Bounce Trader Review

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Today we are going to do an honest Bounce Trader Review on our best forex indicator blog. You can also check our other complete reviews on the different trading robots so that you can find the right online trading EA and select the perfect one for your trading. In this Bounce Trader Review, we will give all the major and minor details about it, including the trading strategy, features, prices, and packages of the Bounce Trader and its pros and cons to know all the information and our opinions about this trading EA. So lets the bounce trader review without any further delay. For more details, keep reading this article and discover if the bounde trader will be added to our best ea forex list.

What is the Bounce Trader EA?

Bounce Trader EA is a fully mechanized trading robot. It is an amazing automated forex trading EA launched just a short period ago in the forex market. Many websites and blogs have already reviewed this bot, and they have shown in their reviews that it is an incredible software that trades very effectively. But what is the reason behind its popularity? We will see that this hype of this trading EA is genuine or not. Bounce Trader EA claims that it gives 100% profit in only a few weeks of trading. Moreover, the trading lines are completely secured here. It means that the level of risk is very low, which can maintain the highest profit gains. They take profit, and the stop-loss feature is integrated into this trading bot.

This online trading robot’s features are so compact and clear that the breakdown chances are almost zero. In this way, profitable trading trends are maintained, and the profit keeps on coming. All these things are unable to digest. All its amazing features stop you from believing in us, but they also prove what they claim. Yes! You can check all the live results on the accounts of Myfxbook. Their 100% profit rate can be seen on these results of the traders’ statements who are trading here. But it also depends on the currency, time frame, and the strategy overall that will decide either you will win or lose.

Stay with us in this bounce Trader Review, and we will be unfolding more secrets and details onwards about it.

The primary features of the Bounce Trader EA

All the amazing features that this trading EA has is included in this section of Binary Trading Review. Following is the list of all the features, so let’s have an eye on them.

  • No use of martingale, hedging, and grid strategy when the traders trade through this trading bot.
  • All kind of leverage works on the Bounce Trading software.
  • Different sized accounts are fully supported on this trading EA. So it is not difficult because you can invest as small as 100 US DOLLARS for the trading purpose here.
  • It is a completely mechanized robot and trade in an effective manner.
  • It has the FIFO feature too. It helps the traders to enter the profitable trends and leave them on the beak outs while trading.
  • Full integration of stop loss and take profit principle.
  • Chances of drawdowns are very low in the Bounce Trader EA.
  • The main components on which the Bounce Trader EA trades are price actions, momentum, and key levels. The traders can decide their ultimate risk levels according to their stamina.

bounce trader

Who is behind the Bounce Trader EA?

This section of the Bounce Trader review will give the developers and people working behind this EA insights. Most of the online trading software does not share the information about the trading robot’s real developers, but fortunately, this time, we are sharing some with you guys. The Bounce Trader EA is developed by a person called Charlie Hudson. This person has been in the forex market for years. He has implemented all his experiences in this robot for the other traders’ success in the online trading market. He has earned a lot of money to make his family free from the financial issues and presented this amazing robot to the traders.

Trading Strategy of the Bounce Trader EA

There comes the most important and informative part of the Bounce Trader Review. Here we will show the trading methodology that it will work. So let’s get into it. It has high potentials for profitable gains. The reason behind it is its FIFO feature. This EA  allows the traders to enter in those market trades that are profitable and through which the traders can earn a significant amount of profit. It also stands out because of its take profit and stops loss terminology while trading.

Another amazing thing is that you can even customize your trading strategy, all according to your choice. In this, you can select the risk levels. The only drawdown that this trading bot has is it does not support multi-currency for trading and the time frame is also a bit tricky to manage. It means that the trader can go only for one trade, and this does not sound pleasing.

Prices and packages offered by Bounce Trader EA

This Bounce Trader review has reached to its pricing section. So, let’s find out what are they offering!

One year membership

  • Full payment at once.
  • Complete access to the trading bot.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Cashback guarantee within 30 days.
  • Price; 347 US DOLLARS.

Lifetime license

  • Full payment at once for a lifetime membership.
  • Complete access to the trading bot.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Cashback guarantee within 30 days.
  • Price; 597 US DOLLARS.

All the methods are available to purchase this EA, and you can go for Visa, debit card, American Express, and even a simple banking transaction. PayPal is also available for the traders.

Conclusion of the Bounce Trader Review

Concluding the Bounce Trader Review, we must say that this a pretty good trading robot and is giving high-profit rates to the traders. For more confirmation of their success, one can also check their live results on the accounts of Myfxbook. So we recommend this robot. Do share your experience by the Bounce Trader EA.

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