX Prosperity Community to receive updates, see, and share activities with other coaching students and members.

All the Tools and Top Features That Comes With This Package To Get You On The Charts Sooner Rather Than Later.

Along with the Triple Dots Trading System, you'll get access to a training video series that will walk you through the download, installations, set up, and more importantly, master strategies and tips using multiple time frame to catch pips. As a bonus, you'll be invited to come to our Live Trading Room once a week FREE with our core Coaching Students to trade live to earn while you learn. 



How Accurate Is This System?

Based on our study and experience, the indicator system itself is 95%+ accurate as this is real-time price action based system. However, you can increase that accuracy with your own Price Action and Forex Knowledge. The more you know about Price Action, higher the accuracy. 

Can I use this trading system on TradingView

Unfortunately, this is purely Metatrader 4 Based Indicator System and will not work on TradingView. However, because it's MT4 software system, it will work on all MT4 Broker. It will not work on MT5 at this time as we will look to create an MT5 version of the trading system in the future. 

How Long Will it Take Me to Learn this System with no Forex Knowledge?

With the training video course that comes with this trading system purchase, we have seen traders get up to speed trading with live accounts within 2 weeks of demo trading with this system. However, everyone learns differently and depends on number of factors, time and effort. The more time and practice you put in with this system the sooner you'll feel comfortable to trade with live Money.

For best results, we recommend practicing the Software system on 1 to 2 forex pairs with the Soft4FX Simulator on the "Product" page of the website. You can download the Demo for Free.

However, although you may be able to trade with this system within a short period of time with no prior forex knowledge, we strongly recommend you become a student with the basic coaching plan with us to get access to quality training to understand the basics, intermediate, and advance forex strategies. The most important 2 things that will separate you from being a profitable and unprofitable forex trader is (1) Trading Psychology and (2) Risk Management.