Currency Strength Indicator MT4

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Earning profits in forex trade sometimes depends on your ability to read the market and understand the strength of the currency pairs. Using the wrong pairs of currencies could easily lead to a loss. However, with the currency strength indicator MT4, it is easy to know the most reliable pairs of currencies to trade at a particular time.

What is the Currency Strength Indicator?

The currency strength indicator is a custom-built MT4 indicator that is intended to expose the strength of a specific currency pair against other pairs. Their strength or weakness highly determines the relationship between the currency pairs. All currency strength Forex indicators are not exactly the same, though they enable you to understand conflicting market trends.

The Currency Strength Indicator MT4

The Currency Strength Indicator MT4 is explicitly designed to be used on the MT4 trading platform. This currency indicator was created on the premise that currency pairs are made up of individual currencies. It is possible to estimate the strength of currency by considering all the combinations of the currency pairs and determining the direction.

One can earn profit by exploring the strength or weakness of currency in real-time over the period when the weakness or strength of the currency triumphs. The indicator alerts you that a particular currency is strong, and the other is weak. This information helps you to pair the currencies, using your trading strategy and then earning profit in the long run.

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The Right Signal From Currency Strength Indicator Mt4

You can simply wait to cash in on the right signal from the Currency Strength Indicator MT4 to trade the currency pairs as soon as a valid signal is generated. For instance, let us use the moving average crossover strategy as a demonstration.

A buy signal is created when the short term moving average crosses over a long term moving average. In the same vein, a sell signal is generated when the short term moving average crosses below a long term moving average.

It is easy to interpret the Currency Strength Indicator MT4, as seen in the above chart.

The bars will usually show some lights based on the strength or weakness of a currency. The indicator shows the strongest currencies in green lights but shows the weakest ones in red.

The values of each currency are provided in the chart. From the above chart, it is easy to see that the CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD, NOK, SEK, TRY, and ZAR are the strongest currencies, whereas the USD, EUR, and JPY are the weakest.

It is not necessary to depend on other technical indicators if you are using this indicator. Nonetheless, you can depend on candlestick patterns or chart patterns also.

Types of Currency Strength Indicators

Two types of currency strength indicators exist, and they include real-time and cyclical indicators.

Real-Time Currency Strength Indicator

This reveals what is currently happening in the market. The strength or weakness of a currency can alter over time when using a real time currency strength indicator.

You should expect to see a change in a currency direction when there are unexpected happenings in the market. For instance, any adverse financial news can quickly move the currency in the reverse direction. When such happens, a real time currency strength indicator will reveal when a currency begins to strengthen or weaken.

Cyclical Currency Strength Indicator

This reveals the general picture of the strength or weakness of a particular currency. Adjusting to the current market conditions usually takes a longer time when using the Cyclical Currency Strength Indicator.

This indicator hardly reveals any possible corrections or short term reversals of the currency in question, though the indicator is smoother.

The Currency Strength Indicator MT4 is suitable for day traders because, when combined with a familiar trading strategy, it offers you powerful trading opportunities that can enable you to earn huge profits.

If your broker does not limit you in trading any currency, you will find this indicator highly useful as it offers you 13 currencies to trade. With the 13 currencies, you have options on what to trade in and earn profit at any time.

This indicator is fairly more sophisticated than the regular indicators like the Average Directional Index Indicator or ADX. With it, you can easily grasp the right market trends.

How the Currency Strength Indicator MT4 Works

Take input data for currencies traded on the Forex markets. If you want to evaluate the strength of any currency, for instance, the American Dollar, the indicator will work out the average inclination angle of the trend in the dollar in all pairs with the dollar. The inclination angle is larger when the growth or fall of a currency pair is more active; each currency pair is also stronger individually.

When the line of the moving average channel is facing up, it means the currency is growing. However, when the line faces down, it shows that it is decreasing. At this point, the horizontal line shows a flat.

The indicator responds immediately to the smallest amount of trend alterations. If you include all existing currency pairs in the market overview, then you can get the utmost accuracy.


This indicator comes with some advantages, amongst which are:

• There is no need for hedging
• It helps get rid of double exposure. There is usually no need to use correlations.
• It enables you to pay attention to high probability setups depending on the strength of the particular currencies.
• It keeps you safe from the risks inherent in counter-trend trading.


• A poorly coded currency strength indicator can bring about freezing.
• An outdated currency strength indicator can also lead to memory leakage and the wrong signal.

Conclusion of Currency Strength Indicator MT4

The Currency Strength Indicator MT4 can help you make the best trade by simply showing you’re the strongest and weakest currency pairs to trade at a given time.

However, if you are still confused as to the type of tools to enhance your trading skills, this platform offers you some of the best indicators and tools available in the industry, so check it through this link. And take advantage of them to trade better and earn more profits.

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