The Accelerating Profits System Review

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Let us face reality; everyone is looking for ways to increase their income or diversify their investment since the outbreak of coronavirus. If you were trading, this period should have been like a gold mine where they have taken advantage of the weak economy and turbulence in our financial world. And therefore here we have Accelerating Profits System Review to help you with it. So don’t think about the regrets, if you are new or an intermediate trader, there is still an option and space for you.

Yes, Tradeology recently released a brand new and exciting forex system to help traders get the best out of life. If you are new to forex or an intermediate trader without any progress, you still have an option.

You can still get the best out of 2020 and live the kind of life you want to live. Are you ready to take your forex trading to another level? Are you tired of the rat race? Do you want something to replace your nine to four work? Are you looking for an online business to generate income?

Here is the answer to these questions – Accelerating Profits review. In this article, you will learn everything that needs knowing regarding the Accelerating Profits System. This review is a must-read if you are a newbie or want to make more money trading.

What is the Accelerating Profits System?

Accelerating Profits System is a software program that enables traders to get accurate trading signals. We all understand the importance of accurate signals in trading. Therefore, the software allows you to open and close trades in different currency pairs.

Unlike most software that focuses on a particular forex currency pair, the Accelerating profits can be used in conjunction with different currency pairs. Additionally, there are enormous trading opportunities available for traders using the software.

The essence of the software is to minimize the strenuous workload of analyzing the market and coming up with accurate signals to help traders profitably. The Accelerating Profits product is called the Tradeology with a market price of $429

accelerating profits system review

The Face behind Accelerating Profit System

Adrian Jones is the CEO and Lead Trader of Tradeology; the Accelerating Profits brand is launched under the trademark “Tradeology.” When it comes to the forex industry, he has a high reputation with many years of experience in trading. Besides his busy schedules, he still finds the time to mentor others whose passion is to be a big shot in the largest financial market in the world.

His years of experience speak of his credibility and commitment to trading. Furthermore, his daily newsletter has an audience of over 100 000 people who he always answer some of their questions through email, Skype, and Zoom call. Adrian is a time tested professional who has changed the mindset of many from thinking that the forex industry is filled with false prophets into successful traders.

Aside from Adrian, there are other members of the Accelerating Profits brand, which include Nicola Delic and Toshko Raychev. Nicola is the face behind ND10X with him holding various financial positions in the forex industry. On the other hand, Toshko is an impressive forex trader with a reputation for winning various currency trading competitions throughout the world. He is the brain behind the Ultimate Profit Solution.

The Complete Accelerating Profits Package

Now the ultimate question is, what is the package all about that anyone should consider investing? Well, we will provide extensive detail of what the Accelerating Profits have and why you should consider giving it a shot.

New Trading Software

The highpoint of the Accelerating Profits lies in its software. It includes the trading system and the indicators, which you download after purchasing the program. The software analyzes various currency pairs and generates high signals with an accuracy rate of 90%. The signals include both entry and exit points, which only require you to insert input in your trading platform. The software is using a premium RSI Divergence Indicator MT4.

To produce a high-quality result, you have to follow the systematic instruction as illustrating in the software. However, if you have any issue during this process, you can contact the support team through the Member’s Area.

accelerating profits


Trading Education

Educational materials are included to ensure you have a smooth transition when using the program. These educational materials include videos and extra tutorials, which serve as a learning curve for beginners in the forex industry.

Within a jiffy, you can go through the video and follow the instruction. With such a package, it is understandable if you want to consume everything a day. Well, you can go through the video within a day and get your trading started. The material helps you get everything you deserve while using the trading software.

For beginners, you get knowledge of the fundamentals in the forex market, such as:

1. Pips
2. Lot sizes
3. Brokerages
4. Risk management
5. and much more

Members Portal

The area is beneficial for all traders irrespective of your level – beginner to expert. Inside this area, you have access to:

1. Tech support
2. Access to Tradeology team
3. Video content
4. Webinars (live and recorded)
5. Forums

In this area, you will find your training modules – modules 1 to modules 4. Module one looks at the introduction and components of the Accelerating Profits, which includes:

1. Accelerator Line (AI)
2. Accelerator Cloud and Lines
3. Accelerator Oscillator
4. Pivots
5. The Pulse Indicator

Module two comprises of the trading rules to using the Accelerating Profits. In it includes topics such as:

1. Things to consider
2. Sell trade rules
3. Buy trade rules
4. Money management
5. Risk/reward ratio
6. Using correct lot sizes
7. Drawdown
8. Tracking overall exposure
9. Controlling losses

Module three involves trade examples of buy and sells trades, which helps to understand the system thoroughly. Finally, module four includes live trades on various currency pairs.

Besides this, there is also a bonus, which includes

1. The money bounce system
2. The SRT system and indicator
3. The pip key
4. The Fibonacci code report
5. Cash compass
6. The ace technique
7. Dark numbers
8. The limitless cash system
9. The rejection spike
10. Forex profit ribbon
11. The rapid dollar system

For new traders, it is your priceless avenue to understand the techniques and tricks of the forex market. If you are not making over $7,000 a month, then this area will significantly benefit you.

Is Accelerating Profits risky?

For those without any knowledge of the forex world, Accelerating Profits is a scam. However, as a forex trading platform, we can authoritatively confirm that Accelerating Profits is not a fraud. It does have a credible history of the team, including their previous professions. If you have cause to invest in any forex trading signal platform, we recommend you consider this program. It is a legit product to use while trading forex.

Furthermore, there are rock-solid proof of the system and its accuracy for everyone to see. You can navigate to the members’ area to see the performance of trades through the software. Besides this, you can check review sites to see what other users of the system have to say. Don’t be a “doubting Thomas” because the Accelerating Profits does work if you follow the instruction.

How does the Accelerating Profits Program help people?

The primary reason behind this program is to make it easier for traders to avoid the tedious work involved in forex trading. Trading is one hectic adventure that even the most successful find it hard to keep up with the stress.

However, the software helps you to track currency pairs for you and generate the best entry and exit signals possible. The only effort required to act on those signals is by inserting it in your trading platform. Furthermore, the amount and leverage to use in the course of trading depend on you.

You can be sure of overwhelming results since the software generates 90% accurate signals. Just follow the instruction and increase your profit while learning the basics of trading.

What we like (PROs)

1. Excellent support system
2. Easy to use and suitable for any kind of trader.
3. High accuracy of trading signal
4. Extensive training
5. 60-day money-back guarantee

What we don’t like (CONs)

1. Complicate for new traders
2. Requires effort to generate results

Final Remarks about Accelerating Profits System

Do you think it is not worth the risk? Well, consider the risk of not investing in something worthwhile when you have all the information at your fingertip. The Accelerating Profits System can generate money on different currency pairs, especially if you haven’t been successful in this industry.

If you have been trading and yet no profit, consider all the losses been invested in this program. The software generates accurate signals with minimal efforts because you have to place the trade on your own. Nevertheless, any severe trader will appreciate the topics contained in each module as well as the unique spy indicator.

Finally, if you are still thinking about it, then it means you are not ready for a golden opportunity that will turn your life forever. With a fee of $750, you can get access to the Accelerating Profits Elite package that comes with life coaching with Adrian Jones. A call with Adrian Jones is worth anything considering his experience in the forex industry. Keep following us on our best forex indicator website for other exiting forex reviews.

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