Alt Signals Review

altsignals Review

Welcome back! This week on Best Forex Indicator we got you a new article. And this one is an AltSignals review! Last time we have done a detailled Libertex Review. So, by the time you read this article, you might know a few things about it already. But, if not, then there is nothing to worry about. That is why we are here for. So, for this article we will be disclosing some of the most important topics you must know. And we guarantee you by the end of this review you will know whether or not to work with this software.

At the moment, our team of professional traders has tried this software before for quite some time. That´s what allows us to give you our honest review about it.
So, let´s get started with this AltSignals review already! And don´t forget to stick around on our blog! We are always uploading new reviews about brokers and expert advisors in here! So, check out our website to see if you find anything you like.

What’s AltSignals?

Alt Signals is a service where you get some of the best and most accurate signals to trade with. They have been in the market since 2017 and their services are highly recommended by many traders. And this service is also known for being part of those famous all-in-one robots. So, when you operate with Alt Signals you don´t only get software that provides the best signals for you. You also get an algo indicator included that you can customize to better your experience while trading.

And you might be wondering already about what makes this robot stand out from the rest? Well, apart from being an all-in-one robot, you can verify their results online. They offer many services that are exclusive to only professional traders with many years in the industry. So, with this robot, you can get these advantages and more! That´s why you should keep an eye open in this article.


Alt Signals Features

  • This software can be easily customized to each trader´s choice.
  • Alt Signals can operate along with an expert advisor of your choice.
  • It uses risk management features so you won´t lose more money than expected.
  • You can trade cryptocurrencies and Forex currencies.
  • The signals and indicators used have market adaptability.
  • There are features integrated like stop-loss, break-even, and trailing-stop involved.

People who work behind Alt Signals

For this AltSignals review, we did some research to find you the information about who works behind this software. And, as traders, we know that many companies are not as transparent around this topic. But, thankfully, with Alt Signals, that´s not the case at all. This software was developed by a trader called Rob, back in 2017. And since then, he has been able to get hundreds of thousands of traders to use it.

The headquarters of this company is based in the United Kingdom. You can find their address on the official website. And if you want to contact the developer of this system, you can find him on telegram.

altsignals indicator

Products and Services Offered

As we have mentioned above on this AltSignals review, this software offers many services. So, come with us to disclose all of them!
The two main services this company offers at the moment are Crypto Trade Calls and an Alt Algo Indicator. And these two operate together to perform the best way possible. That´s how this software has over 90% accuracy.

These Crypto Trade Calls are what most people know as trading signals. So, whenever the software detects a new opportunity in the market it will alert you. And it uses many features to ensure you get the best experience while using it. The best part is you can customize these signals as much as you need. And you can make them work along with any automated expert advisor of your choice.

Lastly, the alt algo indicator integrated helps you increase your profits in the market. So, don´t worry about setting up complicated algorithms in your account. This system does all the hard and complicated work for you in the blink of an eye.

Alt Signals Trading Strategy

For this part of the AltSignals review, we are disclosing in more detail the strategies used behind this software. So, we already mentioned the most relevant features and the services provided by Alt Signals. And now, we are going to explain how these strategies and features work along.

The signals provided by this software are highly accurate since they are the result of deep analysis. The algorithm it uses is capable of researching to find you the best trades, trends, and assets. So, with this technology, you know the best price points, the right hour to enter or exit trades, and such. You can also calculate how many pips you want per month, and don´t worry about trading, it won´t happen. And this software also uses stop-loss and risk-management so you don´t lose money.

The Alt Algo Indicator is a money-making machine. It is what allows the whole system to be so accurate all the time. And it uses highly advanced technology to scan, analyze, and understand what the market is doing. But, how does it exactly work? It uses a complex algorithm that uses multiple strategies, features, tools, and settings together. And finally, it lets you know the best times for trading and anticipates the action movements.

This indicator also runs on So you can check it out for the performance and the way it operates in the market. And, this indicator is highly customizable as well, so it´s up to you to choose what you want to accomplish.

Prices and Packages Available

This part of the AltSignals review is for disclosing with full details the packages available. And there are a few ones to choose from. But they are all monthly services, so you can´t purchase them already for a whole year. And the difference between all of them is the possibilities and extra services. So make sure to think about it and choose the one that matches your plan the best way possible.

The Alt Signals packages available are:


  • Only 99 pounds per month.
  • High-quality accurate signals.
  • Over 1000 pips per month.
  • You will get access to the dashboard very soon.


  • Only 99 pounds per month.
  • Includes all binance features.
  • High quality and accurate signals.
  • No pumps while trading.
  • Customer support through

Alt Algo Indicator

  • Only 99 pounds per month.
  • Accurate indicator with customization.
  • It doesn´t over trade.
  • The level of accuracy is around 90%
  • Trading view script.


  • All packages come with a 20 page PDF for instructions.
  • There are webinars available.
  • Many customizable features and settings to personalize your experience.

Keep in mind that there is a feature that allows you to get this software for over 1 month. But, to be able to use it, you must purchase it using Bitcoins. Besides, you have to stick to the monthly payments. And so fat you can pay with any international credit card or Bitcoins too!


Customer Support Available

For this Altsignals review, our team tried and tested all the ways to get in touch with customer support. And safe to say, the results were very positive, to say the least. There are many ways you can get in touch with this company. So far, you can do phone calls, message them using Telegram, send them emails. And you can contact them using their social media as well! You can find this detailed information by the end of the sales page.

And many traders from all around the world have shared their reviews about this software. They all agree this company cares about their customers and provide great results. And if you want to confirm this yourself, you can read some of the many reviews and testimonials online. They also have a few of them on their official page!

Pros & Cons


  • This software operates as a signals provider for your trades. And can be used as an indicator too!
  • Most beginners in the industry use Alt Signals along with their expert advisors to get more accurate trades.
  • You can trade Forex and Crypto assets with it
  • It has verified results from third-party websites.


  • It is not a fully automated robot. So you need to have time to enter the trades yourself.

Conclusions AltSignals Review

After going through all the most relevant topics about this AltSignals review, we got our final thoughts about it. First of all, this one is a highly trusted company, and their results are good. You can find them online and read the many testimonials from their clients if you want to be sure.

There is nothing left to say about Alt Signals, all we found is positive and we are surprised by the transparant results. So, make sure to check their website! Trust us, you will be upset you didn´t start earlier.
And, before you go, don´t forget to share this AltSignals review with other traders who might need it. Let us know your opinion down below as well.

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