BF Scalper Pro Review

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Here comes the BF Scalper Pro Review for you guys. This trading bot has been launched in recent times. And has gained much popularity and fame in such a short period. We are familiar that our audience would be waiting for this review, and here it is. In this BF Scalper Pro Review, we will share our honest opinions to be helpful for you in a real manner. There might be many reviews on the blogs, but this might be a little different. And we do hope that reading this review will make you surprise, and you will be selecting this trading bot for your next trading experience. So it is the review time; without any further delay, let’s get into it. Stay tuned. Will we add the BF Scalper Pro to our Best EA Forex list or not?

What is the BF Scalper Pro?

After reading this BF Scalper Pro Review, you will figure out what this EA is. As the competition among the online trading robots increasing very rapidly, the forex companies are becoming more active in launching their products. Similarly, the forex automated company has launched BF Scalper Pro in the market. Now the question arises that in the name of this EA, what does pro mean? So the answer to this question is that before launching the original product in the market, the company decided to launch a free trial version of this product. Yes! You have heard this right. The Forex Automated Company uploaded a free version of this EA on its official website for the traders. And fortunately, it went well. And in a very short period, it showed how successful this EA could be!

After analyzing its success in the forex market, the developers tried to launch a pro version of this EA to satisfy the traders fully. So an updated version of this BF Scalper EA with very advanced and innovative specs was launched in the online trading market. This enables the traders to trade in the market’s most uncertain conditions so that the traders can earn profits despite the changing market trends and uncertain situations. Its incredibility is up to the level that you can trade by your choice, personalizing your EA.

Features of the BF Scalper Pro

  • It is a self-operated trading robot (fully mechanized)
  • The trading time frame between the normal trades is 15 minutes, while the trader can change accordingly as the currency pair he is using.
  • The risk levels are very low for the BF Scalper Pro.
  • In this pro version, many innovative features are added to it. Like the volatility filter, logical reasoning for exiting trades, and improved notifications.
  • This trading bot also offers an optional grid system. The trader can use it as a strategy if he or she wants to.
  • It supports many advanced currency pairs and also works on multicurrency. The following are GBPUSD, EYRUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY.

People working behind BF Scalper Pro

This part of the BF Scalper Pro Review is very crucial because here. We will be disclosing as much information related to the people working behind this EA. The clearance and satisfaction of our audience is our priority. So here we go.

We all are familiar with the company that developed this trading bot, the very famous Forex Automated Company. The previous record of this company is very remarkable and worth seeing. It provides the official backtesting facility to its traders. It is also selling approximately 30+ online trading robots for free. So it is very clear that the products of this company are very amazing and trust-worthy.

bf scalper pro

BF Scalper Pro trading strategy

In this section of the BF Scalper Pro Review, we will share the trading methodology. So read this section carefully. It would help you out. As discussed above, it is an updated version of the previously launched EA. The traders liked the previous EA and its strategies, so the company decided to come up with more advanced specs in this EA.

This version is fully customizable, which means you can change the settings and whatever you want to as per your need. This trading bot comes with the volatilizing filter so that the gaps on Fridays could easily be covered when the traders exit the trades. Traders can comfortably trade in the currency pairs of their own choices. This EA offers the currency pairs: GBPUSD, EYRUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. The traders can also use a scalping strategy for their trades, but it is entirely optional, and one can also skip it. It is completely up to you that what time frame you want to set for your trade. But 15 minutes of the time frame is good as recommended by the experts.

Prices and packages offered by BF Scalper Pro

Let’s reveal the prizes, bonuses, and discounts offered by this EA. At this moment, they are only offering one incredible package. An amazing thing about this trading bot is a 20% discount/sale on the box. So if you didn’t avail of the package yet, then go and grab this chance. The package includes;

The normal price of the package: 147 US DOLLARS.

Discounted price of the package: 117 US DOLLARS.

  • One live/real account.
  • Three accounts are more. (Demo)
  • Cashback guarantee within 60 days.

For the ease of the traders, the payment modes are very diverse. They can choose whatever way they want, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.


  • Traders can personalize this EA according to their choice.
  • Verifiable results from the accounts of Myfxbook.
  • Twelve years of backtesting facility to the traders.


  • To earn high profits, the trader should have high deposits in their bank accounts.

Conclusion of this BF Scalper Pro Review

Heading towards the conclusion of this BF Scalper Pro Review, after discussing all its amazing features and trading strategies, the profit gains are sure. So we highly recommend BF Scalper Pro as your trading partner. Do let us know about your experience on our best forex indicator website. Thank you!

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